Good Sleeping Habits

Every single human needs the necessity of sleep depending on each respective duration of preferable sleeping hours. As we all know, a duration of a near to 8 hours of sleep will be much sufficient for an average person for a night’s sleep. Sleep is essential for a person’s brain productivity and it increases their attentiveness in carrying out their daily activities throughout their life time. However, sometimes without a doubt, we do face some difficulties in our sleeping durations.

For example, one of the most common sleeping issues will be insomnia where by people are actually having problems in falling asleep through the night. To minimize sleeping issues, good sleeping habits before and during bedtime must be developed and practiced by everyone to ensure that they can experience a pleasant good night’s rest and rejuvenate themselves for a fresh morning. There are a few ways to practice good sleeping habits for health and to fulfil daily needs. When you are tired, taking a nap is one of the many ways to provide good minimum rest time for most of us who are always busy and on the go.

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From the web article ‘11 Ways to Improve Your Sleep’, Tighe (2012) stated that nap is one of the few important ways to let a person’s boy to rest when you are feeling tired.

However, when one is having a nap, it needs to be short to avoid complications when sleeping at night. This is supported by the from ‘How to Sleep Better’ short naps early in the afternoon is good for a quick recharge for people who are in need of some short rest to avoid insomnia especially among the elders.

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Linked to this statement, this also supported by the source, ‘Adopt Good Sleep Habits’. From this extract, napping is good but once again, avoid taking naps too close to from a regular bedtime. Other than that, having a specific regular time for sleep is one of the few essential habits of sleeping. By maintaining a regular bedtime, this ensures people to have the urge to sleep when they are really in need of sleep or when they feel tired at night. This is supported by the source from ‘How to Sleep Better’. From the source, people are encouraged to try to go to bed at the same time every night. This works best when people sleep when they actually feel tired so that they can really fall asleep easily. Besides, the source from ‘Adopt Good Sleep Habits’, a person by the name of Valerie started sleeping regularly at night instead of putting herself with bedtime restrictions.

As a result, she wakes up automatically during the day and her sleeping quality has improved. Moving on, good and ideal sleeping postures may also benefit people in providing them a good comfort and support during their sleep at night. From a study source, ‘The Best (and Worst) Positions for Sleeping’ written by Breene (2012), some particular sleep styles may provide all forms of health benefits holistically. As recommended by most doctors, the ‘savasana pose’ is a pose where a person is sleeping on his or her back without the assistance of a pillow. This particular pose keeps the spine and the neck to be free of any pressure or contortions keeping the neck in a neutral position. Furthermore, the source ‘Which Sleep Position is The Healthiest’ written by Walker (2011). From the article, she also supports the back sleeping position because it can also minimize premature wrinkles. However, there are some sleeping position that should be avoided by us.

From the source, ‘Which Sleep Position is The Healthiest; written by Walker (2011), it is stated that one should avoid sleeping in the ‘fetal position’ and also the ‘stomach position’. This is because both sleeping positions may result in the increase of the spine and neck pain. Moreover, this two sleeping positions may cause breathing difficulties to people as well. This will be one habit that we should avoid when we sleep. Other than that, according to Porter (2013) from her web article, 3 Bad Sleep Habits You Need to Break’, prevent having this bad habit of lying around continuously on bed, wide awake trying yourself to sleep. To overcome this, people who are experiencing such issues should calm down before going to bed after certain chores or activities or step out of bed and do something else rather than doing restless actions before really getting ready to sleep again.

In conclusion, good sleeping habits should be adopted gradually. As we know it, the human conditions are unpredictable so does sleep! Start off with a simple remedy by recovering a person’s tiredness through just a short nap. Next, having a good consistent bedtime provides better sleeping qualities when we sleep at night. Other than that, practice ideal sleeping posture like the ‘savasana position’ to maximize comfort while sleeping and minimize health problems. Do take note that, there are bad sleeping positions that should be avoided by us to lower the risk of getting injured after sleep in the long term. We should also avoid staying and rolling on bed while we cannot snooze properly. Sleep is essential for everyone. It is therefore a must to have a dreamy night sleep with these few useful tips of good habits of sleeping.

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Good Sleeping Habits

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