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Nutrition & Fetal Brain Development Critique
Words • 676
Pages • 3
The fetal brain starts developing at just 2 weeks after gestation, which is before most women even know they are pregnant. According to Carolyn Robbins (2018), poor maternal nutrition can be damaging to the unborn child's brain development. If a woman is planning to get pregnant or think they might be she should talk to her doctor and make sure that she is eating a healthy diet. Robbins discusses brain development, malnutrition and the effects of alcohol and folic acid…...
Brain Development and Play
Words • 473
Pages • 2
Textbooks. Speeches. Blackboards. These were key elements used for education for many years. However, learning doesn’t have to be so rigid. Neuroscience has taught us of a learning method much more appropriate for children, known as play. The idea is that kids learn by engaging in actual activities. The reasoning behind this theory is that the act of play actually helps development of the brain. Children will gain much more by actively engaging in a project as apposed to just…...
The Effects on Depression and Working Memory
Words • 1871
Pages • 8
Depression is an illness that can affect all aspects of daily life because of its negative impact on thoughts, emotions, energy levels, and the focus of this paper, working memory. Depression can have many causes, including the stress generated by a demanding job and other common life activities, challenging family situations and events, hormones, genetics, drug and alcohol use, and personal loss and the resulting grief. Working memory briefly stores information that may be of immediate use during our waking…...
BrainBullyingDepression And AnxietyDepression DisorderEmotionMemory
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Exercise Effects on Depression with Traumatic Brain Injuries
Words • 2446
Pages • 10
Introduction Approximately 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries each year. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are classified by a significant physiological change in the function of the brain due to a blunt force trauma to the head (1). The change in brain function is measured on a scale of mild to severe and is calculated by the Glasgow Coma Scale. The Glasgow Coma scale provides a practical technique to evaluate and assess the impairment of conscious level in…...
BrainDepression DisorderExercisePhysical Activity
Thinking, Memory, Problem Solving, and Artificial Intelligent
Words • 1559
Pages • 7
Computers versus the Human Brain The human mind and computer are both interfaces that help with a person’s ability to complete multiple task. Though each can achieve many similar things they are extremely unalike. The human brain is complex and is the center for storing information just like a computer. The human brain is essentially an innovator. Without the human brain the material things we enjoy or use every day would not exist. The brain distinguishes itself from computers for…...
BrainCreativityDementiaHuman Brain Vs Computer
7 Ways Music Affects Your Mood and Emotions
Words • 921
Pages • 4
Neil in his article presents the seven different ways music influence human beings’ mood and emotions in the world. Having no souvenir traces of its real origin but just paintings discovered in caves and some jewelry, it lets scientists believe that all that happened deliberately for a reason. Through those beliefs, scientist seems to assert that music affects our emotions in the ways that aid in the intercommunication and consolidation of people in groups. He also mentions that generally, people…...
BrainHow Music Affects Your LifeMusic
Memory Systems of the Brain
Words • 608
Pages • 3
When thinking about memories many people group them into only two groups, which are short-term and long-term. Most people don’t know that when it comes to long-term memory you can categorize them into two groups, one being Explicit memory (declarative) and the second one would be Implicit memory (non-declarative). Within both of these categories, there are two more subdivisions. Knowing this people can learn how their memory works and what makes it a long-term memory. I know a few people…...
BrainHuman BrainMemoryNervous System
The Big Five Model of Personality Traits and the Neuroscience Behind It
Words • 1255
Pages • 6
The Big Five model of personality traits was established by researchers following decades of studies that utilized factor analysis to outline and define human behaviors. To understand the role played by neuroscience in the formation or manifestation of these traits, it is important to understand them individually and in relation to one another. Here are the Big Five traits usually used to describe the human personality and psyche, as well as a peek into the neuroscience that operates behind them: Neuroticism Neuroticism…...
BrainHuman BrainNervous SystemPersonalityPersonality TheoriesPersonality Traits
Reduce Stress and Anxiety Levels with Expressive Writing
Words • 1496
Pages • 6
There are many factors that have been found to negatively affect memory, one of which is stress. Smith and Aronin (2016), conducted research within the student population and found that 63% experience stress from the challenges of university academic work, as well as worries about future job opportunities. A study by Kim and Diamond (2002), also demonstrates that stress can affect memory in students. This is due to the release of specific hormones which then affects students’ attention and memory…...
