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Sleep and Dreams

Categories Dream, Health, Sleep

Essay, Pages 2 (496 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (496 words)

For this paper I choose to write about our sleep and dreams. I find this topic to be interesting because I dream every night and remember them very vividly. I also talk in my sleep and react in my sleep. Also, when I was a child, I was a sleep walker.

Sleep is something we all do and yet I was unaware of the stages of sleep. Which are NREM-1, NREM-2, NREM-3, and REM.

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When you first fall asleep you enter the first stage which I can remember experiencing when I was in high school and I would begin to fall asleep at my desk and think that I was falling. Or waking after immediately falling asleep and having to ask my partner if we had talked about a conversation or if I had just dreamt it and yes, I had just dreamt it. The second stage is when you are lightly asleep, but your brain is very active so you could be easily awoken.

The third stage is the deepest part of sleep as it would be very hard to wake someone. The last stage you return to your second stage for you to spend most of your night.

Sleep although there are only theories as to why we sleep, it is vitally important to us. As it effects how we function, our memory, and how we see. If you are to not get as much sleep as your fellow student, you will more likely not do as well.

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Sleep also helps our immune system. For instance, without sleep it makes us feel unwell. Lack of sleep can also lead to depression. As we log lost sleep hours, it takes a while for our bodies to earn back the sleep we have lost.

As for dreams, some experience them and others do not. It is unknown why we dream but there are theories. For example, Freud believed that dreams are here for us to understand ourselves and our problems better. I personally and usually have bad dreams. But a lot of the dreams I have, I can see why I am having them. For instance, that day I worry about a trip my niece is taking so, I dream about her not making it to her destination. I feel that I dream more about my fears than anything else.

In conclusion, learning all this has helped me gain insight to my sleep. As I take sleeping pills to help me sleep and without them, I get minimally any sleep. For instance, three nights ago I forgot to take my sleeping pill and slept terribly. Constantly waking up, tossing, and turning. The next day I didn’t feel like myself and was very forgetful. So, it was hard for me to study that day because it felt as if I couldn’t concentrate and stay on track. I will use this information that I have learned as a reminder for me to make sure I get adequate sleep.

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