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Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel so Bad Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (535 words)
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‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad’ is based on two eight bar themes, A and B. Theme A is based on a chord sequence of A minor, E minor, G major and D major. Theme B has two different types, ‘Bx’ and ‘By’. Theme Bx has a repeated two bar phrase and the chord pattern is C major, A minor, C major, A minor. Theme By also has a repeated two bar phrase and the chord sequence is F major, C major, F major, C major.

This is much more positive and uplifting in contrast to Bx. The overall structure is verse and chorus, with A being the verse and B being the chorus sections. Melody

The piano melody of the song is very repetitive and only varies when it becomes more syncopated at A5(1:19). The vocal melody for the line ‘Why does my heart feel so bad’ ascends and then descends, reflecting a person’s tone in a question and answer.

There is also a counter melody provided by the synth strings and piano, which engages in call and response with the main vocal melody at A6. Rhythm

The time signature for this song is 4 crotchet beats in every bar, however most of the notes are quavers and semiquavers. The Latin American rhythm was influential on American dance music as Hispanic culture was prominent in America at the time. Harmony

The harmony of the verses is very repetitive and uses a sequence of A minor x2, E minor x2, G major x2 and D major x2, as shown at A1. The harmony of the chorus , however uses the chords of C major and A minor twice, then F major, C major twice, to create a feeling of uplifting to accompany the lyrics: ‘These open doors’. Both samples have a new harmony after every 2 bars. The Harmony is regular, rhythmic and reflective. Tonality

The tonality of the track is more modal than diatonic and is very predictable, C major goes to its relative minor, A. The patterns moves in a sequence of down a 4th, up a 3rd, then down a 3rdand although there is no key signature, A minor features prominently. The chorus is C major and the major feel to the chorus is very noticeable to the listener.

Music Technology Moby uses a variety of different technical effects to the track and although the track was recorded 13 years ago, much of the technology he used is still being used by artists today. The vocal samples he used were from 1950s gospel choirs and the lyrics were manipulated by Moby, for example, the lyrics ‘Why does my heart feel so bad/Why does my soul feel so bad’ were actually ‘When I should feel so sad/Why does my soul feel so glad’ in the original recording. Moby changed the word ‘glad’ to ‘bad’ to make the song about hurt instead of happiness. Moby uses EQ (Equaliser) in verse 2 (A6) and applies it to the vocal sample for the ‘telephone voice’ effect where the bass and treble frequencies are cut to emphasis the middle range creating a thin sound. Moby also uses a digital delay at A6 to create an echo.

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