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Why Girls: The Importance of Girls’ Education?
Words • 409
Pages • 2
Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world. Education refers to mental and moral training. It clears off the darkness of ignorance from our mental horizon and opens wide to our vision. The prosperity of a country mainly depends on the education of her population. Education is a right that both males and females deserve equally. Men and women are created as the two sides of a coin. One is incomplete without the other.…...
Education For GirlsGender Inequality In EducationGirl
Inpiration in The Rose That Grew From Concrete and Girl Boss
Words • 1406
Pages • 6
Follow your dreams or never give up! Are phrases we often hear as young adults who face barriers and are in difficult circumstances which make it hard for us to believe in our dreams and in ourselves. In Tupac Shakur's poem “ The Rose That Grew From Concrete” He sets forth an example in life where despite the hard (concrete) circumstances and conflicts that one can be faced with, they can overcome and rise to their dreams. In Sophia Amoruso's…...
GirlTupac Shakur
Summary-Cinderella Girl
Words • 438
Pages • 2
It's about Edward, a boy who has mixed feelings about a girl named Meg Hunter. Meg Hunter is a jovial lass who is young at heart. She loves nothing more than to play football and climb trees. Edward enjoys Meg's company and finds her personality interesting. Though she could always be seen with a smudge or two on her face and she was rather sloppily dressed. However, Edward would rather date the school beauty queen, Bella Jones because it was…...
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Naturalism in Maggie Girl of the Streets
Words • 543
Pages • 2
The novella Maggie: a Girl of the Streets, is a story the centers on Maggie Johnson, a pretty young woman who struggles to survive the brutal environment of the Bowery, a New York City slum, at the end of the nineteenth century. Maggie lives in a harsh environment and it ends up leading to her downfall and ultimately her death. The novella is a brilliant example of naturalism because Maggie’s destiny is shaped by her family life, poverty, and the…...
Mean Girls Plot Summary
Words • 376
Pages • 2
Mean Girls is a 2004 American teen comedy film, directed by Mark Waters. The screenplay was written by Tina Fey and based in part on the non-fiction book Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman, which describes how female high school social cliques operate, and the effect they can have on girls. The film stars Lindsay Lohan and features a supporting cast of Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, and Lizzy Caplan. The film is produced by Saturday Night Live…...
How important is context to our understanding of Churchill’s Top Girls?
Words • 636
Pages • 3
The fact that Churchill grew up just before the beginning Second World War tells her background to the audience. What she faced and went through, like the lack and struggle for food and shelter. “I was horrified by the lack of equality across class, gender and race”- Caryl Churchill England by that time- the 1980s was completely riven with the political instability, the liberalization of sexuality and the period of economic growth. The context of the play is mainly to…...
FeminismGenderGender EqualityGirlSocial IssuesWinston Churchill
Hey, a Girl Can Dream, Right?
Words • 1136
Pages • 5
Have you ever felt like jumping on your teacher, shake her really, really hard, and ask her what the hell she's on about? , or when she's going to shut the f*** up? Or tell her that you're really not interested how atoms or molecules stick together? Well I have! I just wanted to show you something that happened to me, people tell me it's funny, I really don't see why. Here it is. We were in History class, me…...
Deputy Head Girl Letter
Words • 563
Pages • 3
I am writing to inform you that I am applying for the position of either Head or Deputy Head girl. First and foremost I recognise the significant and demanding nature of this role. Having spoken to the current head girl team, I can honestly say that I can not envisage a more rewarding or worthwhile challenge to conclude my final year at Notting Hill. Undoubtedly, my experiences at Notting Hill have helped shape the person I am today and what…...
GirlHuman NatureLeadership
Comparing Sleeping Eros and a Stele of a Little Girl
Words • 1472
Pages • 6
Joyce Salame Art History Paper Whether in the fifth century B. C. E or the first century C. E, Greek art has maintained continuity among its theories since its inception. Throughout history, the Greeks have been perfecting their human sculptures. The Metropolitan Kouros (600 B. C. E) and the Spear Bearer (450 B. C. E) are made centuries apart but have the same Greek interest of the human anatomy. However, because of the time difference, it is clear that the…...
