Middle School Student Council President's Speech

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Hey I’m David Smith and I’m running for 8th head boy. Everybody please stand up! Take one step to your right. Take one step to your left. Clap three times! Now sit down. My parents told me that if I could somehow “move the crowd” then I would win! So thank you for your cooperation. But on a more serious matter, I am here to talk about why I want to run for Student Council President, my experience as a leader, and how I can bring many new and creative ideas to Viewpoint Middle School.

Student Council is a way for the students to have representation in school. It gives them a chance to make their own decisions, about how they want their school run by voting for people to represent them.

The reason I want to run for student council President is not because my parents made me, not because I want to tell jokes in front of people, but because I want to make my last year as a middle schooler the best one for all the Middle School.

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Being a President is not an easy job, but I believe I qualify for it. I have shown strength inside and outside of school as a leader. Inside school, I have achieved straight As. Outside of school, I have donated over $500 to a charity called World Vision, with the help of my friend. I have participated in Community Service on a weekly basis, since I was in 7th grade.

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I have also won piano competitions such as the Bach and Contemporary Festivals for several years.

By becoming President, I hope to take all of my experience from outside of school and bring it to a school level. I will take my job completely seriously, but also include your ideas no matter how extreme. If you give me an idea, no matter what it is, I promise to take it to Student Council and discuss it. Free dress every day? SURE! I definitely will bring that up in a Student Council discussion. Anyone from any grade can come up to me, talk to me, and I promise what you say will be talked about later in Student Council. Now I hope I moved you both literally and mentally. If I still haven’t, just think that if you vote for me, that’s one less lunch period you’ll see me. Thank you!

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Middle School Student Council President's Speech

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