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Educational Autobiography

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The journey through my educational history consists of mixed up issues. The encounter that I have had at the beginning, in the course, and towards the end has shaped me and prepared for both good and bad. Therefore, my educational biography gives in terms of the offers a breakdown of useful experience, bad experience, and connecting them with academic reading. I am the first one on my whole family to ever attend college. So that has made it very hard for me.

Neither of my parents liked to read or write since they never rad around me I never liked reading as well.

One Good experience that has had in my academic history is being the best student in a math contest. This appointment made me enjoy many privileges. Some of these privileges include taking tea with the teachers and attending almost every trip that my class had without necessarily paying for those tours. Besides, I enjoyed the rights of respect and attention from other students.

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On the other hand, one bad experience that I had was during the reading of passages in my class. It was the norm in my class that whenever we are reading text passages, my English teacher could appoint us at random to read a paragraph. On most occasions, the teacher would nominate those who are silent and shy like me to read the sections. I was never a good reader either and I was shy. According to the article, “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work”, Jean states, “She calls on three children who give similes, two of which who actually have the book open”.

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These bad and good experiences have made me learn many things in life. The excellent experience has taught me to be humble, and especially when I am dealing with less fortunate people. It has also enabled me to gain some leadership skills like coaching weak students, especially in technical issues in English. The bad experience has made me courageous, especially when speaking before people. However, managing people has not been easy. In the article, “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” by Gloria she talks about how teachers didn’t treat her right because she was a Latina. And the teachers didn’t allow her to speak in class.

In conclusion, I would like for you to know that I am still weak in communication skills. Overcoming some problems like speaking before a multitude of people is quite difficult for me. Therefore, I would wish you to help me get rid of fear, especially when handling new challenges. My college goal is to transfer to a four-year university for business.

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