ChildGirlLoveMetropolitan Museum of ArtSleep
Compare and contrast two poems, In Mrs Tilscher’s Class by Carol Ann Duffy and Lanarkshire Girls by Liz Lochhea
Words • 1532
Pages • 6
Two poems which deal with the theme of childhood are In Mrs Tilscher’s Class by Carol Ann Duffy and Lanarkshire Girls by Liz Lochhead. In Lanarkshire Girls the speaker is a fourteen year old travelling from the countryside into Glasgow, whereas In Mrs Tilscher’s Class focusses on a slightly younger child of primary school age. In examining how these poets write about childhood, a good place to start is the title of each poem. Starting with In Mrs Tilscher’s Class,…...
Compare And ContrastGirlPoemsPoetry
Are Boys Better At Math Than Girls?
Words • 1831
Pages • 7
It seems that for decades there have been an endless debate as to whether or not the male species is superior to the female species. This ongoing debate is better known to the public society as the "battle of the sexes. " Further investigated, this debate can focus on the many differences found amongst men and women. The constant competition between men and women has been continually evolving as society becomes more curious as to the relevant differences amongst men…...
In Act 3, Scene 5, Capulet enters the room and says: “How now, a conduit, girl? What, still in tears?
Words • 2675
Pages • 10
This suggests that he is a caring and protective father to her. We have seen this attitude before in the play, when in Act 1, Scene 2 Paris asks him for Juliet's hand in marriage. He says: "My child is still a stranger in the world, she hath not seen the change of fourteen years." This again shows Capulet's caring and protective attitude towards Juliet. He is keen for his daughter to find a considerate husband, but goes along with…...
GirlRomeo And Juliet
Efforts to Keep Girls in Schools of Malawi
Words • 828
Pages • 4
Formulated in 2006, the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) stipulates that, for substantial sustainable development to take place, gender imbalances should be addressed citing education as one of the key concerns. If this is addressed especially in education, it will enhance participation of women, men, boys and girls for sustainable and equitable development (Ngwira, 2010). Along this vein, Malawi Government (MG) has put some strategies in place to retain girls in schools. Government, the private sector and non-governmental structures…...
EducationGender EqualityGirlMarriageProhibitionSocial Issues
the girl
Words • 879
Pages • 4
GOABAONE KGOPA17001016APPLICATION OF SUPERCRITICAL FLUIDS (WATER,CARBON DIOXIDE)APPLICATION OF SUPERCRITICAL FLUID (CARBON DIOXIDE)DECAFFEINATION OF COFFEEHigh-pressure vessels (operating at roughly 250 to 300 times atmospheric pressure) are employed to spread the carbon dioxide through a bed of premoistened, green coffee beans. At such pressures, carbon dioxide takes on unique, 'supercritical' properties that enhance its usefulness as a solvent. Supercritical carbon dioxide has a density like that of a liquid, but its thickness and diffusivity are comparable to those of a gas. These…...
ChemistryGirlManufacturingMaterialsMechanical EngineeringNature
Lars and the Real Girl Movie Analysis
Words • 1595
Pages • 6
How does the Lars and the real girl demonstrate the challenges with understanding and treating mental illness? Lars and the Real girl created by Craig Gillespie, centres around a young male named Lars, who is withdrawn and awkward, living in the garage of his brother, Gus and his sister-in-law Karin's home. It is a story that touches upon love, loss, acceptance and personal growth, showcasing the importance of community and family integration in regard to recovering from a mental illness.…...
“Girl” by Hanif Kureishi
Words • 523
Pages • 2
'Girl' is a short story, which portrays a complex romantic relationship between a young woman and an older man. 'Girl' was written in 1999 by Hanif Kureishi, an English author. The story revolves around Nicole's relationship with Majid, where there understandably are some problems present, caused by the huge age gap. Nicole, a woman in the mid-twenties, has had a rough time growing up, after her father committed suicide when she was ten. After the suicide her mother switched from…...
