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Should Girls and Boys Attend Separate Schools Essay

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Single-sex schools are not very common nowadays, but there was a time when it was the general trend in education that boys and girls studied separately. Historic novels are rich in heroines who complete their education in girls’ boarding schools and become real ladies. Going apart to the historical data, in colonial time’s boys and girls were educated separately. But by the mid 19th century financing for education was becoming a public expense and girls and boys began to share classes (Kennedy, 2012).

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Despite this, in Kazakhstan single sex schools like “KTL” still has a great demand. These schools today are much different than they used to be, and poles apart from stereotypical images, such as havens for children of privilege or refuges for troubled teens. New research proves that contemporary boarding schools diverse body of motivated and well-rounded students who study and live supportive, inclusive academic communities where they learn about independence and responsibility, traditional values that help them to achieves success at higher rates than private day and public schools students.

First of all, one of the many reasons given for these schools is that living in a hostel is necessary for discipline, team spirit and academic excellence. The “KTL” has certain rules, which every pupil have to follow. According to their policy, they managed onetime for doing homework. So, child who is studying in “educational” environment acquires team spirit and discipline. Takes an example my cousins finished “KTL”, who at the very beginning were undisciplined and careless about their home works, particularly irresponsible before studying and getting high grades. But, after several times conducted in school, they do their best in studying, only because of such kinds of rules and “educational” environment. In addition, study shows that 90% of separate schools having high-quality teachers, compared to 62% of private and 51% of public school. Moving on physically side of education, boys and girls interpret colors differently, hear differently and therefore learn differently (Readers Digest 2010).

According to the study, teachers who speak loudly and energetically can be interpreted by young girls as yelling, while young boys are more likely to pay attention. In girls, for example, the language areas of the brain develop early, while in boys, the visual-spatial areas of the brain develop first. Similarly, girls’ brains are quicker to process emotion than boys. Researchers have also found that male and female eyes are organized in different ways (males are more attracted to direction and motion while girls are drawn to textures and colors), and that boys and girls hear differently (girls hear higher frequencies than boys and are more sensitive to sounds). In addition, boys tend to be stimulated by stress and confrontation while girls are more likely to focus and take risks in a less stressful environment (Boarding Schools for Girls).

Moreover, study found that boys in single-sex schools tended to be more sensitive and polite, and less likely to develop “macho” attitudes. There was less stereotyping of boys as “geeks” or “jocks” in all-boys settings. Boys feel freer to pursue individual interests such as speech team, drama or music (Australian Study, 2003). In fact, girls in “KTL” schools are more likely to take math, computer science, and physics classes, as well as play sports, than their peers in coed schools; boys are more likely to study art, music, drama, and foreign languages. So, “KTL” is the best place to develop dormant skills and to open new doors for successful career. On the other hand, boarding schools place as much importance on character development and growth as they do on academic success. In a boarding school a child does learn values that he or she might miss at home, such as sharing, better social adjustment, initiative, leadership and the like. Moreover, study indicates that single sex schools play a direct and influential role in shaping personal values and ethics of their students.

Likewise, child has perforce to make his decisions there-choose his companions, study on time, mix with all kinds of students and face day-to-day problems on his own. In fact, about 70 % of boarding school students say that boarding school helped them to develop self-discipline, maturity, independence, and the ability to think critically. In fact, boarding schools have the advantage of building relationships among students and faculty in a way that is unlike any other. Students and faculty literally live with one another, fostering a natural relationship beyond the classroom; they become family to one another. In addition, they know when each is celebrating a success, a birthday or even a new boyfriend or girlfriend. They know when one another is mourning a failing grade, a lost parent or grand-parent, and myriad other adolescent heartbreaks. Moreover, a boarding environment encourages a gradual move toward independence laced with new responsibilities.

A boarding environment teaches young people how to live with others rose in different families with different family values and traditions. Much like home, a boarding environment allows young people to face the world in a safe place, guided by men and women who choose to live their lives breeding young people to adulthood. In spite of these, there are also a numbers of disadvantages for boys and girls to attend separate schools. The bottom line is that in single-sex schools girls can be girls and boys can be boys. Despite this, children from the very beginning should learn how to communicate with each other. In fact, to learn social skills, be supportive and understand opposite sex. Moreover, children who attend separate schools, do not know what a person of an opposite sex likes, how he or she spends her or his leisure time, which it is not good for a long run.

For example, the concept of an all-boys school implies that girls are a distraction. Male students in a single-sex program may grow up to view women in a negative way and have trouble understanding the opposite sex. This failure to relate to women can harm the future relationships for students at all-boys schools. A study found that men who attended a single-sex school had higher rates of divorce, separation and depression by the age of fort. Likewise, they will not have common interests. Besides, they will have different friends and opinions about things. We had such experience a few centuries ago. Women grow up their children and men worked and gathered in the men’ clubs in the evenings.

But modern woman has the same rights as a man. Besides, she wants to make good career and succeed. So, it is essential in the modern world to understand that knowledge has nothing to do with sex. However, everyone has the same access to the knowledge and experience and it is only up to a person how hard he or she wants to work to reach his or her goals. To sum up, whether high school or college, single-gender schools are generally considered the cream of the crop of academicals achievements and self-discipline.

Parents believe that if they take their children to all-boys or all-girls schools they will receive a better education that is more targeted toward their child’s gender, without the distractions of the opposite sex. But, here are still will be others on who believe that students in these types of schools do not necessarily benefit from single-gender education, single-sex education is a significant factor in establishing a school culture that raises educational achievement, but we live in a coed world, and eventually everyone has to learn to work together.

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