DNA sequencing Essay

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DNA sequencing

1 How can scientists identify specific bacteria when they are amplifying and studying the same region of DNA in each species? Specialist or doctors compare the nucleotides of the DNA sequences to specific bacteria.

2 Why is PCR used in the process of DNA sequencing?
Used to make small segments of DNA. To analyze DNA more DNA is required to attain proper results.

3 How can the DNA sequencing technique shown in the virtual lab be used to identify other classes of pathogens, such as viruses? The same process can be performed by entering parts of the sequences into the database.

4 Explain how sequence data and information about patient symptoms led you to diagnose Sue’s illness. My partner and I looked up different diseases that could be causing Sue’s symptoms until we came across 3 strong matches. Then the disease database testing identified which disease it was.

5 How can DNA sequencing be used to identify genetic risk for certain diseases and disorders? DNA sequencing can be used in family history to find mutations that can cause health problems in the future, how medical history affected the person or diseases that complicated the body. 33. The possible people who could have gotten meningitis from Sue are Jill, Marco, Sue’s friend that she visited at the other University who may have passed along, Maria and Maggie.

34. To proceed with the procedure sue will need to go to the hospital to get treated right away and take antibiotics to cure her disease but antibiotics doesn’t always work with some peoples immune systems. Sue and anyone else she contacted with or know with meningitis symptoms should go to the hospital right away or they can be dead in 24hrs or so. Symptoms of meningitis: fever, vomiting, headache and feeling unwell. Red ticks show symptoms more specific to meningitis and septicemia and less common in milder illnesses. Limb pain, pale skin, and cold hands and feet often appear earlier than the rash, neck stiffness, dislike of bright lights and confusion.

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