AnxietyBrainEmotionExpressiveMemoryNervous System
Serial Killers: Nature vs Nurture
Words • 2938
Pages • 12
Serial killers are amongst the most complicated and intriguing individuals that continue to receive attention from both the public and the media to this day. At any given time, there are anywhere between 25-50 active serial killers in the United States alone. (FBI) Makes you wonder who they are and where they could be. Could it be a co-worker, a friend, a family member, or someone that you cross paths with at the store? “A serial killer is someone who…...
BrainNature Vs NurturePsychologySerial Killer
Football and Brain Injuries: What You Need to Know
Words • 1564
Pages • 7
Why is the football one of the most beloved sports in the United States? That is because Football is one of the most exciting sports due to all the violence that happens during every game. Everyone loves and lives for those vicious hits between players but this of course has its consequences of leaving some of the players very badly injured permanently or even dead in some major cases. Even though the football players are aware of the dangers and…...
BrainConcussionFootballMedicineNervous System
Cognitive and Perceptual Processes While Hitting A Baseball
Words • 2113
Pages • 9
Steps Take It Slow, Because It Might Be Tough Batting Gloves and Bats Getting in The Box Getting A Good Grip Eyes on The Ball Stride and Connect Uppercut or Not? Following Through Introduction This is an essay to elaborate on the cognitive and perceptual processes that are involved with the sixth step of hitting a baseball. With the elaboration of these processes, we will be able to see how batters can improve on their success rate of connecting with…...
BaseballBrainNervous SystemPerceptionPsychology
Cell Phone Addiction: Is It Really a Thing
Words • 692
Pages • 3
Although cell phones allow people to access unlimited information on the internet and connect with others, there are many consequences to using a phone constantly. Now, why are people addicted to such a small electronic device? Could it be social media, Games, Online content, or texting? The reasons are endless! Most modern-day teens are addicted because of social media and/or games, and it's not their fault! Cell phone addiction can kill many people due to distracted driving. The one thing…...
BrainCell Phone AddictionPhoneSocial Media
Animals Have Rights: Persuasive Speech
Words • 690
Pages • 3
Central Idea: My purpose with this topic is to demonstrate my disagreement in the use of animals for experiments. Introduction (Attention): Many times we think that because we are human beings we have the freedom to make decisions that can cause the death of some animals. Animals also have the right to live. (Reveal Topic): Today I would like to talk about a topic that causes me a lot of indignation. In my opinion with the advancement in technology and…...
Animal TestingAnimals RightsBrainPersuasion
Types of Dreams and Their Meanings
Words • 1691
Pages • 7
A dream is a series of images, emotions, sensations, and ideas that occur during periods of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Although there is no agreement of thought on why people dream, dreams have long been a source of interest and discussion among many philosophers and scientists for years upon years. In order to dream, you have to go through certain stages in order to dream. In the first stage, your body temperature drops, and your brain waves begin regular…...
BrainDreamNervous SystemNightmarePsychologySleep
Dreams – The Most Important Part of Our Life
Words • 1211
Pages • 5
Everyone does it, even you do it but we all do it unconsciously, we dream. Dreams are a sequence of images, images and thoughts that pass through a person's sleeping mind. They represent unconscious desires and wishes. There are many different types of dreams, they help us experience extraordinary things we usually don’t or they make us fear our reality. You know those moments where you’re awake but you are not all there in the room with your body. Well…...
BrainDreamNervous SystemNightmarePsychologySleep
Why Do We Dream and Do They Really Mean Anything?
Words • 621
Pages • 3
You may clearly remember everything or forget all of it as soon you woke up. But the truth is that everyone dreams, about 3 to 5 times each night. And it is thought that each dream lasts for about 5 to 20 minutes. Moreover, based on different scientific studies, dreams are not that important for the human body but sleep is. Psychologists have different insights about the purpose and meaning of dreaming. Some of them believe that dreams are simply…...
