Speech Presentation About Student Council

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Dear students, teachers, and staff of Tres Ninos, my name is Mary Joy and I’m running for your student council treasurer. As all of you know, a school treasurer is in charge of a school’s funds and keeps a record of how it is spent. Most of you are probably wondering, why me? The job of treasurer is a great responsibility, and I will not take this job lightly. I promise to dedicate my time and effort for this cause, and work hard to manage your money.

I feel that I am qualified for this job because I am good at math, responsible, and an honor student. If and when I get elected, I promise to put my duties as treasurer as part of my top priorities. As you all know, there have been harmful budget cuts to our school and district. If elected, I promise to make every penny spent worthwhile, because every cent counts.

Most importantly, I won’t spend a dime of our money without consulting you, because after all, it is your money too, and you should have a say on where it goes.

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Also, I would like to have a suggestion box, so that all of you could help contribute your ideas on fundraisers or any ideas regarding our school. To sum it up, my name is Mary Joy, and I’m running for Student Body Treasurer. If elected, I promise to be responsible and involved with our school’s funds, and will work hard to get the job done.

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Good afternoon, My name is Mary Joy and I am running for student council. Dedicated. Responsible. And Enthusiastic. These are three words that describe me, and three reasons why you should vote for me. I can listen to what you, the students have to say, and pass it on to the faculty. I will do my best to meet any student requests. The only promise I can make is that I will do my hardest to help you, the students, have a memorable school year. –

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Speech Presentation About Student Council

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