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How to Write a Great UW Madison Application Essay

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is perfect for students looking for a unique experience different from their college. It prides itself on offering more than 70 programs in the top 10 of its respective fields. You’ll also benefit from a rigorous, well-rounded learning climate. What’s better is the school has a student body of over 30,000. There is a space for everyone here.

If you’re excited to join this school but don’t know how to write a great UW Madison Application Essay, we’re here to help you. You’ll find crucial tips in this article to help you write the best application essay.

Established in 1848, UW Madison stands on 936 acres. The university uses a semester-based academic calendar. In 2022, the institution's rank is #42.

The in-state fees and tuition are $10,720, while out-of-state fees and education are $38,608. When you join the school, you can participate in around 900 organizations in the college. There is a vibrant social scene at the institution. It’s not a requirement for first-year students to live on campus. Some of the highly ranked graduate schools at the University of Wisconsin include School of Business, School of Education, Law School, School of Public Affairs, School of Medicine and Public Health, and College of Engineering.

Why do students like this school?

  • Most students admit that professors put 100% into teaching classes
  • It’s easy for college students to get classes they want
  • The workload is easy to manage

Admission Requirements for Bachelor and Graduate School

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is privileged to receive thousands of applications each year. Here are some of the admission requirements for bachelor students:

  • Admissions application
  • Application fee
  • Two essays
  • Course and Grade Information
  • One Required Letter of Recommendation

Requirements for graduate school include:

Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited U.S college. The alternative is a comparable degree from an international college. All international applicants should have a degree that matches the bachelor’s degree of a regionally accredited U.S institution. You should’ve completed the undergraduate degree.

Applicants should have a GPA (grade-point average) of 3.00 on the equivalent of the past 60 semester hours (around two years of class) or for master’s degree with at least a 3.00 GPA. For international students, UW Madison will use the grading system of your former institution to compare your academic achievement.

University of Madison application by non-native English speakers or those who didn’t do undergraduate English must present an English proficiency test score. You submit the test score electronically. The school will not accept your score if it’s more than two years old from the beginning of the admission semester.

Why Write an Essay for University of University of Wisconsin-Madison

Wondering why Wisconsin essay? The university is known for many incredible things. It is considered a significant step to achieving extraordinary things. It’s a place where you can make discoveries lead, gain knowledge, tackle significant issues, and make lifelong friends.

The university is a public land-grant institution and a leader in research. Its staff, students, and faculty members undergo top-quality education and help solve global problems. It’s a great honor to write a Wisconsin Madison essay for such an institution.

There are other reasons why Wisconsin Madison essay is an excellent idea. Visit the institution’s official website to learn more. Also, check our site for inspirational application samples that you can view for free online or buy for customization.

Types of Essays for Students

One tip of learning about essays is understanding the types of essays that will come in most assignments for master’s degree, college, and high school. Below are the main types of UW Madison essays you’re likely to write.

1. Expository essays

These are prevalent types of essays you’ll encounter. They have a common format and requirements. When writing this type of essay, you’ll find yourself diving more into a topic or theme and then brainstorming an idea. You need to analyze evidence and structure an exposition (title of the idea).

2. Argumentative essay

These types of essays are not very different from expository essays. However, they dwell more on well-researched quantitative and qualitative data to back your arguments. You can get this data from secondary or primary sources. In most instances, such a University of Wisconsin essay requires you to discuss vital points that might oppose your stance on a topic or issue.

Argumentative essays are the most common essays you’ll find yourself writing. They can be short-form or long-form essays. All of them try to convince readers about the soundness of your argument.

Mostly these types of essays are for students in more advanced levels. You need to conduct good research and probably use your lecture notes. Argumentative essays maintain a similar structure as University of Wisconsin application essay examples.

3. Descriptive essays

Such essays are all about your language – similes, adjectives, and metaphors. As the name suggests, you need to describe your idea clearly as possible. A UW Madison essay example would be to write about a holiday experience. Such a topic is perfect for a descriptive essay.

The structure of such essays is as vital as any other essay. The writer guides the reader through, into, and to the descriptive text without losing them. Just like other essays, you’ll need an introduction, body, and conclusion.