The article Feminism has given us successful girls and broken
Words • 778
Pages • 3
The article "Feminism has given us successful girls and broken girls" published by Larry Kummer on July 8, 2019, explains a social phenomenon where girls' personalities have shifted drastically to the worse over the past few decades. The summary of the article (paragraph 1," I have two grown boys...") shows how parents are becoming annoyed by their teenage daughters' behavior and its typicality in American societies. Liberalism and the "need for change" social movements have led to feminism. Feminism is…...
FeminismGirlHealthMental HealthPsychology
What is Holden Caulfield’s attitude towards girls on The Catcher in the Rye?
Words • 606
Pages • 3
I was very interested in the topic, relationships between boys and girls, because, generally, the relationship between boys and girls has been significantly changed through history. Some people expect boys to be a certain way around girls, and girls are expected to be a certain way around boys. Throughout the story the way the boy characters act towards girls reflects the way they were raised. Especially since the movie is based in the 1950's, most of the girl characters were…...
AttitudeCatcher In The RyeGirlHolden Caulfield
Still I Rise, An Unknown Girl, Identity 2
Words • 1952
Pages • 8
Explore how poets use language and structure to present the theme of identity in Still I Rise by Maya Angelou and An Unknown Girl by Moniza Alvi. In the poem "Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou, the poet uses poetic imagery and strong declarations to express to her audience how she will continue to be defiant in the face of oppression. The poet explores the idea of identity through the use of extended metaphors, similes and personifications of her womanhood…...
The first genetically modified humans a set of twin baby girls who
Words • 853
Pages • 4
The first genetically modified humans, a set of twin baby girls, who underwent gene surgery to become HIV resistant. A new breakthrough in scientific advancement brought along a controversial debate to the table. This distinctive accomplishment by He Jiankui, a researcher who proclaims he was the first to successfully modify a human baby.How exactly does it work?In a series of YouTube videos, He Jiankui explained his reasoning and use of technology. He clarified that his intention was not to be…...
BiologyGenetic EngineeringGeneticsGirlHivHuman
Gone Girl
Words • 765
Pages • 3
"Gone Girl" Writing Assignment I agree on this part, when Amy blames the myth of the 'Cool Girl' for her unsuccessful relationship with her husband, Nick. Although, she is always intelligent and successful girl, since her childhood, there is a major problem with Amy and that is also the cause why her married life is not good; she is fake, whatever she does are not real. She tried to portray herself as a Cool Girl, she tried to be a…...
When presenting Paul the author composed the two girls were
Words • 430
Pages • 2
When presenting Paul, the author composed, "...the two girls were playing dolls." Then, the author composed, "...charging madly into space." This shows an interesting contrast for the introduction of Pual's desire for luck and the kindness and naive of the girls. Dramatic irony additionally appears in the story. From the outset, Paul just needed the luck to satisfy his mom, yet his desire for luck end being his misfortune. The author also present symbolism in the story, "There must be…...
In Nigeria one in four girls have experienced sexual violence
Words • 663
Pages • 3
In Nigeria, one in four girls have experienced sexual violence before the age of 18, yet just two in 40 cases are reported. National conviction rates are even worse, with only 18 people having ever been convicted of rape due to inept policing and lack of support from the government, as well as some community attitudes. I grew up deciding our voices must be heard, joining the "We will not be silenced" march in Lagos dedicated to spreading awareness of…...
ExperienceGirlHate CrimeJusticeRape CultureSocial Issues
Tank Girl – Comic Book by Jamie Hewlett
Words • 1423
Pages • 6
Jamie Hewlett was born in 1968 and from an early age he enjoyed and revealed a real talent for drawing. Drawing was a way for Hewlett to relax and avoid the stress and anxiety of social interaction. He said in an interview in 2008 that . These are sentiments to which I readily relate from a personal perspective, having a diagnosed social anxiety disorder, and drawing has a similar therapeutic element for me. Hewlett came up with the idea at…...
Just A Girl From Mango Street
Words • 629
Pages • 3
The 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote was ratified 1920, yet today, almost 100 years later, women still face injustice in America. The House on Mango Street is a year in the life of Esperanza, a 12-year old Chicana (Mexican-American girl) and one of these such young women. It features her journey into adulthood and the discrimination and injustice she faces in order to become an independent woman. Cisneros uses a range of motifs to comment on…...
