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Five, Four, Three, Two, One…beep, beep, beep. And, so it begins at 5 O’clock am. Each day begins and ends with numbers. As the alarm clock whistles, so does our mathematical life. Probably most people will agree our lives are ruled by time and calculations of a productive day.

Are males better than females in mathematics?
Words • 708
Pages • 3
Like other myths that exist about what men and women can excel at or not, the belief that males are better in mathematics than females have been around for years. Studies implemented on this topic found that historically boys did perform better than girls on math exams, but with current research findings, it has become clear that such evidence can be a result of external factors and not from their biological makeup. This belief still stands despite the research done…...
Importance Of MathematicsWrestling
Poor Performance in Mathematics
Words • 1793
Pages • 7
Mathematics has often been termed the “gatekeeper” of success or failure for high school graduation and career success. A lack of sufficient mathematical skills and understanding hinders one’s ability to make critical vital educational life and career decisions. Mathematics is a branch of study which deals with our daily activities. It is one of the most essential subjects in the field of engineering, medicine, science, commerce, psychology, and so on. Poor student performances in the subject area of mathematics are…...
Importance Of MathematicsResearch
The Implementation of JUMP Math and Role in Education Improvement in the Curriculum of Native American Students
Words • 2252
Pages • 9
Native Americans have been undermined in the United States ever since Europeans ventured across the Atlantic Ocean and struck land. They have been constantly mistreated and neglected throughout history. In modern society, there is finally a push to recognize Native Americanstruggles and address them to the best of the government's and the people's ability. This push has been vital to starting a movement to better the lives of all of American Indigenous peoples. The bigger issue has yet to be…...
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An Outline of Teaching Mathematics at the Seventh Grade Level in the United States
Words • 3841
Pages • 14
This essay provides a course outline by answering 11 questions regarding teaching math at the seventh-grade level. Teaching Math Introduction This paper doesn't follow our usual format; instead, it answers specific questions regarding teaching math to seventh-graders. In working on the outline, I've also tried to be aware of the commonalities among math, science and technology, and provide meaningful “real life" responses. As a general observation, it seems that many of the resources I've found tend to tie these three…...
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Case Conceptualization
Words • 2251
Pages • 9
Among today’s most popular and influential family therapies, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a short-term approach, which takes a nonpathological view of clients and strives to help them find solutions to current, specified problems. (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2008). This internationally recognized approach comes from the work of social worker Steve de Shazer and his associates, Insoo Berg, Eve Lipchik, Scott Miller and Michele Weiner-Davis at the Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee. Heavily influenced by his work at the Mental…...
Problem SolvingProblems
The Solution of African Flood
Words • 478
Pages • 2
In just the recent weeks, from March through May, rising waters have impacted vulnerable settlements along riverbanks, with news reports indicating hundreds of people losing lives to overflowing rivers and mudslides and thousands of others displaced (Margaret,2020). Overflow of inland water or abnormal accumulation of water in dams can cause flooding (Denchak;2019). According to Mednick and Odula, floods affect more than 1 million people in East Africa (2019). However, monitoring and detecting flood risks using satellites and remote sensing can…...
Problem SolvingProblems
Euclid’s Geometry
Words • 905
Pages • 4
“The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God.” This is a well known quote said by Euclid, which is famous in the mathematical world. Euclid stated that Geometry wasn’t just about math. He discovered that geo and metric had a different meaning, geo means “world” and metric means “measurement.” After figuring out the real meaning of geometry Euclid has contributed so much to the math field that we use today. The life of Euclid isn’t well known.…...
Geometry and Mathematics in Architectures
Words • 2220
Pages • 9
Abstract Mathematics and architecture are related. In the past, architecture was a part of mathematics and architects who constructed those architectures we still marvel at today were also mathematicians. Furthermore, lots of magnificent buildings in the past contained or was build based on mathematical models. Understanding how mathematical knowledge has helped the construction of buildings in life since many yeas ago can help people be aware of the importance of mathematics and motivate their passion towards mathematics. The approach of…...
ArchitectureGeometryMathMathematics In Science
Derivatives In Economics
Words • 697
Pages • 3
These days, the dynamic in financial matters has gotten increasingly scientific. Measurable and scientific standards are applied in settling on choices with respect to conceivable increase or misfortune in speculation. Faced with huge factual information, subject to loads of factors, there was a need of some device that could help the examiners. Here, math end up being helpful. It actualized the subsidiary ideas to foresee the consequences of various venture prospects. At last, this empowered the experts to choose the…...
EconomicsMathMathematics In Science
Calculus and Economics
Words • 531
Pages • 2
