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How to Write an Outstanding Motivation Letter to Case Western Reserve University

Having been founded in 1826, Case Western Reserve is a highly rated university located in Cleveland, Ohio. The university is famous for world-class research, with many opportunities for students to thrive outside of the classroom. It has a broad range of top-rated specialty programs like its health law curriculum, which the university boasts of.

Notable alumni include former U.S Representative Dennis Kucinich and Craig Newmark, creator and namesake of the website Craigslist.

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The university ranks 42nd in National Universities, 48th in Best Undergraduate Teaching, 50th in Best Value School, 70th in Most Innovative Schools, 202nd in Top Performers on Social Mobility, 45th in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs, 12th in Biomedical program, 10th in Nursing and 46th in Undergraduate Research/Creative Projects.

Its admissions are pretty competitive, with an acceptance rate of 30%, meaning for every 100 applicants, 30 are admitted. Admissions officials at Case Western Reserve University consider a student’s GPA a significant academic factor. Apart from the academic experience, the admission counselors at CWRU consider your life experiences and interests.

For graduate school and for bachelor, all applicants who apply to CWRU must submit a personal statement essay through either the Common App or Coalition App.

Does Case Western Have supplemental essay Options?

Yes, there are Case Western Supplemental essays, but only for students in the Pre-Professional Scholars Program (PPSP), an application for first-year students that differs from the university’s collaborative graduate study programs. Admission to PPSP is highly competitive, with an acceptance rate of 1%, thirty times below the general Case Western acceptance rate.

This low acceptance rate should not scare you; we have numerous Case Western University supplemental essay examples that will help you kick start the process of writing your own. Going through many samples will make the essays less daunting for you.

For students whose CWRU is their first choice, taking their time to write your Case Western supplemental essays and submitting their best work will help them maximize their chances of getting accepted.

Case Western Reserve University Supplemental Essay Prompts

Prompt 1: By applying to the Pre-Professional Scholars Program, you are applying to gain admission to a professional school earlier than students who apply traditionally. Please indicate why you’re interested in your chosen profession. How do you see yourself being particularly suited to this field? What events or experiences have led to your choice?

This is a 250-500 word introduction essay that lets you demonstrate why you are passionate about pursuing a career in either medicine or dentistry. Case Western supplemental essays should fully address the three questions posed in this prompt; it is; excellent for you to explain your reasons why.

Ensure you tell your story in chronological order and let your essay tell a coherent, unified story. Start by easing in into the essay and engage the admissions officials; start by sharing your a-ha moment, the moment that led to your inspiration, how you hope to make an impact and what person you hope to be in the future as a result of your success in your chosen field.

Prompt 2: Describe an event, achievement, or experience of which you are particularly proud, an accomplishment that may not garner any recognition and does not appear on your admissions application.

The second prompt of the Case Western Reverse University supplemental essay asks you to describe something you are proud of. This should be unique to you, so be as specific as you can because the admissions board is interested in knowing you and not some version of you that you are trying to create to make an impression. This may be pretty confusing as you may have mentioned your accomplishments previously in the application, so choose to go in a different direction and dwell on opportunities outside of the academic realm.

Your accomplishments don’t necessarily need to come with an award so consider the extra curriculum you are engaged in, the things you do for friends, family, and even strangers. This essay prompt gives you plenty of space to tell your story and demonstrate how you felt and why that experience means a lot to you. Show the admission officials what it meant to you at the time and what it means to you now as you get ready to begin your pre-professional studies.

Pointers for Writing your Case Western Supplemental Essay

Before starting your essay, you need to consider how well you can articulate your words; selling yourself is a priority, and doing it effortlessly and making every word count should not feel like a challenge. The following pointers will help you write a compelling application essay.

1. Brainstorm and outline your plan

Break down the prompts into individual questions and try to write down some points you are considering for the essay. Write down all thoughts, feelings, ideas, and moments in detail; the more initial thoughts you have, the more material you will have for your essay.

2. Write, edit and rewrite

Once you have brainstormed, it is time to begin the drafting process of your essay. Take your time and put down everything since this is just a draft, do not limit yourself. This is where you are free to make a few mistakes since you will have the time to review and edit for clarity and specificity.

3. Take time to reflect

Since Case Western Reserve University supplemental essays have word limits, making every word count is essential. Allow the admission officials to enjoy reading your essay since they will be reading thousands of them. As you go through your essay, go line by line and check that all sentences answer the prompt questions and that through the essay, you have brought out your identity.

Once you think you have a strong draft, ensure you did not lose track of the continuity and relevance of the essay. Engage the admission board from the beginning and finish strong.

4. Proofread

Before submitting your CWRU supplemental essay, get another set of eyes to read over it. You can ask friends, colleagues, a teacher, a professional editor, or someone who has experience with such an application process for advice and ideas. In addition to catching spelling and grammatical errors you might have missed, an outside reader can tell you how your essay looks and feels from their point of view.

You can also visit the school website and get in touch with a few students for sound advice and extra tips. You can also search for frequently asked questions about Case Western applications to see how other people answer some common questions and issues. The point is to find out as much relevant information as possible. If you find it difficult, check out our numerous free examples of entrance essays and cover letters on our site or hire our team to write you an excellent letter.

All these tips and key points will prove effective when writing your admission letter for scholarship, for internship, or for graduate school. However, your knowledge of what is expected, your personal touch, and your excellent delivery are what will matter and make your application stand out among a pile of numerous other applications.

Various Faculties at the University

  1. Case School of Engineering
  2. College of Arts and Sciences
  3. Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
  4. Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
  5. School of Dental Medicine

For university with a student-faculty ratio of 11:1, the school has 62.9% of its classes with fewer than 20 students.

The most popular majors at CWRU are:

  • Engineering
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services
  • Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services


The average freshman retention rate is 93%, which indicates student satisfaction. The university has more than 200 student organizations with the Greek system stressing a commitment to on-campus and community service, which involves about a third of students.

The core values of CWRU go far and beyond academic excellence & impact, inclusivity & diversity, integrity & transparency, and effective stewardship. With these values in mind, candidates writing their Case Western Reserve University supplemental essays should incorporate their values with those of the university.

For college applicants, your essays should demonstrate how being at CWRU will improve and enrich your life and how that transformation will help you make an impact in the world around you. We encourage you to put your best foot forward and shine through your essay.

It is also essential for masters degree applicants to have a well-written motivation letter since it will be a factor in ensuring you a place in your desired program. A motivational letter is the most personalized document for your application, and the task of writing it should not be taken lightly.

An appealing Case Western supplement essay will help you stand out in the application; this works well for scholarships applications for professor approval and makes a massive difference between being accepted or rejected.

Feel free to use our site to view samples of essays, and if you are still in doubt about your writing capabilities, you can check out one of the many online writing services where you can buy a sample at a cheap price, or you could pay for one to be written for you.

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