The Heart and the Fist Essay

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The Heart and the Fist

It is a fact that hard working people are rewarded greatly; if a person wants to be really good at something, they are going to have to work really hard for it. This applies to many aspects in life. For example, military training is needed for optimal performance, school is helpful to be successful, and job training is important to gain knowledge about how to work.

To begin with, the story The Heart and the Fist by Eric Greitens is about a young marine and his life before, during, and after serving as a Navy SEAL. Hard work proves to be a common theme throughout this novel, and the author’s hard work usually leads to reward. For example, SEAL training is extensive, grueling, and difficult, but this type of training leads to them being secure, successful, and safe. Even though the training is hard for the SEALs, they push through because they know they will be better off in the end. SEAL training is said to be the hardest military training of them all, but they are strongly rewarded with great skill.

Another example in life is working towards receiving a good education in order to land a good job. While law only requires students to attend school until the age of sixteen, it seems unrealistic to think major success will come from a miniscule education. Students are pushed more and more to go to college because of the many benefits it can provide. People with college degrees are more likely to attain a higher paying job, therefore being rewarded for their hard work. Putting in the extra effort to achieve a higher education will be well worth it in the long run.

A similar example in life is making sure to receive thorough job training at work in order to ensure that one will have the right skills and knowledge needed to carry out duties. For my own job, I did online training and in-store training until I knew everything about the store like the back of my hand. I am very grateful to have had this extensive training, especially when I was faced with challenges. Because I had been trained as well as I had, I was more than able to handle customers, tasks, and other obstacles. My rewards in the end were well worth the time I had spend learning.

To conclude, it is clear that a person can, in theory, do whatever they would like when they put forth some effort. Working as hard as a dog may seem super stressful and strenuous, but great things will come as a result. This proves to be true in The Heart and the Fist, as well as in many parts of our daily lives.

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