Calculus is a branch of Mathematics and is the study of the rate of changes. It helps us understand changes that happen between values and is used in a lot of different areas of studies such as physics, biology, engineering, economics, computer science, and many more! In this small report, I will be talking about calculus’s importance in economics. Calculus is widely used in economics and it can solve many crucial problems. In economics, calculus is used to record complex…...
My Interest For Science, Mathematics And Computer Science
Words • 776
Pages • 3
My interest in Mathematics and Science goes back to the time I was at school. It was in 10th Grade, I secured 97% and 95% marks in mathematics and science respectively. As I have been inclined towards Science and Mathematics, it eased my selection of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as my main subjects for Higher Secondary Education. During this period, my analytical abilities and quantitative reasoning have been my innate strength benefiting me in understanding the basic concepts and allowing…...
Academic And Career GoalsComputer Science For ProgressMy Interest In Mathematics
How My Interest in Mathematics Led Me to Career in Engineering?
Words • 611
Pages • 3
From a young age, my favorite subjects have always been mathematics and science. I discovered my true passion when I was in elementary school when our science preceptor gave us a project for winter break, to make an electric circuit. I vividly remember I was very excited. When I return home, the first thing that came to my mind is to build something that can fly. So, first, I made a rough sketch of my imaginary model and planned which…...
Career AspirationsMathematics In Real LifeMy Interest In Mathematics
The Perspectives on Discovering in Mathematics
Words • 792
Pages • 3
Mathematics is full of unanswered questions. Arguably the most important and famous question, maybe this one. People continuously argue that mathematics is something that, as a society, we created it, or mathematics has always been there, and we only ever could have discovered it. The creation of math would be that humanity invented mathematics. The discovery of mathematics would be based on the ideology that mathematics occurs naturally. In what follows, I claim that mathematics has always been there and…...
Mathematics In NatureMy Interest In MathMy Interest In Mathematics
Becoming a Math Teacher: How My Specific Interest in Math Helped Me In My Career
Words • 1189
Pages • 5
Growing up I knew that I wanted to do something that involved helping people because I always felt great about myself whenever I helped somebody. I know what you’re thinking right now “there are over hundred that involve helping people other than being a math teacher” and your right. What really pushed me to wanted to become a teacher was my grandma watching her teach English to her third-grade students was moments where I could picture myself teaching a class.…...
Career AspirationsMy Interest In MathMy Interest In Mathematics
What is the Relevance of Molecular Geometry?
Words • 509
Pages • 2
Recently we have been learning and investigating molecular geometry in my chemistry class. My interest has been peaked in this class when my professor mentioned that drug effectiveness can be impacted by the molecular geometry of a particular substance. This concept made me think of you. When a particular drug you are running tests for is ineffective, one cause is the molecular geometry of the substances that compose that drug. Have you ever thought of altering the geometry of the…...
The Importance of Maths in Our Daily Lives
Words • 637
Pages • 3
What does math mean? Mathematics in the dictionary is 'the science of numbers and space' or 'Mathematics is the science of measurement, quantity, and magnitude'. Math helps us solve problems. The reasoning is our ability to think logically about a situation. We use math in many ways for example telling time, with your finances, Building structures. Telling time is one of the most used math in society. Is what everyone in the world uses every second. Knowing math especially knowing…...
Importance Of MathematicsMathMathematics In Real LifeMaths In Our Daily Life
Why Maths is Important in Daily Life?
Words • 1827
Pages • 7
In today’s society, math allows all things to work properly and fluently, from cooking your favorite meal to paying your monthly bills. Math gives society the ability to think critically in their everyday lives. Any and everything that society does on a day to day basis involve or is orientated around math, from balancing our everyday lives, to the jobs we work, and foreseeing analytical research needed to balance the world. In the personal lives of society, math is used…...
MathMathematics In Real LifeMaths In Our Daily Life
Mathematical Techniques in Astronomy
Words • 1881
Pages • 7
The fascinating mystery of the universe has continued to intrigue scientists and the mathematical application to the puzzle is crucial to astronomical knowledge. A series of formulas define concepts of gravity, light, stars, and cosmology, therefore it is crucial for astronomers to understand the complex mathematics of their studies. Astronomy has a long and intricate history that dates back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia when mathematics was first applied to astronomy as lunar calendars were created and an accurate prediction…...
AstronomyMathMathematics In Science
Role of Science and Mathematics
Words • 731
Pages • 3
Science is a deliberate investigation of the structure and conduct of the physical social and the normal world through perception and analyses, meanwhile, mathematics is a gathering of related sciences, including variable based geometry and analytics, studying about the investigations of numbers, amount, shapes and their interrelationships by utilizing a specific notation. The result of creative energy and imagination, especially in a physical frame. An artistic creation, showy execution and a model are each a case of craftsmanship. This essay…...
Importance Of MathematicsMathMathematics In Science
The Nature of Mathematics
Words • 502
