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The Male Reproductive System: Organs, Function, and More
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The Male reproductive system is responsible for producing sperm with the hopes of being released in the female's reproductive tract for reproduction. Often times it for pleasure purposes and not to reproduce. It is several organs within the male reproductive system to make everything work properly. Some of the organs are the testes, ductus deferens, epididymis, penis, prostate, seminal vesicle and urethra are organs that make up the male reproductive system. We will be discussing all of them in this…...
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Gamification and Multimedia for Effective Learning of Anatomy
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Each person has his own way of learning in a different fascinating way. Medical colleges are perhaps the most ideal target for multimedia. It has the potential for delivering effective teaching. Multimedia equipped education lets the students learn at their own pace and at their own time. It is ideal in distance education and open learning systems wherein students need not to be physically present in class. Students can learn while having fun. Medical education is growing fast. Students of…...
Human AnatomyLearningMedicine
Cadaveric Dissection as an Educational Tool for Anatomical Sciences
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Anatomy is a valuable teaching tool. Dissection of human cadavers remains at the heart of the teaching of anatomy at the Center for Anatomy and Human Identification. (6) Like any practical skill, practice is essential to learning surgery. The ability of surgeons to have technical experience on a dead body before surgery on a live patient allows surgeons to understand the anatomy, minimize possible damage and try the procedure before actually experimenting. (1) Until 2006, it was illegal in the…...
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Pituitary Gland
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Introduction It is interesting to find out about the pituitary glands in more detail. The pituitary glands are just one major part of the endocrine system. The pituitary glands secrete hormones to the bloodstream. It has two different categories, such as the anterior lobe and the posterior lobe. The anterior lobe secretes different hormones that are important to the human everyday life. Prolatin, growth hormone, adrenocorticotropic, gonadotropins and thyroid-stimulating hormone are the anterior pituitary hormones. The Hormone Foundation, 2010) Prolatin…...
AnatomyHealthHuman AnatomyMedicareMedicine
The Nose, Nasal Cavity, and Pharynx Issuses
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Pages • 2
The nose is the primary passageway for air entering the respiratory system. Air normally enters through the paired external nares, or nostrils, which open into the nasal cavity . The vestibule is the space contained within the flexible tissues of the nose The nasal septum divides the nasal cavity into left and right portions. The superior , middle , and inferior nasal conchae project toward the nasal septum from the lateral walls of the nasal cavity. A bony hard palate…...
Air TransportationAnatomyHuman AnatomyResearchRespiratory SystemScience
Movement analysis project – The skeletal system
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The human skeleton consists of 206 bones, many of which move or hinge at joints and which, enable the body to achieve a variety of actions, such as running, throwing, striking, pulling and pushing. The human skeleton was created by evolution to perform six functions: I. To provide a lever system against which muscles can pull II. To provide a large surface area for the attachment of muscles III. To protect delicate organs (i.e the cranium protects the brain) IV.…...
AnatomyHuman AnatomySkeletal SystemZoology
Inferior Thyroid Arteries
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Thyroidectomy is the surgical procedure for removal of thyroid. The patient can be effect with Goiter, Thyroiditis, Hyperthyroidism, Graves disease, Thyroid nodule, Thyroid storm and thyroid cancer. These can effects patient’s metabolism and cause nervousness, restlessness, emotional liability, fast speech, tachycardia, arrhythmias, dyspnea, hoarseness, signs of tracheal or esophageal compressions, swallowing and breathing problem, increase of total cholesterol level, slowed mental functioning, pain, numbness and tingling by the area of nerve damage and in children with thyroid problem prone to…...
AnatomyArtHuman Anatomy
Free Thyroid Support Supplement Samples
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Pages • 2
Free Thyroid Support! It is estimated that over half a million from many a countries suffer from thyroid problems. A thyroid is a small butterfly shaped gland in the human body that is generally found in the front of the neck. It protrudes slightly in men, and is also known as the Adam’s apple. This gland produces hormones called Thyroxine or T4 and triiodothyronine or T3. It is well known that the human body is made up of cells. These…...