GirlHuman rightsSocial IssuesThe House On Mango StreetWomen
Susana in “Girl Interrupted” Movie
Words • 1173
Pages • 5
I chose to watch this movie titled Girl Interrupted. This film was about a girl by the name of Susana. She was diagnosed through a Dr called Melvin of personality disorder and recommend that Susanna requirement was to rest for a while because she was caught mixing vodka and Aspirin together and other things Susana find it so stiff to deal with the reality of life and she was 18 years old by then when she was required to be…...
Milly Crock is Abner Shutt’s better half and is the little girl
Words • 495
Pages • 2
Milly Crock is Abner Shutt's better half and is the little girl of average workers individuals who have a place with the Original Believers' Church. She is "fair-haired with lovely bright blue eyes; she was somewhat frail, but Abner didn't know it; to him she seemed the most wonderful of created things, and very much too good for an ugly, graceless fellow like himself" (20). Milly's considerate mindset and magnificence are before long depleted by granulating neediness and the diligent…...
Girl Interrupted Film Analysis
Words • 872
Pages • 4
I chose to watch this movie titled Girl Interrupted. This film was about a girl by the name of Susana. She was diagnosed through a Dr called Melvin of personality disorder and recommend that Susanna requirement was to rest for a while because she was caught mixing vodka and Aspirin together and other things Susana find it so stiff to deal with the reality of life and she was 18 years old by then when she was required to be…...
ConfidenceEmpathyFilm AnalysisGirlPersonalityPsychology
Teenage pregnancy refers to adolescent girls usually within the ages of 1319
Words • 1315
Pages • 5
Teenage pregnancy refers to adolescent girls, usually within the ages of 13-19 who have not yet reached legal adulthood and became pregnant. It is one of the most alarming issues around the world, today. Teenage pregnancy is not a new issue, in fact, it has been a rising concern here in the Philippines for the past few years, because it is one of the major factors that affect population growth here in the Philippines. We all know that here in…...
GirlTeenage Pregnancy
A Teenage Girl
Words • 1410
Pages • 6
I chose the scenario, A teenage girl is "in love" with her 17-year-old boyfriend. He is encouraging her to have sex with him saying that he will make sure they only have "protected" sex. This actually happens often these days with youth; they have the want to experiment a lot. There are five components in which wise judgments could be used. First, there is emotional intelligence which has four components; emotional perception and expression, emotional facilitation of thought, emotional understanding,…...
Child Marraige
Words • 3944
Pages • 15
It blocks them from education and any possibility of independent work. It subjects them to pregnancy and childbirth before they have reached physical maturity, a circumstance that often produces serious physical trauma, psychological disturbance, and sometimes lifelong physical and/or emotional incapacities. Confusion about the legal status of child marriages results from widespread ignorance of the law by the majority of society. Even ministers were in many cases, unaware of the actual minimum ages for marriage. In Afghanistan marriage is regulated…...
AbuseArranged MarriageChildFamilyGirlMarriage
Colour Purple, Porphyrias Lover
Words • 2122
Pages • 8
Alphonso uses many catches, all of which helped convince Mr________ to accept Celie in marriage. Some of these bribes included “You can do everything just like you want to and she aint gonna make you feed it or clothe it” and “She’d come with her own Linen. She can take that cow she raise down there back of the crib. ” These quotes show how her Pa believed he owned her. The possession he held for Celie was so great…...
For Colored Girls: Book Analysis
Words • 865
Pages • 4
In the Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf there are different ladies with different colors. Every lady and every color is very significant to this book. This text by Shange is full of symbols; each lady can be described differently. I believe each lady can be identified with a more specific description or feeling throughout the different poems that can be related to their color for example: passion for red, sadness for…...
Fun Loving Girl
Words • 795
Pages • 3
I have a grown daughter that is on her own with a very special little girl that has stolen my heart. They are most important in my life and always will be. Family is very important to me and I want to be with someone who also values family. This fun loving girl is ready to start taking care of her social life. I keep myself busy as a foster parent and sometimes forget that I need to get out…...