Emotional Intelligence: A Closer Look
Words • 1277
Pages • 6
Emotional Intelligence is a concept commonly underestimated. Taking the proper amount of time out to get to know oneself is a valuable skill not too many are aware exist. I intend to put the concept of emotional intelligence under the microscope. What IS emotional intelligence (EIQ)? Does it have a place in psychological and/or scientific history? To what extent are the components of emotional IQ rooted in our ontogeny, and which structures in the brain contribute to emotional awareness? How…...
BrainEmotionEmotional IntelligenceIntelligenceIntelligence TestsPhilosophy
Visual Attention
Words • 1028
Pages • 5
The three models used to study the covert spatial distribution of attention has been used in experiments on visual attention but since few researches focused on auditory tasks it is presented here as it can possibly used to explain other sensory modalities. The first model The first model says that attention can only be directed to one visual field (Kinsbourne, 1993). This in essence means that we can only attend to one thing at a time; hence we can only…...
BrainNervous SystemPerceptionResearchScienceScientific method
Sensory Reeducation
Words • 969
Pages • 4
This is when the nerve sheath is repaired and new nerve axons grow into the skin and muscles, after a nerve repair surgery in the hand. (Rosen, 2006) The growth of the nerve fibres is slow and may grow about one 2.5cm every month in ideal conditions. Depending on many factors such as the length that the nerve needs to grow. As well as the muscles to work well together again. This can take many months for the nerve to…...
BrainEducationNervous SystemPerceptionPsychology
The Brain
Words • 865
Pages • 4
The central core of the human brain, often referred to as the “old brain”, is the most primitive part of the brain and can be found in all vertebrates dating back more than 500 million years. The central core is designed to help the human body with basic survival functions such as breathing, heartbeat, movement, balance, and sleep. Without the central core, the brain would not be able to do major task like telling our hearts to beat and how…...
BrainHuman BrainNervous SystemPerceptionPsychology
Spinal Cord Injury
Words • 346
Pages • 2
Each year thousands in the U. S. experience damage to the nerve bundles that carry messages from the brain to the rest of the body. Studies show about 12,000 spinal cords injuries occur in the United States each year. About 262. 000 Americans live with spinal cord injury. The average age used to be age 29, statistic now show age 40. There are several causes of spinal cord injury between 1990 -2003. The vast majority are caused by trauma to…...
ApoptosisInjuryNervous SystemNeuron
Serotonin And Depression Model Computer Science Essay
Words • 2497
Pages • 10
This Document lineations my MSc Dissertation Project Proposal, the intent of which is to reimplement a new theoretical account proposed by Peter Dayan and Quentin J. M. Huys that helps accommodate evident contradictions in the literature sing the neuromodulator 5-hydroxytryptamine, and its function in psychiatric upsets, ( such as depression ) and in normal affectional behaviours. After implementing the theoretical account, I will measure its claims and work on possible extension.IntroductionSerotonin [ 5-HT ] is a neurotransmitter that appears to…...
BrainComputer Science For ProgressDepression DisorderNervous SystemPsychology
How Do Nerve Cells Work?
Words • 1260
Pages • 6
How Do Nerve Cells Work and Why is it Important for Psychologists to know this Student number: M00267898 Word count (Excluding title and references section):1,062 Declaration By submitting this work I acknowledge that I am its author, that all sources consulted in its preparation are referenced appropriately in accordance with the referencing guide, and that I have not copied from any source. How Do Nerve Cells Work and Why is it Important for Psychologists to know this? Biological psychology hypothesises…...
AnatomyBrainNervous SystemNeuronWork
Living with a Chronic Illness
Words • 517
Pages • 3
Multiple Sclerosis better known as MS is a disease people live with for 30 to 40 years. This is a long time living with such a painful disease. Many people do not know about Multiple Sclerosis and its effects on the individuals with this debilitating disease. More insight will be given on the cause, prevalence, racial disparity treatments research funding and future studies. According to the Institute of Medicine Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic inflammatory demyelinating disorder of the central…...
