Mathematics in Nature and Society


People nowadays are very curious about what they see and what they did not know so that others do anything like researches for them to know what is the information that they need about something to fulfill their curiosity. In this world everything has its own purpose and role and in order to find out, many people conduct researches on some cases like how Mathematics related to the world? Can Mathematics helps people in their lives? Or how Mathematics can change the life of an individual or society.

Mathematics is a subject in school that use to teach lessons usually about numbers, computation or even problem solving not knowing that they use it in their daily lives. Mathematics is around us, they scattered everywhere according to Paul (2015), Math is a kind of subject that always been used. Even in buying or just simply computing their allowances is considered as math cause math use everywhere in school, house or even in public places and math has a great role in our life and society.

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People see things that are patterned in mathematics shapes, numbers, geometric patterns and so on. Equations, computations and calculations are some simple key points in Mathematics that usually use in the daily lives of people. For some instance, we can see symmetrical things, Fibonacci sequence, Tesselation patterns, Geometrical shapes, and so on and these things is under Mathematics and these are used to enhance, regulate and makes everything in the right order and the right place.

Body and Discussion

Mathematics helps people to know how to organize the patterns and consistencies in the world.

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Before, humans don’t know that there is mathematics everywhere. People see designs like hues, shapes, activities or even arrangement and grouping that always repeat. According to Laverio (2014), people watch design that has shape or arrangement and activities that has tunes, lines and bends on structure, also according to him mathematics can defind as amount, calculation and numbers by which people used in their daily routine.

In this world, we can see lots of patterns that are based in mathematics, noted by Lipid (2013), symmetrical animals (including a human being) are regarded as the most attractive by both sexes. It is like flashing that they may have perfect genes. Fibonacci sequence and numbers are always been spotted in many flowers that has been arrange like in sunflower. This flower it has two seeds, three seeds, six seeds, twelve seeds, twenty-four seeds and so on. These patterns also saw in Columbine, Delphinium, Gilliflower, and many more. This arrangement ensured the maximum sunlight to each seed in a flower as well as the same sequence see it in the number of petals.

Admit it or not, Math always shows in the lives of every individual like in insurance and science and psychology. According to Elsevier (2017), insurance ruled by math and Mathematics, and Economics is an international journal that intends to strengthen communication between individuals. It can predict accidents, breakdown, and health and for some people who are expert in it, they take the advantage to ask for insurance and make everyone’s life be worth it, while they helped people they always gain money for their own interest. Also, he stated that lottery and some psychological aspects, are mostly accompanied by math and for some instance in the lottery, people choose the number and winning the exact number but not knowing how many times they tried and how much money they spent in order to win because for some people they do not count how many times they lost but they always think they were lucky in getting new achievements and new things.

Many things in this world have been patterned in math, the distance of different places, how tall the mountain is or even people use math in order to create an invention or building because people always want and find new knowledge and information and by using calculations or simple mathematical solutions and formulas they can find knowledge and explanation about something and in order to find that findings is good they test it if it will benefit individuals life.

Humans always seek something hence, they do not know that they always have the answers and the solution. For some reasons math makes everything beautiful, because humans have been gradually discovered many shapes and patterns in nature that has a great part in their life and because of that discovery they know now the motions, gravity, electricity, magnetism, light, heat, chemistry, radioactivity and so many more. These patterns and discoveries usually used for different purposes accompanied by the guidance of mathematical solutions and key points.

Some information in different areas like in technology and science are usually patterned in mathematics because in some case it requires mathematical reasoning, modeling, and quantitative experimentation in order to find an answer in a given set of problems because in mathematics it always shows solutions and answers and to explain it math needs other areas like science to discuss what is the findings. Through that cycle every area has a part and role, they need each other in order to explain and help someone in their specific problems and that’s how math affects someone’s life. (Lewis 2008).

For every problem, there is always a way and solution, according to slower (2013), In approaching someone they need to teach them first and give the learnings and knowledge about mathematics for them to enhance their skill and get the answer. People always find ways and in some cases, they need math to be guided. Math can benefit people from their perspective in looking backward or forward in specific problems. In particular, the transition from basic mathematical manipulations to a high order of reasoning is now being a concern by some individuals.


The researcher concludes that mathematics is an essential part of society and for someone’s life. It can provide answers, solutions, or even explanations to a specific problem.

Math always provides an answer because it can use to provide specific choices in order for someone to have a better life, also every people must use the proper way or method for them to better analyze each choice to get the correct one. In mathematics, everyone needs to plan, because planning can predict future events or circumstances in order for someone to avoid or even prepare for it.

Mathematics provides solutions because every object or people can put in a situation as people, struggles, and circumstances and that what makes the measurements. The problem measures the people and how strong they are. The measurements also serve and test how firm the object is. Patterns also provide solutions and help people in making things one of a kind. For instance, it gives the illusion that is created and make things clear in the right pattern and right places. Mathematics will stay in everyone’s life forever because it is now part of our journey. It simply organizes patterns and regulates the world by the means of existing everything that the eyes see. World or even places will not be formed in its own way because it needs mathematics to take care of it, to pattern it, regulates it, and organize the things because math is a source of measuring something that is existing.

Mathematics also helps and teaches people to organize everything well. The things in this world need to discover and there are a lot of ways to that using mathematics, they need to compute, calculate and analyze in order to get the information because if people will know these they will be organized and well presented and responsible enough in doing their own decision and It is just like problem-solving. Also in this modern world were very evident and notable because math is part of day to day basis because in this era where computations, calculations, and analyses are being needed in order to identify such ideas and information that are beneficial to each and every one.

Lastly, mathematics accompanied by physics and chemistry will aim to explain the patterns in nature that regulate the world. Patterns in living things are explained by science and mathematics need to study in order to find the match answers and solutions towards a problem because math is not a platform to be superior, math is the way to learned and shared what people discovered into it.

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Mathematics in Nature and Society

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