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How Do I Answer the Question Who am I?

Categories: PsychologyWho Am I

Who Am I? This is what I know about who I am. I am a 25 years old boy, I live with my parents, I have four brothers, sometimes I have a bad mood but to walk relaxes my mind. These are some of the general statements I can say about who I am. Many people could relate to this but what makes me stand out?

I remembered when I was at school my mother used to tell me that I had to be polite, help and respect people.

At first time It was okay because I was a child but through the time I realized that not all the people thought in that way and so what I want to say is that each person thinks and acts according to how we perceive our reality. Since I was child I was always not interested in common things such as toys, cycling and so on, because I had brothers who were older than me and did not have in my context someone of my age, that’s why I grew up as a very introverted and serious person.

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At School

When I entered school it was difficult for me to interact with others, because I had nothing in common to share with them, because all the things I liked was different from my classmates. For example, I enjoyed to be in quiet places without noise, because it helped me to think, do my homework or study in a better way, that?s why it was difficult to make friend for me at that time.

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But doing things in silence became a habit until now, this brought many good things in relation to my development as a person but I will mention some of them later.

I used to be introverted because of my education, but not in a bad way. In my family, respect and honesty towards people is very important. My mother used to tell us that before talking we should think about what we are going to say and respect the way of thinking of people. At school, even though I used to be introverted, it didn’t mean that was difficult for me to interact with others.

At University

When I entered university this characteristic of my behavior brought me good and bad things, for example, I found it difficult to express myself verbally in group works, in presentations and in oral tests, but at the same time it brought me advantages such as thinking well about what I will say in different situations, starting to take care about my process of learning, accepting different points of view of people. It helped me to know when to say something or behave in a certain way so I could avoid misunderstandings. I think this is one of the most significant things that identifies me as a person, because when I meet someone I tend to be very quiet, because I need to know the person very well before I can share ideas, experiences, and so on. By the time I learned to take out the negative things from my way of behave and to keep the positive ones


As a conclusion I think it is very important to see in depth how you are, how you develop in your life, the positive and negative aspects about you, the advantages and disadvantages to be as you are. Through my writing this is what I was able to find out about myself; I am a passionate about my surroundings. I am a person who loves cats. I am curious. I am my mother’s son and learn a lot from my past and actions, because that?s the way in which i was educated. I love my family and I am a serious but caring person. In the start of my paper I listed general statements of who I am. I am everything I listed above plus more. Everyone has a different definition for who they are but this is who I am. I am a mix of a lot of little different qualities put together.

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