DiseaseHealthIllnessMedicineNervous SystemNeuron
“I Felt a Funeral in My Brain” Poem Review
Words • 454
Pages • 2
A review of the poem "I Felt a Funeral in My Brain" by Emily Dickinson. "I Felt a Funeral in My Brain" by Emily Dickinson is an interesting complex statement on ther relationship between the body and the soul during a time of mental anguish. The poet uses imagery to evoke the mind in a state of mental shock. This is a five stanza poem on the nature of mental anguish. The poet conveys a sense of the mental pain…...
BrainEmily DickinsonMindPoemsPoetry
Evolution of primate intelligence
Words • 2025
Pages • 9
There has been significant effort to elucidate the evolutionary history of the hominoid species over the last five decades. Several approaches have identified a number of selective pressures that have triggered primate speciation over approximately 65 million years (my). One traditional approach is macroevolution, which explains phylogeny through comparative anatomy, fossil records, brain size, gestation period, social organization and mating patterns. Another type of approach is microevolution, which describes molecular changes through time, including genome size, chromosomal rearrangements, gene reorganization…...
BrainEvolutionHumanIntelligenceNatural Selection
Are computer games good or bad for you?
Words • 2432
Pages • 10
In this case study I will be debating the good’s and the bad’s about computer games. Computer games, video games box’s and ps3’s,this world wide phenomenon truly is the craze of the century, it’s was invented in the late 1940’s on the bases of cathode ray tube-based missile defence testing, the first commercial game was invented by Charly Adama in 1960, was a tennis game called (1)“bouncing ball” where the two paddles on the sides, which could be moved up…...
Canavan’s Disease
Words • 120
Pages • 1
A brief insight into Canavan's disease also known as spongy brain degeneration.Canavan's disease which is also called spongy brain degeneration is not a very common disease. This disease affects about 1 in 30,000 to 40,000 children, and in the Ashkenazic Jewish community it affects 1 in 3,5000 children. The disease destroys the insulating sheath, called myelin surrounding the nerve cells. This degeneration is so extensive that it inhibits the brain's electrical signals from sweeping the nerve processes properly. Children with…...
Systems of Human Body
Words • 339
Pages • 2
An examination of the ten body systems that make up the human body There are 10 body systems, one of them is the Integumentary (skin). It is composed of hair, skin, nails, sence receptions and oil glands. Its functionis to protect from outside, to regulate the body temperature, to make synthesis of hormones & chemicals and is used as a sense organ. Another one is the Skeletal System (bones). It is made of about 206 bones, that are divided in…...
AnatomyBiologyBrainHumanHuman AnatomyNervous System
Biological Psychology Paper
Words • 1125
Pages • 5
Running Head: Biological Psychology Paper Biological Psychology Paper Biological Psychology Paper Biological psychology is a vital part of psychology; without it psychology would not be considered a science, rather it may still be considered an art. Biological psychology has an extensive history, and each step has brought us closer to the reality that the brain is our main power source, and how much it affects our behavior. There have been many scientists and theorists that have contributed to the field…...
BrainMindNervous SystemNeuronPsychology
10 Tips to Turn Your Brain Into an Idea Factory
Words • 681
Pages • 3
I like to believe that we are all born creative. Our creativity may vary in style, but never in quality. And while you might have lost touch with your idea-generating department, you can always reach it again.Here are 10 tips on how to start producing ideas on a daily basis. 1. Start an idea notebook.Always carry a notebook and write down everything. An idea is like bait, once you get a glimpse of one, you use it to catch bigger and…...
How Religion Affects On Us?
Words • 609
Pages • 3
Christians do not present their offspring with literature on all the religions of the world and make field trips to temples, churches and mosques to help them decide. Yet in their theology, they claim that accepting Jesus is a personal choice of free will, and only those who reject God's free gift of salvation will go to hell' ( This ideology can actually compromise the development of a child's critical thinking skills, since the child is still within the helpless…...
BrainCritical ThinkingPhilosophyPsychologyReligion
The Effects of Video Games on the Brain
Words • 200
Pages • 1
Firstly, a point given about violent video games effect the brain cell as you are growing up and Evolution. Its Processing the brain which is not being used which it's the brain prunes. The brain has their own Functionality such as attention, memory and impulse control. Frontal brain lobes are known for the executive functions such as Interest, memory, and impulse control, which might be important to academic success. On the grounds that brains increase in tandem with stimulation in…...