Gender segregated schools
Words • 2399
Pages • 9
The Benefits and Disadvantages of Single-Sex Education Schools in early 17th century America were fist modeled after English learning institutions after Puritans immigrated over to the English colonies. Originally only rich white males were allowed to attend school to learn how to read and write. In many cases, most parents placed their boys into the nine month long curriculum to keep them out of mischief. For the other three months of the year, students would be released from school during…...
Girl Before the Mirror
Words • 1019
Pages • 4
The painting by Pablo Picasso “Girl Before the Mirror” was the painting that caught my attention because at first glance I notice a woman adjusting the mirror as she is looking at her reflection; this is something I do every day. I gazed longer at the painting and the woman’s appearance seems to be younger in the mirror, perhaps she is reflecting on her past (youth). The dialogue taking place in this story is with herself as she is reflecting…...
Girl Postitive
Words • 423
Pages • 2
The movie “Girl Positive” is about, Rachel, a teenage girl Rachel in high school that has come in contact with the disease HIV. The movie shows how people in her high school view the disease. They also stereotype it, saying only gay people can get. They are quickly proven wrong though. A recent report put up on the school website shows that the star athlete that graduated before them was doing heroin. He had just died in a car accident…...
The Little Girl Eater Evaluative Phase
Words • 965
Pages • 4
Paper Type:Evaluation essays
I was most pleased with my own unique style and how it influenced the group to make the drama piece feel as if the audience were more part of it even though my part was not originally a very significant one it became a vital encouraging role but not overpowering contribution to the non-naturalism was probably the most noticeable as I am highly enthusiastic about performing them as it can be ridiculously surreal and still captivate the audience seriously though…...
Textual analysis of Glamour Girls
Words • 660
Pages • 3
One example of a convention used in many documentaries which is seen in Glamour Girls is voyeurism. This is used because the audience are made to look in on something which they wouldn't usually do such as the models being filmed while on their photo shoots. This leads to another example used in Glamour Girls being the location. There are shots of the locations used in the documentary because it shows the reality of what being a glamour girl is…...
Interpreter ?f M?l?dies by Jhump? L?hiri
Words • 3091
Pages • 12
In “Interpreter оf Mаlаdies,” Jhumpа Lаhiri uses Minа Dаs’s red clothing аs а wаy tо represent аn unfаithful wоmаn, whо is disсоnneсted frоm her rооts, аnd hаs fаllen оut оf lоve with life. Her guilt frоm keeping а seсret thаt оne оf her сhildren is nоt frоm her husbаnd, but frоm аn аffаir, hаs саused her tо асt in а very distаnt аnd unсаring wаy. Thrоugh the fаmily’s visit tо the Sun Temple, аnd the hills аt Udаyаgiri аnd Khаndаgiri…...
Book ReviewDoctorGirl
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Why Girls: The Importance of Girls’ Education?
...There are a number of factors in our society that restrict a girl from attending school. .The most important among them is poverty. The poor families cannot meet their basic demands and they don’t want to spend on their girls' education. In our soc...
How important is context to our understanding of Churchill’s Top Girls?
...Churchill, wanting to show the dominancy of women, suddenly then making them seem immature and childish, creates this just to receive a shocking reaction from the audience, in order to wake them up. She is need of a reaction of the audience being str...
What is Holden Caulfield’s attitude towards girls on The Catcher in the Rye?
...In conclusion, Holden treats certain woman with respect, but is always screwing it up with them afterwards. Even though he never did call up one of the girls he had history with, Jane Gallagher he met up with multiple other girls, or women. Holden wa...
The first genetically modified humans a set of twin baby girls who
...Since the technology arose, people worry about what gene therapy and modification can imply to the disparities present in the world. Marcy Darnovsky, an executive director for Center for Genetics and Society, a nonprofit social justice organization, ...
When presenting Paul the author composed the two girls were
...The story is an irony of capitalism, an economic system that maintains avarice and money. As indicated by the story, this covetousness harms everything, distorting every single human relationship. The mother can't love her kid or her husband. This st...

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