Fordham University Admission Essay Writing Guide


How do I write my Fordham application essay?

You may be required to write at least one Fordham university supplemental essay as part of your application procedure. This provides the right opportunity to showcase yourself as a good fit for the school and impress the admission officials.

Choose a Topic

The first step would be to select a topic best suited to you. You would get a list of essay prompts that give you varying topics. Before you choose one, you need to dive deep into your past years and sift through the times you impacted your community positively. The times when you had the privilege to handle an event that showcased your leadership strengths and other unique skills.

If you have had the opportunity for growth that can positively stand out among the competition, choose a topic that highlights it. If you were more of a bookworm and focused more on your academic work, ensure your papers are not all about your academic prowess.

Rather, do well to mention your non-academic activities that are relevant as well. If the focus of your essay was on interpersonal relationships and communal productivity, do well to include your academic communities.

Ensure to choose a topic that allows you to emphasize how you can positively contribute to the Fordham community. Do not select an essay prompt that would be difficult to relate your growth experiences to what you can deliver if admitted.

Prepare your Essay

Having chosen a topic you are comfortable with; the next thing is to write an amazing essay. The following steps are useful when writing an application letter:

Have a Framework

For college application letters, you need to have a clear outline of what you intend to write. List out all the contents and your thoughts. You can write the skills or traits you possess and believe would greatly benefit the Fordham community.

You can list the reasons you wish to join the school and your intended major. This is so you do not omit the important things you need to mention, as the essays required are brief.


Lead with a bang! The admission officials have thousands of other application letters to read through. Your first few sentences are crucial in capturing their undivided attention. Your introduction should encourage them to happily read through the rest of your text, if written rightly.

Remember, this is where you get to introduce yourself, both literally and otherwise. Capture their attention with a great introduction.


This is the biggest part of your essay and perhaps the most important. This is where you tell the admission committee your unique traits, skills, values, and achievements. This is the section you convince the readers that you are a sound fit for Fordham University. Use persuasive words and compelling facts to describe your suitability and commitment to growth.


Give your essay an appropriate ending. You have blown your trumpet in the body of the text; this is where you leave the officials with a better impression of yourself. You may talk about your continuous pursuit of learning opportunities and plans. You may ask for an invite to tell them more, or contact you for more information.


Go through your text repeatedly to make sure it reflects your thoughts and that all the given data is correct. Proofreading also helps you eliminate spelling mistakes and grammatical and punctuation errors. Confirm your essay follows the format the university has given you. You may ask your teacher, siblings, or parents to take a second look to ensure you didn’t miss anything.

Fordham essay prompts

Essay prompts are topics you are to write about as a prospective student. The essay aims to reveal what kind of student you have been and what you have to offer the school. Fordham essay prompts are optional, so you can complete your application procedure without writing one.

However, having understood that there are thousands of other applicants, you should not turn down any opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Writing one shows your commitment to excellence and doing all necessary to be the best in all that concerns you. Bear in mind that Fordham reviews each application letter comprehensively and looks out for who you are and what you have to offer. These essays are the perfect opportunity to clear all doubts and present yourself.

Below is a list of the Fordham university essay prompts 2022 and tips on how to answer each of them.

Question 1 (Optional):

At Fordham, we expect students to care for and engage with their communities. Please share a specific instance in which you challenged yourself or stepped out of your comfort zone to impact your community (for example, your family, friend group, high school, or town). Or, share a way you hope to do so at Fordham. (150 words max)

This essay prompt seeks to understand how you have positively contributed to your community or how you will be at Fordham University. Describe an experience or a plan. The purpose of the question is for you to reflect deeply on your past personal experience and consider how you will continue on campus.

How do you have the capacity to create change on a communal level? This Fordham University supplemental essay prompt is for you to briefly describe how you can collaborate with other people and contribute positively to the Fordham community.

Question 2 (Optional):

Fall 2022 applicants will have the opportunity to tell us more about how COVID-19 has impacted (and continues to impact) their lives. Please feel free to use this section to discuss this topic instead of your essay. This response is optional.

This essay prompt is for you to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on you. You are meant to talk about how the virus changed life as you knew it and how you adapted successfully.

While there might be several ways COVID-19 affected you, your family, your friends, and your community, you should remember that this essay is for university applications. You have to decide which of the aspects you want to write about.

You can talk about its impact on your learning methods and your high school experience. You can talk about how the challenges helped you discover inner strengths you now find very useful.

This essay is your chance to prove you can surmount adversity and how the lessons you learned during the period would be helpful if you finally join the Fordham community. This Fordham University essay prompt does not have a word limit, but keeps it brief and concise.

Question 3 (Optional):

Is there something you’d like to tell us that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else? Perhaps you’d like to expand on one of your co-curricular involvements or inform us about an extenuating circumstance that impacted your academic performance. Whatever the case may be, please feel free to tell us in this optional section.

This prompt is suitable if you had a major upset with your academics due to circumstances beyond your control. If you have had some disruptions to your schooling, probably due to the ill health of a family member or yourself or other family concerns, you can describe the events or circumstances and their impact. This is useful if you have to explain your grades and test scores. You need to emphasize how you handled the event, proving that it won’t impede your capacity to do well academically if admitted.

However, if you do not fall into this category, you may instead write about co-curricular activities that complemented your academics. You could write about your experiences with mock trials, debates, or arts and science projects you executed. Please note that playing on a sports team is not considered a co-curricular activity.

Various Colleges at Fordham University


  • Fordham College at Lincoln Center
  • Fordham College at Rose Hill
  • Gabelli School of Business
  • School of Professional and Continuing Studies


  • Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Graduate School of Education
  • Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education
  • Graduate School of Social Service
  • School of Law

About the University

Fordham University was established in New York City in 1841. Sited in the Fordham neighborhood of the Bronx, the campus is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit university in the northeastern United States. It is also the third-oldest university in the state of New York. The school has over 15,000 students in 10 colleges — four undergraduate and six postgraduate colleges and schools. The students are drawn from over 65 countries.

The school has a rich history and has a ton of distinguished alumni. The university’s first president, John McCloskey, became the first Catholic cardinal in the United States. The school boasts alumni that include four cardinals in the Catholic Church, several US senators, governors, and ambassadors. Former President Donald Trump was also an alumnus, having spent two years in the school before transferring.

Two CIA directors, a foreign head of state, a US postmaster general, a white house counsel, a US attorney general, a few billionaires, and several Academy Award and Emmy winners adorn an exhaustive list of accomplished individuals that have graduated from Fordham University. Successive presidents of the school since 1846 have been Jesuit priests, and the university became independent of the Catholic Church in 1969.

Fordham remains the only Jesuit tertiary institution in New York City, and the curriculum is heavily influenced by Jesuit educational principles.


In 2016, the university had an acceptance rate of 43% for both undergraduate and graduate programs. Fordham University enrolled only 2,211 students out of 42,811 undergraduate applicants in 2019. Barron’s reclassification of Fordham’s undergraduate schools to ‘most competitive’ in 2018 from ‘highly competitive’ in 2017 is no surprise. 74% of enrolled first-year students were reported to have ranked in the top 20% of their high school class.

It is obvious that you need a stellar application essay to get your foot in the door. The competition is rife, and you have to present your best to stand any chance. If you do not know how to write your cover letter to high standards, you can buy one on our platform. We have a team of highly skilled writers who can write an excellent essay on your behalf

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