“In the long run we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility. (Eleanor Roosevelt) Being responsible is a learned behavior. Sometimes we want everything to be easy. I often hear some students say "Bakit may P.E tayo,hindi naman natin magagamit pag nagtrabaho na tayo”.

We have so many complaints in terms our studies. As Mr. Olarte once said “Kapag nag enrolll ka siguraduhin mong papasukan mo yung mga klase mo.

” Most of us take our studies for granted not taking in consideration the effects of these actions to our future. So, why do we need to take responsibility of our studies?

They say that education is not a choice, it is a privilege. We all know that not all students who finished their secondary education can afford to take up college. Fellow classmates we are very lucky to be here in SMU, taking up our own choice of profession.

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So why we not taking advantage of this given opportunity? Many students don’t attend their classes. Some would prioritize playing DOTA, waste their time in drinking and smoking rather than finishing their school requirements. Some practice cheating and academic dishonesty, instead of studying hard for their exams.

These irresponsible students don’t think of the consequences of their actions. And as a result? Failing grades and disappointment of parents. And yes, later, regrets. Tons of them. By being responsible, accountable and dependable.

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I believe that every one of us could achieve whatever goals we have set for our lives. Just always remind yourself that every decision and actions that you will make entails a big responsibility.

And as a student you know what your responsibilities are. We should be actively involved in the learning process and should behave appropriately for a learning environment. Attend all your classes and listen carefully. Put a sufficient time for your studies. And if you think you’re doing your best right now, then, strive harder. With all the temptations, hindrances, and problems towards education we should always bear in our mind that OUR OWN FUTURE LIES IN OUR OWN HANDS. Let us all be responsible and strive harder for our own success.

Example 2. Our Responsibility in Our Life

Since childhood, we have been taught about responsibility. Until there comes a time that we all have responsibilities that we must own up to. But, what we already have a sense of responsibility for all the things we have done? The answer is may be yes or may be no. So, what is the meaning of responsibility? Responsibility is the obligation/consequence to bear and do something that is given/assigned to everyone with awareness from ourselves. As a student, in order to reach my life success I must obtain certain type of responsibilities. These responsibilities consists of responsibility as a servant of God, as a student (ourself), as a child, and as a citizen. The first is responsibility as a servant of God. Have we run our duty as religious people? Many of us who are academically capable, fulfilled in terms of material but our soul is empty because it is not touched by religious values. For you, students, perform the obligation as a people, not to ask or complain but do your duty as a servant. Don’t just closer to Him when we were in pinched life conditions. Do your responsibility such as do His command and leave His prohibiton, praying, and trust Him and keep faith.

The second is responsibility as a child. Many students are unaware or aware but do not want to do self-realization that their parents do not want a lot of things on them. Only one desired by parents that their child could go to school, learn well and later graduated have a better life than their parents. Did not we ever imagined, how the our parents work hard, earn much money to pay us in school. Never occurred in our minds in order to replace what they have given. Therefore, do your responsibility such as obey what they ask, care to them, and giving them your achievement. The third is responsibility as a student. Each student must plant a sense of responsibility on theirselves.

Responsibility of the student as a learner is learning well, do home work that has been given to them, discipline in running the school rules. This means that each student is required to carried out absolutely the responsibilities without exception. But, the fact many students who feel overwhelmed by their obligations as students. Students go to school not for learning purposes, but used as a venue for meeting, gathering with friends, chat and etc. While the true task to learn and gain knowledge. Although this is a reality, we must prevent, change our mindset, and we must be aware that we are a student. The fourth is responsibility as a citizen. We live in the middle of society.

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