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FAQ about Heart

Your Productivity Levels Depend On What You Eat
...Examples of unhealthy food are Chips, Candy Bars, food that has a lot of oil, sugary drinks, and the food people would get from fast-food restaurants. People shouldn’t eat unhealthy food every day. Some people have healthy habits. Some example of h...
Investigation Into How Alcohol Affects the Heart Rate in Daphnia
...If I was to repeat the investigation, I would do 2 or 3 at a time so there would be more time left over to do the investigation a few more times to strengthen our results.To improve accuracy, we could have started the stopwatch at the same time as wh...
What is the effect of physical exercise on Pulse Rate of the human heart?
...Also, I did not measure the person's heart rate in the same position as they were before and after exercising. If a person was standing instead of sitting, the pulse rate would obviously be higher since muscle energy is still being used to help keep ...
What Yoga Can Do For Your Health and Quality of Life?
...Whether through meditation or concentration on doing the right breaths and postures, Yoga makes a person more focused. What matters at the moment of practice is the present. There, very important aspects are worked on, such as reaction time, memoriza...
What is Venom?
...Even though there isn't enough evidence to finalise that box jellyfish can be used as a medicine, we have a rough estimate at what the jellyfish venom can be used for and if it is possible to be used in the medicinal industry. The venom can be used t...
How to Mend a Broken Heart?
...Traveling can help you much because you will seesomething that never see and you will see or talk with someone who never know. Maybe it canmake you open your mind because traveling makes you to meet new things and then you will forgetthe sadnes...

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