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The Perspectives on Discovering in Mathematics
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Mathematics is full of unanswered questions. Arguably the most important and famous question, maybe this one. People continuously argue that mathematics is something that, as a society, we created it, or mathematics has always been there, and we only ever could have discovered it. The creation of math would be that humanity invented mathematics. The discovery of mathematics would be based on the ideology that mathematics occurs naturally. In what follows, I claim that mathematics has always been there and…...
Mathematics In NatureMy Interest In MathMy Interest In Mathematics
The Nature of Mathematics
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In our contemporary world, the usefulness of mathematics is inevitable. It gives us a way of apprehending patterns, quantifying relationships, and predicting the future. It also helps us understand the world and we use the world to understand math as well. The course is called 'Mathematics in the Modern World' because math provides a tool for understanding and dealing with various aspects of present-day living such as managing personal finances, making social choices, appreciating geometric designs, and dividing limited resources.…...
Importance Of MathematicsMathMathematics In Nature
Mathematics in Nature and Society
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Introduction People nowadays are very curious about what they see and what they did not know so that others do anything like researches for them to know what is the information that they need about something to fulfill their curiosity. In this world everything has its own purpose and role and in order to find out, many people conduct researches on some cases like how Mathematics related to the world? Can Mathematics helps people in their lives? Or how Mathematics…...
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Mathematics and nature
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V: So, using mathematics to describe and better understand our perception of beauty in nature is not only an interesting endeavour, but one that can help us create beautiful and sustainable designs based on nature. Imagine a solar panel having the same design as the arrangement of leaves in a Fibonacci sequence. Not only would that be visually awesome, it could provide an answer to using solar panels as a main source of energy. Mathematics and nature is all around…...
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