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CDKs (cyclin dependent kinases…
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CDKs (cyclin dependent kinases) are group of enzymes that can modify various protein molecules that are involved in regulating cell cycle. The main job for the CDKs is to phosphorylate their substrates by transferring phosphate groups from ATP to specific stretches of amino acids in the substrates. Other than regulating cell cycle they are also involved in regulating transcription, differentiation of nerve cells and mRNA processing. CDKs differs as per different cells and molecular weight varies from 34 to 40…...
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Science About The Cell Cycle
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Have you ever wondered how a kitten could turn into a full adult cat? If so, you are more than likely familiar with the impression of a life cycle. Cats go through some similar life cycle transition as we do. We watch something that looks like an ordinary baby kitten turn into a magnificent creature that runs free in the wind. A life cycle is a series of steps that one goes through from the time they born until the…...
Cell CycleScience
Cell Cycle
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cell growth, normal functions What occurs in G1 in the cell cycle? Cell cycle What is the series of events that cells go through as they grow and divide? G1 What is the longest stage of the cell cycle called? interphase During what stage does the G1,S,and G2 phases happen? Mitosis During what phase of the cell cycle does mitosis and cytokinesis occur? Mitosis During what phase of the cell cycle does cell division occur? S (synthesis) During what phase…...
Cell Cycle
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The Cell Cycle
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Cell division results in genetically identical daughter cells Overview The continuity of life is based on the reproduction of cells or cell division. The cell division process is an integral part of the cell cycle, the life of a cell from the time it is first formed from a dividing parent cell until its own division into two cells. Cellular Organization of the Genetic Material A cell’s endowment of DNA, its genetic information is called its genome. Before the cell…...
Cell Cycle
Phylum Sarcodina
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Sarcodina, the largest phylum (11,500 living species and 33,000 fossil species) of protozoans). It comprises the amebas and related organisms; which are all solitary cells that move and capture food by means of pseudopods, flowing temporary extensions of the cell. Most sarcodines are free living; others are parasitic. One of these parasites is the causative organism of amebic dysentery. With the exception of chloroplasts, sarcodines are identical to the ameboid members of the phylum Chrysophyta. Sarcodines may reproduce asexually by…...
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Apoptosis – Short Essay
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Kerr, Wyllie, and Currie first used the term apoptosis in a paper in 1972 to describe a morphologically distinct form of cell death, although certain components of the apoptosis concept had been described years previously. Our understanding of the mechanisms involved in the process of apoptosis in mammalian cells transpired from the investigation of programmed cell death that occurs during the development of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans (Horvitz, 1999). In this organism 1090 somatic cells are generated in the formation…...
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Virtual Lab: The Cell Cycle and Cancer
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Questions: 1. In which phase of mitosis do each of the following occur: a. Centromeres split and chromosomes move toward opposite sides of the cell anaphase b. Chromatin coils to form visible chromosomes prophase c. The nuclear membrane disappears prophase d. Sister chromatids line up in the center of the cell metaphase 2. In which phases of mitosis are sister chromatids visible, and attached to each other at the centromere? Prophase and metaphase 3. What does your data indicate about the rate of…...
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Mitosis lab
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Abstract –For this lab there is no experiment to be done only questions to be answered. In this experiment we will categorize and count the cells to compute the mitotic index of the total root area. Introduction – The purpose of this experiment is to answer questions associated with the onion root tip photos that are pictured in the lab. The questions for this lab will be drawn from the discussion and review section at the beginning of the mitosis…...
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Mitosis, Meiosis and the Cell Cycle
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Purpose: This activity is designed to familiarize you with the phases of mitosis and meiosis and compare these processes in a comparison chart. This activity will be three parts. For parts I and II, please scan your labeled work. Preparation: There is no preparation or materials needed for this activity. You will simply need access to a scanner to submit your work. Procedure Part 1: For this portion of the laboratory, please sketch a cell with 4 chromosomes going through…...
Cell CycleHuman Life CycleMitosis And Meiosis
Virtual Lab Cell Cycle and Cancer Worksheet
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Week 2 Virtual Lab Score: 40/40 (100%) Week 2 Virtual Lab: The Cell Cycle and Cancer Worksheet 1. In which phase of mitosis do each of the following occur: a. Centromeres split and chromosomes move toward opposite sides of the cell occur during the anaphase. b. Chromatin coils to form visible chromosomes occur in the prophase. c. The nuclear membrane disappears occur in the prophase. d. Sister chromatids line up in the center of the cell occur in the metaphase.…...
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Plant And Animal Cell Membranes
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A cell may be defined as the basic unit that supports life. Organisms are usually made up of one or several cells. The cell membrane, or the plasma membrane, is common to all cells. The membrane is a thin and fragile structure, usually between 5 to 10 nm (nanometer) wide that separate cells from the surrounding environment. Because the plasma membrane is extremely thin, no hint may be detected when a cell section is investigated under a light microscope. It…...
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