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The main cause of death in women of reproductive age is HIV. The highest maternal mortality rate globally is in Sub-Saharan Africa. Analysis shows us that mortality during pregnancy and the six-week postpartum period with HIV women was eight times more. Globally, between 6% and 18% of maternal deaths are attributable to HIV, and women living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa are six to eight times more likely to die than their HIV negative counterparts (Hogan, Foreman et al. 2010, Calvert and Ronsmans 2013b, Zaba, Calvert et al. 2013). Mainly women die postpartum due to puerperal sepsis and obstetric hemorrhage. Also, HIV-infected women are immunocompromised and are more easily infected by diseases like Tuberculosis, malaria, and pneumonia. In 1990 maternal mortality decreased from 543,000 to around 287,000 but in 2010 eight countries in Sub-Saharan Africa experienced a high maternal mortality rate (WHO and UNICEF 2013). In Sub-Saharan Africa, maternal mortality is very high because of low education levels and low SES.

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