Unlocking Success: The Power of Single-Sex Schools

All girl schools have been gaining popularity in recent years because of the belief that girls learn better when they aren't competing with or intimidated by boys, who statistically get more attention in the classroom. After my recent survey of the class five of the twenty-one students who took the survey said that single sex school could better benefit them in the classroom. Fourteen disagreed and two were unsure. Well today I'm going to give you the background, the research, and the advantages of attending a single sex school.

I. Girls and boys simply learn differently.

A. According to Education.com, girls tend to mature faster both socially and physically. 1. Girls develop language fluency, fine motor skills, and understanding of abstract concepts before boys do. 2. According to Education.com, because of the understanding of abstract concepts, girls take up math, computer science, and physics class; as well as play sports.

B. Boys gain large motor control sooner, tends to be more literal than girls.

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1. Boys excel at spatial relationships. 2. Also stated in Education.com, boys are more likely to study art, music, drama, and foreign languages.

C.A girl’s brain remains more mature than a boy's brain from birth through childhood, through adolescence, and into adulthood. 1. The brain of a six-year-old boy looks like the brain of a four-year-old girl. 2. The brain of a seventeen-year-old boy looks like the brain of n eleven-year-old girl. 3. The men don't catch up the women until their about thirty. (Transition: Now that you're aware of the background information, I'm going to move on to the research.

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II. Among the fourteen people who said no or they weren't sure, rated their ability to learn in a single sex school below a five, and the five people who said yes average at 8.5.

A. John Fairhurst, a principal at Shenfield high school, was discouraged watching his students’ academic performance decline year after year. 1. So reporting to SIRS.com Fairhurst decided to reinvent his school as two single-sex academies under one roof. 2. Students would take the same courses with the same teachers but would attend separate classes. 3. Fairhurst put the change into effect in 1994 and since, the boys performance had risen 26 percent; as for the girls had improved 22 percent and still outperformed the boys.

B. Researchers at Manchester University also tested out the single sex education theory. 1. The result showed 68 percent of boys in a single sex class pasted a standardized test versus the 33 percent in a coed classroom. 2. Also stated on SIRS.com 89 percent of girls pasted that same standardized test in a single sex class versus the 48 percent in coed classroom. (Transition: Now that it’s been proven that single sex education can work I'm going to tell you about the advantages.)

III. When you’re attending a single sex school you're able to be yourself.

A. You’re able to thrive, because the social pressure can be gentler. 1. According to About.com, you grow at your own pace, which is good for boys as they mature later then girls. 2. The faculties at single sex schools understand how their students learn; they adapt their teaching styles to those specific needs.

B. Single sex schools allow girls to succeed more academically. 1. Without boys around it give girls a chance to speak up, because boys are known for stealing the attention of teachers. 2. According to Digitalcommons.com, girls seem to be more confident and motivated bout their academic life.

C. Boys get a more diverse and well-rounded educational experience. 1. According to Singlesexeducation.org, boys who attend single sex schools are interested in their learning environment. 2. They’re less likely to be competitive and fight with each other when girls aren't around, if you teach them like men they will learn to act like men.


To sum everything up my last question stated “Could single sex schools be a good idea'? Many people say no because you have to mingle but single sex schools can be a very good learning experience for both boys and girl. I've told you that boys and girls learn differently. Girls seem to develop lot of skills a little bit faster than boys. Single sex school has been proven to work. And there are a lot of advantages while attending a single sex school. After the research that I've found, I myself would attend a single sex school because of the success rate. With that being said I encourage you to attend single sex schools for the comfort of you being able to stand up speak out and take charge of your education.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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