Summary-Cinderella Girl

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It's about Edward, a boy who has mixed feelings about a girl named Meg Hunter. Meg Hunter is a jovial lass who is young at heart. She loves nothing more than to play football and climb trees. Edward enjoys Meg's company and finds her personality interesting. Though she could always be seen with a smudge or two on her face and she was rather sloppily dressed. However, Edward would rather date the school beauty queen, Bella Jones because it was what any other normal guy would do .

His prim and proper mother also did not approve of Meg's behavior.

Edward persistently asked Bella out , his main motto was to kiss a girl for the first time , to no avail. Bella always gave him vague answers in return. After awhile Edward got used to being rejected . One day Edward discovers from Meg that Kevin Clarke , the boy that Bella would rather date writes poems for her. He is appaled by this news and thinks that bella must be a really vain person.

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He decides that he should write Meg a poem instead and accidentally slips up and unintentionally confesses his love for her. Both of them laugh it off and Meg promises not to tell Bella.

At the end of the school term there was going to be a school disco. The most natural thing to do was to ask Bella out but Edward does not do it. He does not seem to be fascinated by her anymore. When Bella asks him why didn't he ask her out he is surprised and when he does ask her if she might go with him, she replies with her signature line'i dunno , I might'.

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Edward decides to ask Meg and she agrees. On the day, Edward is plagued with worries. What if Meg didn't turn up? What if she arrives in her normally sloppy attire? But when she does arrive Edward is amazed.

Edward always thought that Meg's sloppiness was due to the fact that she has a stepmother whom may or may not take the time to care for Meg. Instead he realizes that she has a family that loves her so much that they would allow her to be herself and do what she loves. Her mother and sisters had given her a makeover and she looked beautiful. Edward worried that she might have changed due to the recent makeover and reminds her not to change to much. He swoops down to kiss her and he realizes that nobody was going to tell him what to do . He liked Meg and it doesn't matter what others thought of them.

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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