Pages • 2
In our contemporary world, the usefulness of mathematics is inevitable. It gives us a way of apprehending patterns, quantifying relationships, and predicting the future. It also helps us understand the world and we use the world to understand math as well. The course is called 'Mathematics in the Modern World' because math provides a tool for understanding and dealing with various aspects of present-day living such as managing personal finances, making social choices, appreciating geometric designs, and dividing limited resources.…...
Importance Of MathematicsMathMathematics In Nature
Mathematics in Nature and Society
Words • 1390
Pages • 6
Introduction People nowadays are very curious about what they see and what they did not know so that others do anything like researches for them to know what is the information that they need about something to fulfill their curiosity. In this world everything has its own purpose and role and in order to find out, many people conduct researches on some cases like how Mathematics related to the world? Can Mathematics helps people in their lives? Or how Mathematics…...
MathMathematics In NatureScience And Society
Mathematics and Science in Preschool
Words • 368
Pages • 2
Integrating math and science into an early childhood classroom it’s important because we allow the children to explore and challenge themselves on creating and learning something new. The article Applying math and science concepts in preschool classrooms mentioned that “In integrating math and science concepts in the classroom, we need to make sure our objectives are measurable and rooted in the skills we want to teach children.” Knowing that children grasp concepts and develop skills at different rates. Math and…...
ClassroomMathMath In Science
Why is Mathematics So Important in Our Everyday Life?
Words • 389
Pages • 2
A lot of people in the world do not know the importance of maths in our life. Math is always being around and helps us understand the world. The fact is that mathematics has a great role in everyday life but is not easy to see. It is present in devices that are widely used but are often obscured by technology. A wide range of smart appliances today incorporate methods of fuzzy logic. Salaried workers still receive money through ATMs…...
MathMath In Real LifeMaths In Our Daily Life
The Use of Mathematics in Everyday Life
Words • 1393
Pages • 6
Math is used in everyday life for scheduling, travel, cooking, shopping, medicine, construction and various other applications. It is also required for computing, meteorology and scientific studies. Math is important for time calculations and scheduling. Knowing how long it takes to complete an activity or travel to a destination helps when planning everyday activities. Recipes for cooking include measurements for ingredients. Math is used for defining the weight or amount of each ingredient. Using math to determine the necessary amount…...
Importance Of MathematicsMathMath In Real Life
The Universe Is Made Of Mathematics
Words • 1001
Pages • 4
It is often heard that mathematics is a very difficult subject for most of the pupils or students for ‘not understanding' a particular lesson discussed by the teacher and making their student's life miserable. This has been going on for several generations and it is not subject to the current generation alone. The struggle between teachers and students is unlikely to end anytime soon. Students are often stereotyped mathematics, who gives already their judgment without putting in an extra effort…...
Importance Of MathematicsMathMathematics In ScienceMaths In Our Daily Life
Understanding the World Through Math
Words • 578
Pages • 3
If you are studying mathematics then you are surely studying the science that that deals with the quantity, logic of shapes, arrangement, space, structure, and change. What we do, mathematics is all around us, in everything. It plays its role in all things including money, architecture, mobile phones, engineering, games, and sports. Basically, the need for mathematics started based on society. If a society is more complex, there is the need for multiples mathematics. The physics of hunting, the ability…...
Importance Of MathematicsMathematicianMaths In Our Daily Life
Ode on a Grecian Urn
Words • 1087
Pages • 4
Ode on a Grecian Urn In the other poem "Ode on a Grecian Urn" Keats writes "beneath the trees, thou canst leave" this shows imagery of forever young, the way in which Keats is trying to become immortal. In "Ode to Autumn" Keats has realised that he no longer needs to imagine being immortal and he has become cognizant of the meanings and reason of life. He has given up the quest to escape the human world. Time passing and transience…...
Mental arithmetic
Words • 631
Pages • 3
The mean time taken to complete the task when dissimilar stimuli are used (condition 1) is shorter than the time taken to complete the task when similar stimuli are used (condition 2).The data was analysed using an independent-samples t-test - this showed that the difference between the mean time taken to complete the task when dissimilar stimuli were used and the mean time taken to complete the task when similar stimuli were used was statistically significant (t = -1.728, df…...
MathPsychologyScienceScientific method
Words • 799
Pages • 3
Mathematics for most people is a system which concerns with numbers and calculation. People find it boring and not worth the effort we invest on it as it just involves the working with numbers and calculators. However, Mathematics is the most beautiful and the most powerful creation of human spirit. People; mostly the kids think that mathematics and no useful purpose then fulfilling the necessities of our daily lives and smooth operations for the financial transaction we engage in our…...
Albert EinsteinIsaac NewtonMathPhysicsScience
Function of dreams
Words • 711
Pages • 3