There is one difference, though. Descriptive essays are more like creative writing texts where writers describe a topic in detail.

4. Narrative essays

As this name suggests, these types of essays require you to write a personal text so the reader will understand your opinion or personal view. Such essays are also known as creative non-fiction or stories. You will find readers often using the pronoun I.

Narrative essays also need a good introduction, body, and conclusion. It would be best to create some suspense in the introduction, take the reader to the narrative's climax in the body, and then take them back at the end. Narrative essays are like journalism pieces. If you’re good at these types of essays, you can make a great journalist.

Pointers when Writing an Essay for College

Many things separate a good University of Wisconsin Madison essay and an average one. The following tips will help you write a great essay. If even with the pointers you would rather pay for the services of a professional writer to put together a compelling sample, we have that option on our site.

Be specific

Before writing your introduction, ensure you have a specific and clear thesis statement. However, this shouldn’t be rigid. It can change and morph as you continue with research. It’s important to have a clear and strong thesis because it sets the tone for your paper. You can use UW Madison essay examples online to get an idea of what you need.

Create an essay outline

You don’t always need an essay outline. However, they help you mold your paper while researching. Come up with an easy outline that splits your article into three parts. When researching, note down all the crucial details in each section.

Ensure you understand the essay requirements early

There are many reasons you should do this before you start writing. If you go through the instructions early enough and need some clarification, it’s easy for professor to give feedback instead of a few hours before the deadline.

Because most college papers require more than writing, students need to understand instructions and know if they need to read a book first or find research materials. You’ll have enough time to write your paper when you prepare early.

Edit your work more than once

After writing your essay, please keep it away for several days, then reread it when your eyes are fresh. You’ll easily know if it makes sense and its flows. Always aim to write essays in your voice. You can also find a trusted tutor, teacher, or counselor to review it and make necessary edits. A third party can help review your paper to ensure that the final copy is free of grammar and spelling errors.

A plagiarized essay will not impress the professor

Plagiarizing an essay is not good for scholarships. You might get kicked out of school for it. One thing that makes people plagiarize work is doing assignments in a hurry. Avoid this and start working on the essay immediately after you receive instructions.

Research should always guide the topic

When brainstorming, you need to choose your essay topic based on requirements and available research tools. You can have a great topic but fail because it lacks research material. Because of this, your research topic should be specific enough and have materials that will help you complete the paper. You can always modify your topic if you realize you haven’t enough materials.

Know your deadlines and requirements

It would help to stay organized when writing the University of Wisconsin application essay. Treat it like a test run courses or a deadline for internship tasks. You’ll have many deadlines to meet in life. Always keep a document or spreadsheet detailing the requirements of your essay.

Never forget the essay format

It would be best to write each Wisconsin essay in a specific style. Some of them include APA citations or MLA formatting. When you have outside resources, always format your reference and in-text citations to the style you’re using.

Faculties at University of Wisconsin-Madison

There are several faculties at the university. They include:

  • Academic Advancement – The faculty specializes in life-changing factors. It helps you get an excellent start on your career and education.
  • Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences help you find a rewarding career that improves society.
  • Business and Applied Arts – This faculty program inspires aspiring artists, future business people, and entrepreneurs to think big.
  • Engineering, Science, and Mathematics – It has many career options which help students explore their curious and logical nature.
  • Health Sciences – the faculty is known to produce skilled health workers.
  • Human and Protective Services – Students get hands-on training that helps them become difference makers in society.
  • Nursing – The universe will always need nurses. You can train in simulation laboratories, trauma rooms, or on-site clinics.
  • Professional Development and Continuing Education – The courses here are suitable for people learning for pleasure or business.
  • Technologies and Trades – These careers lead to well-paying, solid futures.
  • Technology and trade careers offer solid, well-paying futures


College admission processes are very competitive, and it’s important to make your UW Madison application essay stand out. Apart from your test scores and grades, the admission team will also review your essay to get a sense of where you want to be and who you are.

The tips discussed in this article are important in ensuring writing the essay is simple. Writing a quality college essay gives you the upper hand to succeed during the admission process.

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