AnatomyHealthHumanHuman AnatomyMedicine
Systems of Human Body
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An examination of the ten body systems that make up the human body There are 10 body systems, one of them is the Integumentary (skin). It is composed of hair, skin, nails, sence receptions and oil glands. Its functionis to protect from outside, to regulate the body temperature, to make synthesis of hormones & chemicals and is used as a sense organ. Another one is the Skeletal System (bones). It is made of about 206 bones, that are divided in…...
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Human evolution and human anatomy
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Introduction Humans are primates; however, we are not the only primates on Earth. According to Trzepacz, Timmons, and Duobinis-Gray, "Primate classification includes animals such as the tiny tarsier, the acrobatic lemur, the flamboyant mandrill, and the powerful gorilla." (12-2) What makes us primates is the certain characteristics we share; the main characteristic being our ability to grasp objects using our hands. Humans are further classified as hominids. This is a subgroup family of primates that have roamed the Earth for…...
BiologyEvolutionEvolution Of ManHumanHuman AnatomyZoology
Template to Copy
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ModuleTitleAutonomic and EndocrineMEDSCI 142 Flying StartModuleTitleModule Contents+The endocrine system+Types of hormones+The nervous system -autonomic vs. somatic+Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic+The alarm and relaxation responseOverview of Autonomic and Endocrine Systems 1ModuleTitleThe Endocrine SystemModuleTitle+The Hypothalamus controls the pituitary which controls the other endocrine organs such as the adrenal glands+The Hypothalamus also controls the autonomic nervous system +Functions of the hypothalamus include; control of body temperature, thirst, appetite, sleep cycles, sex drive and behavioural patterns+It achieves these functions by controlling the endocrine organs+Endocrine organs secrete…...
AnatomyBiologyBrainHuman AnatomyNervous System
Airway Management in Patients
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Pages • 9
DISCUSS AIRWAY MANAGEMENT IN THE INJURED AND CRITICALLY ILL PATIENTS IN THE CONTEXT OF PREHOSPITAL CARE AS PER YOUR ECT SCOPE Airway management is one of the first priorities in the emergency care. Failure to manage the airway in a given time approximately 6 minutes can lead to hypoxic brain injury or even death. First step for airway management differs in terms of trauma emergency or medical emergency. Medical emergency method of establishing a patent airway is head tilt chin…...
Human AnatomyManagementRespiratory System
Airway management
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Pages • 6
In a prehospital sector, airway obstruction or non-patent airway is one of the major problems that both medical and trauma patients faceses world-wide or is a challenge that is encountered by prehospital care providers. The goal of airway management is to provide adequate ventilation as part of the overall resuscitation effort, failure to provide it could lead to death. As the patient will experience hypoxia and hypoxemia, hence leading to organ and tissue failure. Certain methods are used to perform…...
Human AnatomyManagementRespiratory System
Anomalous development of Thyroid gland
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A cadaveric study in the coastal population of Andhra Pradesh Introduction: Thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped endocrine gland, highly vascular, situated infront of the lower part of the neck. Developmental anomalies consist of a diversity of morphological variations of the thyroid gland like hypoplasia, ectopia, hemiagenesis and agenesis. Aims: To study the anatomical differences of thyroid gland and their incidences. Study might helpful for surgeons to know the anatomical variations of the gland and their incidence. So as to…...
AnatomyDevelopmentHuman Anatomy
Human Anatomy
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1.Dependent Variable: plasma levels of glucose, ketones, insulin, and glucagon 2.Independent Variable: food and beverage intake 3.Controlled Variables: physical activity, caffeine and alcohol intake, gender, age, BMI 4.Why were physical activity and caffeine and alcohol intake the controlled variables? 5.What type of assay was used to measure plasma glucose and ketone levels? 6.What type of assay was used to measure plasma insulin and glucagon levels? 1.When was plasma glucose concentration highest? If values are similar for several time points (within…...
HumanHuman Anatomy
Understanding human anatomy and physiology
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Pages • 9
Metabolism refers to the chemical reaction collections that take place in the cells of the body. The process of metabolism converts the body nutrients derived from food ingested to produce essential energy requirements for the body. The body requires energy for muscular activity and movements as well as blood circulation, breathing, making new cells, lymph, and tissue fluid transmission of nerve impulses and repair of body tissues among other roles. The control of metabolic chemical reactions in the body is…...
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