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FAQ about Dna

ability to now obtain large amounts of molecular data What are the
...However, with this immense strength of genetic and molecular data in delineating bacterial species, expanded core phylogenies have been found to, "using the genes that are present in over 90% of the 56 known strains of Aeromonas," hold inherent biase...
How Dna Technology Are Used in Solving Crimes?
...http://visual.ly/crime-scene-science-modern-methods-solving-crimes. Balana, C. (2008). Angara bill to provide DNA technology in crime solving. Retrieved from http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/nation/view/20080816-155107/Angara-bill-to-provide...
How does DNA Play A Role In Inheritance?
...If gene therapy has been approved in the US, what is it being used to treat? If gene therapy has not been approved in the US, why not? Gene therapy is still in the investigative stage. The only way to get gene therapy in the US is to go through clini...

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