The Solution of African Flood

In just the recent weeks, from March through May, rising waters have impacted vulnerable settlements along riverbanks, with news reports indicating hundreds of people losing lives to overflowing rivers and mudslides and thousands of others displaced (Margaret,2020). Overflow of inland water or abnormal accumulation of water in dams can cause flooding (Denchak;2019). According to Mednick and Odula, floods affect more than 1 million people in East Africa (2019). However, monitoring and detecting flood risks using satellites and remote sensing can prevent flooding as Glasscoe puts it, improving access to Global Flood Modeling and Alerting systems (2019).

Another solution is to build hydraulic structures such as dams in potentially affected areas to control flooding. This idea can save people’s lives, preserve the environment, and save water for irrigation.

Solving the flood problem can save people’s lives. The use of satellites and remote sensing detects flood risks (Glasscoe,2019). When the satellites detect the floods, the spatial data is therefore processed and dispersed in a form of news, broken to the public via the media.

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This event can otherwise be a declaration of a State of Emergency, which forces the public to evacuate to a safer area. The unfortunate people with nowhere else to go are then to be placed in safe houses and provided with food parcels, courtesy of the East Africa flood relief, launched by a United States of America aid better known as the helping hand in 2019, the state of the affected city, and other foreign humanitarian acts that always take pride in aiding Africa.

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This plan should always be done with precaution to avoid public panic. In that way, many lives would be saved.

Solving the flood problem can help preserve the environment. Modify the houses to resist flooding. Install water infiltration systems to prevent erosion, thus preserving nutrients in the soil, for agricultural purposes. Though fertilizer companies always boom after the floods, this precaution may cause an upset. This idea may save nature many animals that come with it. Floods are almost always declared national disasters in Africa because of how severe they are.

A solution to the flood problem in Africa would save water for irrigation. Flooding may cause pollution to water sources. Constructing flood control structures and facilities, to control or alleviate flooding and contain the water for recycling and purification. This will save water, for irrigation and clean water for consumption.

The flood problem in Africa can be monitored, controlled, and sometimes prevented. Areas from urban to rural may survive. People in cities and villages may get yet another chance to see the beauty of Mother Africa. Whenever the floods are not controllable or not prevented, the people may live because their houses will be strong enough to withstand the force of the floods. The environment will endure, and the people will have more clean water, to drink and to water their rich lands.

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