The theory has been influential in discovering the function of dreams. In addition, Freud argued that dreams can provide us with vital information about unconscious thoughts and about the way the dreamer is feeling. Most later theories have been unwilling to go that far, however they have accepted that dreams can tell us something about the thoughts and feelings of a dreamer. Moreover, the theory explains the fact that dreams often reflect our current concerns. There is little empirical evidence to support…...
DreamPhilosophyProblem SolvingPsychologySigmund Freud
Webster’s poems
Words • 497
Pages • 2
'To Autumn' does hold a distinct difference to Webster's other poems, however similarities can be found. In first instance, all of the poems in question are odes, all of a serious subject. It is also obvious that 'to autumn' is the only title which does not contain 'ode' in its title. Webster appears to be almost in a different state of mind when creating 'To Autumn' however his style of writing and ways in expressing himself stay constant though out.…...
The distance travelled by the margarine tub
Words • 911
Pages • 4
These averages will be used to plot a line on a graph. I am predicting that my line on the graph should look something like this: Detailed method In this investigation, there will be variables that I will have to change and ones that are to be kept the same throughout. There are 6 variables that are likely to effect the investigation, these are; the force applied by the hand on the elastic band, the surface area of the base…...
ExperimentFrictionMathMechanical EngineeringPhysics
Compare two odes by Keats in light of this observation
Words • 647
Pages • 3
This shows the author’s view on beauty. He is ambivalent about the permanence of beauty. Keats believes although there is pleasure in beauty, as he says in Endymion ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’, beauty is not perfect everywhere. As he is dying, he sees that beauty in people is ephemeral, unlike the figures on the Urn whose beauty ‘cannot fade’ and the nightingale’s song which is so old it may have been heard by ‘the sad heart…...
Case study of Airtel and reliance in India
Words • 684
Pages • 3
Game theory is a systematic study of strategic interaction among rational individuals. It can also be said as a Study of ways in which strategic interactions among rational players produce outcomes with respect to the utilities of those players, none of which might have been intended by any of them It is the mathematical analysis of a conflict of interest to find optimal choices that will lead to desired outcome under given conditions. Game theory attempts to study decision-making in…...
Case StudyGame TheoryIndiaScienceScientific method
What Sports Mean to Me?
Words • 153
Pages • 1
A personal view of sports, athletes and stereotypes.What Sports Mean to Me Being a cheerleader in the summer of my sophomore year gave me a new perspective about people and the stereotypes we put on them. Before I started cheering, I always categorized athletes who lived only for sports as being "single- minded" and I valued more highly people with a more diverse of interests. After cheering for two months and discovered that I was not very good at it,…...
The water-jug problem
Words • 758
Pages • 3
Another problem with heuristics is that they become so deeply remembered in our minds after having dealt with a similar problem, that most subjects are not able to ignore the heuristic to solve a different problem quicker. An example of this is the monster-globe problems investigated by Simon& Hayes(1974). This is an isomorphic problem to the Tower of Hanoi problem with the same problem space. Since isomorphism ensured that both the problems had the same problem space features such as…...
MemoryPhilosophyProblem SolvingWater
Tuckman Stages of Group Development
Words • 839
Pages • 4
“Storming” as the term suggests is a period turmoil that begins shortly after groups are formed. According to Tuckman, “it is characterized by competition and conflict in the personal relations dimension and organization in the task functions dimension”. Basically, what Tuckman's theory of communication is stating is that as group members try to organize, conflict for a number of reasons is bound to occur and needs to occur in order for the group to move onto the next stage. He is…...
DevelopmentProblem SolvingPsychology
The Variations of the Classic Project Management Triangle
Words • 777
Pages • 3
The Variations of the Classic Project Management Triangle The Project Management Triangle is a widely used phenomenon throughout the world in the current world, which is continuously evolving as well. The project management triangle basically comprises of Time, Cost and Scope and sometimes Quality is also included. The reason these aspects are highlighted as constraints in Project Management, because every project faces problems in all these areas. The best Project Managers are those who are able to balance out these…...
Project ManagementTriangle
The semiotic triangle in design
Words • 2108
Pages • 8
Explain the semiotic trigon ( p.36 ) and give different illustrations from in writing design.Semiotic trigon besides referred as the “triangle of meaning” is an account of how the words and symbols convey intending to a construct or an object. This trigon helps us to understand the significance of the significance. How the thought are exchanged with the aid of symbols and how we can utilize abstract symbols in order to make significance behind the an abstract mark which can…...
CivilizationDesignInteriorInterior DesignsSemioticsSociety
The Lion King Visual Techniques
Words • 733
Pages • 3
For this essay I chose to go down the path of the Bildungsroman genre of the movie which means ‘coming of age’. This is the genre of the movie which focuses on the psychological, physical and moral growth of the protagonist from youth through to adulthood, both the physical and psychological change of the protagonist is vital within the movie because it shows their personal development. During the opening scene the animals from all over the land are shown to…...
CircleHuman NatureLion
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Using Math Through the Day

