Mathematics for most people is a system which concerns with numbers and calculation. People find it boring and not worth the effort we invest on it as it just involves the working with numbers and calculators. However, Mathematics is the most beautiful and the most powerful creation of human spirit.

People; mostly the kids think that mathematics and no useful purpose then fulfilling the necessities of our daily lives and smooth operations for the financial transaction we engage in our day to day life.

The students believe that mathematics is an unrealistic, tedious, and extremely complicated subject.

They just give up and surrender themselves to the fear that they lack the ability to understand maths and move on. Rather than that, people can make mathematics fun, interesting fun and worth the time we spend in the subject. “Mathematics is more than completing sets of exercises or mimicking the process the teacher explains”.

Mathematics starts from basic concepts, which further builds to abstract concepts and equation.

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Likewise, starting mathematics with some kind of activity will make the concept interesting. For instance; in the game of “Ludo” and “snakes and ladders” we can introduce the concept of addition and subtraction.

Similarly, we can introduce shapes to the kids by making origami and arts and craft; which includes the basic mathematics such as making angles and lines. The basics of mathematics are embedded in the physical world and these can be visualised to understand in the form of basic activities and games which will be worthwhile.

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As Albert Einstein once said; “pure mathematics is in its own, the poetry of logical ideas”

Solving mathematical problems is amusing, interesting and worthy especially to the interested individuals. The intellectual people generally love to play with numbers, logic and mathematics. Many great scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein have been great mathematicians of their times and made their discovery with the support of mathematics. Newton invented calculus, mechanics, and so on along with his theory of gravitation.

Einstein’s most famous mathematical formula, E= mc2, which describes the relation of energy and mass, is the central part of his theory of Relativity. Therefore, mathematics is not only fun, but interesting and worthwhile as it has given birth to the greatest scientists of all times. Einstein would not have been known if he didn’t find mathematics would be fun and worthwhile.

Mathematics is related to almost everything in the world. Human activities such as sports, business, and the like are based upon mathematical calculations and predictions. There is huge fun in calculating, betting, predicting, gambling and the like in games or sport event. For instance; cricket.

The true fun in cricket lies in calculating the required number of runs to win a match, required run rate to score that number of runs, the number of centuries a cricketer has scored in his lifetime, and so on. All these numeric calculations keep us overwhelmed and excited during the whole match. Apart from games, there are many different circumstances when we enjoy the calculation part overwhelmingly.

For example, the index of stock market, the calculation of the wealth of the top businessmen and fortune 500 companies, box office collection of movies, and so on. We do enjoy and get interested in mathematical parts of various things. So, mathematics is usually fun and worthwhile.

On the other hand, Even if the mathematics is not attached with sports, economies, and so on, there are many people who find it interesting and amusing on its own. The concepts of pure mathematics like zero, infinity, imaginary numbers, pi, googol, etc are of great interest to many people. For instance, the famous YouTube channel known as Numberphiles uploads videos about mathematical concept and its analysis.

For instance, there is a video “Nepal’s most unique mathematical flag” where the person tells how the flag of Nepal is so complex and mathematical. They try to make the complex and abstract principle of mathematics simple and easy to understand by all. Hadn’t mathematics been so fun and interesting, the audience would not bother to watch them at all and the numberphiles would have dissolved way earlier.

There is a very unique quote that “everything is maths with a twist”. We can say that math does include in art as well. Islamic art decorating the floors, roofs and walls of mosques are beautiful geometrical patterns crafted using simple symmetrical shapes consists of mathematical algorithms.

The pine cones, the sea shells, the tide waves, and the arrangement of seeds in a sunflower are directly related to the logarithmic ratios; such as the golden ratio, etc. In addition; we can see that the bee comb have perfect hexagonal shapes; and irises are nearly a perfect circle. This also proves that mathematics is found in nature.

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