BrainMemoryNervous SystemPsychologyVideo Game
Cell: Definition and Functions
Words • 191
Pages • 1
They transfer impulses from the central nervous system to parts like muscles and glands. They have a long axon; possess receptors and located in the spinal code, brain and form part of the central nervous system. They are connected to the interneurons by a synapse at one end (Khan Academy, 2020). The cell body contains the nucleus which carries genetic information and maintains the neuron's structure. It is surrounded by a cell- membrane which protects the organelle like: Nucleus which…...
AnatomyBrainCellNervous System
The Role Of Memory in Our Life
Words • 487
Pages • 2
Memory is essential to our life. Without a memory of the past, we would not be able to learn, and would not be able to function in the present. Without it, we would not be able to respond to a situation. How does the three-pound mass between our ears hold onto our new and old memories? This involves a complex process in the brain. Every person has a sensory, short term and long term memory. Memories, whether it is good…...
BrainMemoryNervous SystemPerceptionPsychology
Digital Solution For Physically Challenged People
Words • 2062
Pages • 9
In the global population 10% are physically challenged and 1.9% are paralysed. As physically challenged, elderly and paralysed people has a problem with their body that makes it difficult for them to do things that other people can do easily. Disabilities can affect a person's capacity to communicate, interact with others and being independent and lack self-confidence. Hence to overcome these problems some systems were previously developed such as voice-controlled and Hand gesture controlled wheel chair. But the existing systems…...
Social Constructs: Down the Rabbit hole
Words • 2698
Pages • 11
Is social media actually social? We as humans have always been social creatures. More common than not we survive, succeed and cavort in groups. Our ancestral primates had surviving to keep their brains busy, they would explore new territory, advancements in technology and overcome an array of obstacles every day to stay alive. From this we have developed a brain that craves advancement, we aren't happy sat still with nothing to do. Which is why we have developed so rapidly…...
The Hidden Potential and Peculiarities of Your Brain
Words • 2002
Pages • 9
Your brain has huge hidden potential and is the best source of energy. It is the most powerful organ in the human body. Many coordinated chemical reactions take place in this complex organ. This extensive capability of man's mind can be traced back to creation where man became an immortal soul in a physical body. This unique spiritual component enables man to have a superior thinking capability than all animals. It is a fact that there are as many minds…...
Impact of Acquired Brain Injury on Individuals
Words • 2044
Pages • 9
Different types of acquired brain injury and possible causes of acquired brain injury There are different types of acquired brain injury (ABI). Traumatic brain injury (TBI), usually results from an impact to the head such as a violent blow or jolt which results in damage to the brain. TBI can be caused by things such as road traffic accidents, falls, physical aggression, sport injuries and gunshot wounds. Non-traumatic brain injuries (Atraumatic), are due to internal causes. This can be because…...
BehaviorBrainHealthNervous SystemPersonalityPsychology
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Football and Brain Injuries: What You Need to Know
...When you play sports you should always be careful because you’re never safe from injury especially in a high contact sport like football. The athletes who play football should not only be better protected but should be educated about the effects a ...
Why Do We Dream and Do They Really Mean Anything?
...All in all, dreams are important because it helps us to reflect. It serves as a way to understand our subconscious mind and disclose our deepest wishes and feelings. it correlates how we understand the way our mind works and what we really feel. Obvi...
How Do Nerve Cells Work?
...Chiara Cirelli, Christina M. Gutierrez and Giulio Tononi (2004) ‘Extensive and Divergent Effects of Sleep and Wakefulness on Brain Gene Expression’ [online] available from: http://www. sciencedirect. com/science/article/pii/S089662730300814...
How Religion Affects On Us?
...Writer and journalist Barbara Hagerty elaborated on a study done by neuroscientist Andrew Newberg, in which he performed a brain scan on minister Scott McDermott, as he was praying. By the end of the scan, the results were shocking. While his brain s...

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