Student Council Speech Presentation

Hey there fellow Boxwoodians. As the majority of you understand, I am AbdulAzim Olatinwo and I are among the two Innovation Associate candidates. As of today, I have spent 5 years in Boxwood or 1507 days and in those 5 years I have actually seen Boxwood grow and become a much better place. In those 5 years I have made a solid friendship with my instructors and peers. In those 5 years I have actually made memorable memories. In those 5 years, Boxwood changed who I was, how I see the world and how I react to it.

I believe that it altered me into a better person. In the future, when I am an effective service guy and I’m asked about the most essential thing in my life, I want to have the ability to say Boxwood.

The location that made me who I am right now, the school that altered me into a better individual and the school who made it possible to be here today.

Simply as I am going to keep in mind Boxwood, is how I desire Boxwood to believe of me, for people to say, “Yes! Azim, he assisted this school to be a much better place; he lit a course for others to follow. He was an excellent role model”. But, the bottom line is, how am I going to assist the school? How would I joining the Trainee Council advantage student and teacher alike?

I wish to sign up with Trainee Council as Innovation Rep because I believe that my broad understanding about innovation would benefit the school.

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Ever given that I was a youngster, I would disintegrate phone, computer system and other things and repair them, before people understood that it was missing. I was, and still am, amazed, by the “magic” of technology. A label that I had as a kid was “Inspector Gadget”.

A few of you might know who “Inspector Gizmo” was and some might not. When I see something, I do not let it go till I figure out all the functions, one method or another and trust me in some cases that is not really fun to see. I think that my interest and my prior understanding would assist the trainee council in knowing what technologies to bring into the class to augment classroom education and cordless education. As innovation representative, I would check out the technologies in the school, if it needs to be changed, if any requirements to be included and likewise how it would make the school better.

As Tech rep, I would also be in charge of the tech team. How the tech team operates and when it does. I would try to make education become easier by searching for different ways teacher-student communications could be more effective “wirelessly”. The first time I saw the Student Council in action in Boxwood, I was awed, by the amount of power the students controlled.

By the fact that their choices could affect the whole school, that they spoke for the student body as a whole and that they knew what to do and were doing it. IMMEDIATELY, I knew that was where I wanted to be, to be able to be known as someone who helped to school, to change this school just as it has changed me.

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