Sex Ed Article Critical Review

After reading “Sex Ed,” by Anna Quindlen, the author doesn’t think sexual education is enough to stop young people from engaging in risky sexual practices. Almost any young person can tell you everything about sex and having children, but when it comes to having protected sex or taking the necessary precautions to not impregnate a teenage girl or prevent disease, they just do not know as much or have no clue at all. Oftentimes parents blame their kids for the pregnancy, but never themselves.

The main point the author emphasizes to get across to the audience is that there should be more parental involvement in the lives of their children on the topic of sex and that there needs to be more awareness of sex and the consequences. Schools teach their students about sex and the reproductive system, but the information given is not comparable to the influence one can have when their parents talk to them and are open with them about sex.

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When this topic was discussed in Mr. Bowden’s class, an English professor at Wake Tech Community College, many students stated that not every student in their school took the sex educational class seriously and many others did not take it because it was optional. Anna Quindlen points out that teenage pregnancy is becoming a normal thing in today’s society and that it can be prevented.

Anna Quindlin also points out that in today’s society girls say that it is frowned upon to be virgins, but that back in her teenage years’ girls took pride in being virgins.

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Anna Quindlin use of descriptions of interactions she had with teenagers at the family planning clinic and what she will be doing to teach her children about sex truly improve “Sex Ed.” Anna describes all of the different people she met while being there, and their different situations. She states that one girl said that her boyfriend said they couldn’t use a condom “because it was like taking a shower with a raincoat on.” She also explains that the girls who come from rich families can afford abortions but the girls who come from poor families cannot and have to keep the child. Quindlin tells the audience “I will try to teach my sons about sex after I’ve explained the fertile periods and birth control and all the other mechanics that are important to understand but never really go to the heart of matter.” This example proves to me that the author takes this topic seriously and is willing to do her best effort to not only educate her son but also reach out to other parents to encourage them to do the same to prevent and lower sexual risks in the youth.

I agree with the author and her point of view on sex ed. The education on sex goes beyond the anatomy and breaks it down to morals and ethics, which should be taught by the parents as different opinions vary from family to family. I also agree with the author’s stance on the gender inequality that is presented in the passage. Men are not judged for their sexual activities while women are. This double standard affects the thinking of the youth. Sex comes with a lot more consequences than just pleasure.

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