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Weather, Rainfall Prediction and Flood

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 7 (1577 words)
Categories: Flood, Natural Disaster, Nature, Weather, Weather And Climate
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Rainfall prediction may be a major drawback for earth science department because it is closely related to the economy and lifetime of human. it’s a cause for natural disasters like flood and drought that are encountered by individuals across the world each year. Accuracy of rain prediction has nice importance for countries like India whose economy is basically addicted to agriculture. Because of dynamic nature of atmosphere, applied math techniques fail to produce smart accuracy for rain prediction. Non dimensionality of downfall information makes Artificial Neural Network a more robust technique.

Statistic information is massive in volume, extremely dimensional and continuous change. Statistic information analysis for prediction is one in all the foremost vital aspects of the sensible usage. Correct rain prediction with the assistance of your time series information analysis can help in evaluating drought and flooding things beforehand. During this paper, Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technique has been accustomed develop prognostication models for rain prediction victimization rainfall information of India.

During this model, Feed Forward Neural Network (FFNN) victimization Back Propagation formula has been used. The performance of the models has been assessed supported multivariate analysis. This project additionally offers some future directions for rain prediction analysis.


Weather forecasting is an application for predict the atmosphere in given time and location. Individuals have tried to predict the weather informally for millennia and formally since the nineteenth century. Weather forecasts are created by collection quantitative knowledge concerning the present state of the atmosphere at a given place exploitation meteorology during this project and conjointly however the atmosphere can modification. In past decades, weather outlook calculated by manually based mostly chiefly upon changes in atmospheric pressure, current climate, and sky condition or bad weather, meteorology currently depends on computer-based models that take several atmospheric factors into consideration. Human input continues to be needed to select the most effective potential forecast model to base the forecast upon, which involves pattern recognition skills, teleconnections, data of model performance, and data of model biases.

The quality of foretelling is thanks to the chaotic nature of the atmosphere, the huge procedure power needed to resolve the equations that describe the atmosphere, the error concerned in activity the initial conditions, Associate in nursing an incomplete understanding of atmospheric processes. Hence, forecasts dwindle correct because the distinction between current time and the time that the forecast is being created (the vary of the forecast) will increase knowledge to predict the weather in the future. Use of ANN can offer results that are additional correct. Here, the error could or might not scale back utterly; however the accuracy can improve as compared to previous forecasts.


Rain will rework a little stream into a raging ocean of water in minutes, resulting in dangerous flash floods. An amount of rainy weather may cause rivers or lakes to overflow their banks, spilling water across the bottom and damaging homes, cars, and businesses. As raindrops splash against the bottom, they loosen the soil. Once the soil will not absorb any longer rain, the rain washes across the bottom, carrying loose soil with it. This kind of runoff carries fertilizers and different sorts of pollution to larger bodies of water, which might damage fish and cut back potable quality. Farmers depend upon rain to nourish crops, however an excessive amount of rain will truly damage crop production. Rain floods fields, laundry away seeds and precious surface soil. Wet weather encourages bacterium and flora growth, which might any harm crops. Uncommon amounts of rain have an effect on the full crop yield also because the style and quality of fruits and vegetables. So, the prediction of rain can facilitate to avoid these issues.




  1. User Registration and Login
  2. Update Weather Report within the location
  3. Read Prediction for the bound period


  1. Admin login
  2. Load History of weather report
  3. Receive Updates from public
  4. Look for Pattern in time-series information
  5. Predict the Rain-fall result
  6. Publish the rain standing to public


User Registration and Login

A registered user could be a user of an internet site, program, or different system World Health Organization has antecedently registered. Registered users unremarkably offer some type of credentials (such as a username or e-mail address, and a password) to the system to prove their identity: this is often called work in. Systems supposed to be used by the final public typically enable any user to register just by choosing a register or sign on operate and providing these credentials for the primary time. Registered users is also granted privileges on the far side those granted to unregistered users.

  • Update Weather Report within the location
  • Update the weather report within the current location to predict the long run rain.
  • View Prediction for the bound period
  • During this module, user read the prediction of rain sure period.

Admin Side

Admin Login

Every Dynamic application has individual Login for User and Admin whereas admin will have management over User’s Action.

Load History of weather report

A data Set Contains all the past weather reports, by Loading History of weather report. The Calculations are going to be created and results will be given to the user.

Receive Updates from public

  • User will send the weather updates to the Admin; here admin can receive the main points from the public.
  • Search for Pattern in time-series information
  • From information set Admin will notice the similar pattern for Current update From the public.

Predict the Rain-fall result

Current weather update and former Weather report is helpful for rain prediction, however during this application Admin predicts the rain victimization algorithms and calculations to urge precise prediction values.

Publish the rain standing to public

After scheming prediction Values admin can publish the rain standing within the application that created user will see the update from admin.



In this existing system, presents a model for rain rate prediction thirty seconds prior time victimization a synthetic neural network. The resultant foreseen rain rate can be employed in determinative associate acceptable fade counter-measure, as an example, digital modulation theme prior time, to stay the bit error rate (BER) on the link inside acceptable levels to permit constant flow of information on the link throughout a rain event. The approach employed in this methodology is pattern recognition technique that considers historical rain rate patterns over urban center (29.8587°S, 31.0218°E). The resultant prediction model is found to predict a right away future rain rate once given 3 adjacent historical rain rates. For our model validation, error analysis via root mean sq. (RMSE) technique on our prediction model results show that resultant errors lie inside acceptable values at totally different rain events within different rain regimes.


Prediction of rain statement with the short time span won’t facilitate in evaluating drought and flooding things beforehand.


During this projected system methodology, involve predict correct rain statement with the assistance of your time series information analysis. During this project Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technique has been wont to develop prognostication models for rain prediction victimisation rainfall information of Republic of India. During this model, Feed Forward Neural Network (FFNN) victimization Back Propagation formula has been used. This application publishes a rain standing to folks.


  • This project can facilitate in evaluating drought and flooding things beforehand.
  • Use of ANN can offer results that are additional correct


The precipitation statement incorporates a massive challenge of predicting the correct results that are utilized in several real time systems like electricity departments, airports, business enterprise centers, etc. the problem of this statement is that the advanced nature of parameters. every parameter incorporates a totally different set of ranges of values. This issue is addressed by ANN. It accepts all advanced parameters as input and generates the intelligent patterns whereas coaching and it uses the identical patterns to come up with the forecasts. the factitious Neural Network model projected during this project indicates all the parameters for input and output, coaching and testing information set, range of hidden layers and neurons in every hidden layer, weight, bias, learning rate and activation operate. The Mean square Error between expected output and also the actual output is employed to test accuracy.


Thus project will be updated with several advanced technologies like flood disaster prediction occur by heavy rain fall. Floods are the natural disasters that cause catastrophic destruction and devastation of natural life, agriculture, property and infrastructure every year. Flooding is influenced by various hydrological & meteorological factors. A number of researches have been done in flood disaster management and food prediction systems. However, it has now become significant to shift from individual monitoring and prediction frameworks to smart flood prediction systems which include stakeholders and the flood affecting people equally with help of recent technological advancements. The advanced model as follows: Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that is a combination of embedded system hardware and wireless communication network which further transfers sensed data to computing device for analysis in real-time. Researches in direction of flood prediction have shifted from mathematical models or hydrological models to algorithmic based approaches. Flood data is dynamic data and non-linear in nature. To predict floods, techniques such as artificial neural networks are used to devise prediction algorithms. Here an IoT based flood monitoring and artificial neural network (ANN) based flood prediction is designed with the aim of enhancing the scalability and reliability of flood management system.

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