As I rise in the morning my initial thoughts are subconscious calculations of how my planned day will proceed. Will I have enough time and energy to propel forward. Immediately I realize I am in a calorie deficit. My body has been obediently subtracting and consuming the calories of the day as I slept; Performing its own variation of algebra to make sure my organs received what they needed. I think silently, I am so glad I don’t have to think about it, it just does it itself. So, I am headed off to the coffee kitchen where I use my estimating skills to drop exactly the correct amount of grounds in the filter for what I hope to be a warm and fuzzy cup of coffee.

Next, I need to measure my portions exact as I am watching my diet very closely and begin with 2 scoops of finely ground protein powder that was formulated by chemists, dieticians and marketing professionals to achieve the proportionately effective combination of progressive ingredients using ratios, algebra, proportional reasoning and calculus. I will literally begin drinking a math problem of sorts whose design is precise and concise to give me clean energy. Now, I am ready for work and I am off on my wheels. However, my minds kicks into a mode of dramatic subconscious mathematical calculations. As one internet blog states…”Yep, driving a car. You use math there too. When driving, math is being utilized both in a general understanding, and in actual use. You use math to make calculations and adjustments as you drive.

You need to understand math skills to know how your vehicle is operating and how the environment is changing around you as you drive.” It’s a miracle how the mind performs detailed calculations of area, distance and speed. We perform these so accurately to allow us to avoid collisions, and minor scrapes and keep us in comfortable safety. It’s so precise that I can narrowly miss by a sliver the rear bumper of someone’s car as I squeeze ever so tightly into the Costco parking space. I have mastered the distance projection of my hood and bumper to perform these driving actions without much effort. Whilst God, our incredible creator is holding life and creation together at all times, I am merely trying to be careful. Which leads me to the concept of faith vs. science. It’s astonishing to me that people rely on their own thinking and reasoning outside of God and believe they are creating and in charge of concepts and order. Whereas we are merely gifted the intelligence we are given to live our lives in a challenging and exciting way.

