Why Do We Dream and Do They Really Mean Anything?

You may clearly remember everything or forget all of it as soon you woke up. But the truth is that everyone dreams, about 3 to 5 times each night. And it is thought that each dream lasts for about 5 to 20 minutes. Moreover, based on different scientific studies, dreams are not that important for the human body but sleep is.

Psychologists have different insights about the purpose and meaning of dreaming. Some of them believe that dreams are simply the product of some brain activity that happens when sleeping, while others agree with Sigmund Freud’s theory that dreams reveal our earnest wishes and desires.

In fact, a book entitled “The Interpretation of Dreams” written by Freud serves as the basis of psychoanalysis.

However, Michio Kaku said that there are a lot of studies which dismiss Freudian Psychology, stating that it is nothing but the illusions of a scientist. But through a great deal of scientific research and technological advancements, we can now identify the parts of the brain that correspond with ego, the id, and superego.

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As we dream, we realize that it comes at the back of the brain called the id, which is entirely unconscious and runs on pure instinct and desire; while the prefrontal cortex and orbital frontal cortex, which are the ego and superego, are inactive. The only active part is the amygdala, which directs our fears and feelings. This is the very reason why we feel emotional and familiar with the themes and figures in our dreams. Our dreams simply reflect the emotions, objects, and situations we experience and feel in our waking life.

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Our unconscious mind communicates to us when we are dreaming by releasing our repressed desires. According to Hannah Nichols, “the unconscious mind expresses itself more symbolically than literally because some dreams just have no meaning at first.” By observing and understanding our dreams, we realize that elements from the everyday life reoccur in lifelike images during the shift of the state of our mind from being conscious to unconscious. These elements in our dreams are the product of our imagination, which interconnects new experiences with our memories.
Over a hundred of common dreams and their meanings, here are just a few.

First, dreaming about being lost typically implies that you are cautious or indecisive in real life. Next, dreaming about failing indicates you’re unprepared; you’re pressuring yourself to meet other’s expectations; or you feel uneasy about your future. Another is dreaming about being chased which is a common dream for people with anxiety. This means that you are avoiding situations or ignoring emotions you’re not ready to confront yet. Dreaming about falling is also one of the common dreams we have. It simply suggests that you have acrophobia or you are unsatisfied with something. Lastly, having a tooth decay or falling teeth in your dream shows that you are feel uncertain and afraid of the changes happening, whether it is about school, work, or relationships. It may also mean that you are self-conscious, not wanting to be embarrassed or judged.

All in all, dreams are important because it helps us to reflect. It serves as a way to understand our subconscious mind and disclose our deepest wishes and feelings. it correlates how we understand the way our mind works and what we really feel. Obviously, every dream is about our own personal life. It is a work of art in which everyone may experience since it does not require dreamers to have any special talent or training. Understanding what we feel when we dream and realizing the problems through our dreams might help us to solve them. It can also help us live a healthier and happier life. Thank you.

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Why Do We Dream and Do They Really Mean Anything?

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