Measurments of boby temperature, heart rate and breathing rate

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1) Introduction: For this assignment I have been asked to write up a report on the experiments that we c `1qarried out. The experiments were to measure our breathing rate, pulse rate and body temperature. I will also be showing my results after all these experiments in a graph and I will be explaining the method of how we carried each of the experiment out in a safe practise way.

2) Method used:

The first experiment that we done were measuring our pulse rate.

We used a stop watch to make sure the timing was accurate for each time we performed it. A member in my group checked my pulse rate by putting their index finger and middle finger on the inside of my wrist, at the beginning of this we started the stop watch and done this for 15 seconds. This measurement was classed as At rest point. After we done this I done exercise for 5 minutes. I jogged in the same pace around the classroom.

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Once I done the exercise I got my pulse checked again I done this for 15 seconds like before. I recorded the results in a table. After 2 minutes I checked again and again after 3 minutes following onto 4 minutes. Throughout this I made sure I recorded my results straight away in the table so that it would be accurate.

The second experiment that we carried out was measuring our breathing rate. This is similar to measuring pulse rate, we done this by looking at the movement of our chest every time we breathed in and out.

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I counted all the times my chest moved in and out. I did this for 15 seconds using the stop watch. I then did the same exercise as I done before when measuring pulse rate. I done the exercise for 5 minutes then sat down and observed how fast my chest was moving I done this for 15 seconds like before. Again I checked after every minute then 2, 3 and 4. I recorded my results in the table.

The last experiment that we done was checking our body temperature. The equipment we used was a thermometer. I placed the thermometer on my forehead and told a member in my group to tell me the reading of it. This was named as resting point. I recorded this into the table. Once I had done this I done exactly the same exercise as I done previously for 5 minutes which was jogging around the class room. I then checked again after 1 minute then 2 minutes then 3 and 4. I recorded down all of my results.

What made these experiments safe

While doing all 3 of these experiments the main practical thing that we done was the exercise therefore we had to make sure it was done in a safe way. We made sure we had enough space and moved any table/chairs out of our way, we also made sure we tied back loose clothing and done the right exercise not making it too much work or not too less this is why I chose jogging as it was just right.

What made this experiment a fair test

Before doing any of these experiments we made sure we knew what to do so that it would all be fair and accurate. We made sure we done the same exercise each time for the same time and in the same pace, we used the same times every time we done the activities like measuring it e.g. after 1 minute, 2 minute etc. We used the same equipment to check the time which was the stop watch.

3) Results in table format


Breathing rate (per min)

Body temperature in Degrees Celsius

Pulse rate (beats per min)

At rest




1 minute




2 minutes




3 minutes




4 minutes




Interpret the data obtained, including the cardio respiratory fitness data, by stating and explaining.

Once I had done al 3 experiments I put them all together into one table(above) and made a line graph, by doing this it makes it clearer for me to see my results and to see how well I done.

Starting with pulse rate, I checked my pulse rate at rest before any exercise my table shows that my pulse rate was 88 beats per minute which is roughly average for any person even though my peers was lower than mine. Once I had done my exercise I checked my pulse rate again after 1 minute, I felt at this point my heart beat was very fast therefore my pulse rate was highest here it was 124. I had to check again after 2 minutes it then went lower than before and told me the result which was 92. After 3 minutes I checked once more, here I felt that my heart beat was going slower as I was resting my results told me it was 44. At the last 4 minutes I saw that my pulse rate had gone roughly back to what it was at rest point.

These set of results give me a pattern showing that first my pulse rate is quite low and then suddenly after the exercise it goes up and once I'm starting to rest it gradually starts getting lower and comes back to its normal beat again.

Why did the pulse rate go up?

Because Glucose + Oxygen = CO2 + water + energy


* Detect high of CO2

* Message to the cardiac centre

* Sympathetic nerve---Beats faster= Pulse rate goes high

* Heart supplies more oxygen

My results for breathing rate show a similar pattern to pulse rate as it shows it was average then all of a sudden went high and slowly came down eventually settling back to where it started from. At rest point my results showed me that my breathing rate was 16 per minute. Then I checked again after my exercise and my results were at the highest which was 52. I checked again after 2 minute and I could feel my heart rate going down, when I saw my results it told me it was 36 and again after 3 minute it was 28 and at last 4 minutes it came back down to 20.

The last experiment we done was checking body temperature. It was quite difficult for us to see the results on the thermometer as they were very close to each other. Like the other 2 experiments I checked my temperature at rest which was 37, this is the average human body temperature. I done my exercise like before for 5 minutes and sat down then I got my temperature checked and my results show me that it was 37.5 kept checking my temperature in 2 minutes and 3min and 4 all my results were 37.3 then 37.2 then 37 coming back to its normal temperature again.

When a person does exercise they feel hotter this is because their body temperature goes high and these are some of the things they experience

* Sweat glands

* Hair erector muscles

* Blood vessels---they widen to allow more blood to go through

The data/results that we came out with through the overall performance were most likely to be valid as when we put them into a graph it made perfect sense and was very clear to us and our teacher as she said they were good However there may have been a few factors that may have affected the reliability of our results:

* Time-This was the most important in all 3 experiments and we used a stopwatch to time everything we needed to therefore it should have been accurate. From our knowledge and understanding it was right but may have been a few minutes early or later which slightly affected our results.

* Another may have been when we checked our body temperature we used a thermometer. The first one we used was apparently not working right we saw this from our first set of results as they were going the opposite direction to the average results. We showed our teacher and she said to use another thermometer so we did so and our results were much more better however there still may have been some inaccuracy.

* The first experiment we done was checking our pulse rate, we had to work in a group of 3 which meant some one else had to check your pulse rate. As it was some people's first time they may not have known how to do this or were a little unsure therefore the results may have not come out as accurate as they should have been.

Updated: May 19, 2021

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