“God in Mathematics”

Forbes published an article called, “God in Mathematics” which argues beautifully this reality stated as, “The argument is that mathematical laws, in order to be properly relied upon, must have attributes which indicate an origin in God. They are true everywhere (omnipresent), true always (eternal), cannot be defied or defeated (omnipotent), and are rational and have language characteristics (which makes them personal). Omnipresent, omnipotent, eternal, personal… Sounds like God. Math is an expression of the mind of God. Sound strange? It isn’t. Modern natural science was created by people who said that they were trying to ‘think God’s thoughts after Him.’

It occurred to Poythress that this argument applies to the ‘laws’ of mathematics, but what about the mathematics of what is allegedly outside the law, the mathematics of chance? Does chance kill the laws of math and with them, the need for their Lawgiver? For Poythress, chance is not chaos, it is simply missing knowledge. To say that in a fair coin toss there is a 50% chance of heads is to say more about our knowledge (particularly the lack thereof) than it does about whether the laws of math applied. Fifty/fifty simply means that out of the two options we have no knowledge which we can use to favor one outcome or the other. The outcome is not random, not chaotic: it’s just unknown. For Poythress, the Calvinist, the outcome is known by God and even determined by Him. It’s not chance to Him, it’s plan. With our limited knowledge, however, it looks like chance. If we knew enough, we’d know the outcome of the toss and we’d know it with 100% certainty.”

I believe God gives important knowledge to those he knows will listen inquisitively and will do something with this knowledge for a divine purpose for humanity. I love this rhyming couplet, “Nature and Nature’s laws lay hidden in night God said: ‘Let Newton be!” and all was light”Alexander Pope.”

Math in the Universe

Here is something else to ponder and many have thought of before. How do concepts arrive and how is a thought conceived? In a book called, “Weird Math”, David Darling challenges the conceptual thoughts of math. Note he uses the word invent. I prefer born, for unto a thought is born. But whose to say who is right or wrong. “It is possible that the universe isn’t, in reality mathematical? After all, space and the objects it contains don’t directly present anything mathematical to us. We humans realize and make approximations in order to model aspects of the universe. In doing so, we find mathematics extremely useful in in enabling us to understand it. That doesn’t necessarily imply that math is anything other than a convenience of our making. But if mathematics isn’t present in the universe to start with, how is it that we are able to invent it in order to put it to such use.” (Darling, p. 10)

Math in Work and Parenthood

Now back to the day! I am finally at work and accounting and real estate is my trade. I live and die by calculations each day. While I am easily confused by algebra, I am a surprisingly good accountant and furthermore enjoy the math that ensues real estate. I enjoy the challenge and love connecting math to doing an excellent job at work and for my clients. I am also a mother of two beautiful daughters whom I spend a great deal of time with in play and in coordinating. Mothers are seemingly making effortless calculations continually to keep our children safe, prepared and nurtured.

Since I love jokes, I found some tweets on parenting that related to math, because as parents we think deeply into percentages. “Parenting is 10% making sure the kids are wearing pants when we leave the house and 90% making sure cups have the exact same amount of juice”, “Parenting is 99 percent looking for stuff.”; “Parenthood is 50% arranging nice things for your kids to do and 50% threatening to take them away.” and “Parenting is 50% repeating yourself…and 50% repeating yourself. (You see what I did there?)”. (Heugel, 2019)

I haven’t ventured into dinner or bedtime; however, each day begins and ends with math. Now I lay myself down to sleep. I pray to the lord my clock won’t beep in five hours and 55 minutes to be precise. I see and feel math in all parts of my daily life and can visualize all parts are in effect part of an intricate web of mathematical movement called life.


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  3. Darling, D. J., & Banerjee, A. (2018). Weird math: A teenage genius & his teacher reveal the strange connections between math & everyday life. New York, NY: Basic Books, Hachette Book Group.

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What Sports Mean to Me?
...What Sports Mean to Me Being a cheerleader in the summer of my sophomore year gave me a new perspective about people and the stereotypes we put on them. Before I started cheering, I always categorized athletes who lived only for sports as being "sing...

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