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The Areas Worst Hit By Desertification Environmental Sciences Essay
Words • 2055
Pages • 9
Desertification is considered one of the most serious environmental and societal economic issues in the universe. Desertification has been disturbing China for Numberss of old ages. `` China 's desertification is turning worse '' .[ 1 ]As a big state with a heavy population and complex environmental conditions, China is cognizant that desertification combating is of importance to its environment and community. Dunhuang a metropolis located at the north-western portion of China faces menaces from the enlargement of the desert…...
Tension Between Proximity And Distance Of Landscapes Geography Essay
Words • 1455
Pages • 6
Generalization has arisen as a consequence. This is the position that the universe that surrounds us can ne'er be studied or modelled, or represented in all of its full item and complexness. Perceptibly, graduated table is of great importance due its effects for the grade to which geographic thoughts are generalized. Generalization is in consequence a procedure of simplification ; it includes facets of aggregation and development of features and grounds that involvement us as geographers. It demonstrates the manner…...
San Marino
Words • 857
Pages • 4
San Marino, officially known as the Republic of San Mario, is a small state located on the Italian Peninsula. In fact, it is the third smallest country in Europe, preceded only by the Vatican and Monaco. Although landlocked by Italy, it is an independent state that takes up a mere 61 square kilometers. Its capital is the City of San Marino. It has a rugged terrain, due to its location near to the Apennine Mountains, There is no natural level…...
CountryEuropean UnionGeographyItaly
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Is porlock bay affected by longshore drift?
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Pages • 10
Aims To investigate coastal processes along Porlock Bay, Exmoor National Park. To make a comparison of coastal management schemes inside & outside Exmoor National Park. Introduction As part of our geography coursework project we had to travel to somerset, Nettlecombe on the 9th July 2009. Our study is on coastal processes and management at Porlock Bay. During our stay in Somerset we visited many places, which include Porlock Bay, Hurlstone point and Porlock Weir where. During the weekend we also…...
North Stradbroke Island Report
Words • 1432
Pages • 6
On the 20th and 21st September 2006, a field trip was undertaken to Queensland's North Stradbroke Island (NSI). Five various sites were visited to help compile a suitable management plan for the protection and conservation of NSI. The five habitats observed were One Mile Beach, Myora Springs, Main Beach, 18 Mile Swamp and Brown Lake. At One Mile Beach, seagrass quadrates were observed and information on the organisms observed were recorded. Myora Springs was visited to investigate mangrove habitat and…...
GeographyNatural resourcesNatureResearchResourcesWater
Monsoon Season Issues
Words • 725
Pages • 3
Onset dates and prevailing wind currents of the southwest summer and northeast winter monsoons. Regional variation in rainfall across India. The monsoon season delivers four-fifths of the country's precipitation. The southwest summer monsoon, a four-month period when massive convective thunderstorms dominate India's weather, is Earth's most productive wet season. [31] A product of southeast trade winds originating from a high-pressure mass centered over the southern Indian Ocean, the monsoonal torrents supply over 80% of India's annual rainfall. 32] Attracted by…...
The Mississippi River, located in North America, begins in Lake Itasca, Minnesota and flows south, ending at the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana
Words • 2145
Pages • 9
The Mississippi River, located in North America, begins in Lake Itasca, Minnesota and flows south, ending at the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana. Its watershed boundary is marked by the Rocky Mountains in the West, Appalachian Mountains in the East, and lakes in the north-east. Length: One of the longest rivers in the world; disputed to be between 2,320 - 2,550 miles long Width: Ranges from 20-30 feet at Lake Itasca to over four miles at Lake Onalaska Depth: Less than…...
AmericaFloodGeographyMexicoNatural resourcesRiver
Japan History and Political Geography
Words • 895
Pages • 4
The country of Japan is in the eastern part of Asia it’s in the northern and eastern hemispheres. The to the west of Japan is North and South Korea, to the east after crossing the Pacific ocean is the country of the United States Of America, on the north you will find the country of the Soviet Union and on the south is the countries of Taiwan and the Philippines. Japan is 145,924 square miles the largest city in japan…...
GeographyHistoryJapan CountryPoliticsWrestling
Vegetation Succession in sand dunes at Murlough Reserve – AS Geography
Words • 548
Pages • 3
My chosen succession is a psammosere (sand dune succession). The sand dune system is located in Murlough Reserve, near Newcastle in County Down. The sand dune system is over 5000 years old, containing part of the remaining 20% of sand dune systems left in Northern Ireland. To begin with, we may start at seral stage one, known more familiarly as the ‘embryo dune’. Here the pioneer species, sea couch grass being a prime example, can withstand harsh environments, although many…...
Trampling Survey
Words • 365
Pages • 2
When we were carrying out the trampling survey, we realised that good parts of the survey were that it did give us a general ides of what the surface consisted off in that area. It also gave us an idea of weather the surface had anything present on it that should not be & weather this was an indication of erosion. It also gave us an idea of how well the site was managed. Overall this was the correct method…...
The nation state
Words • 956
Pages • 4
"Geography matters because it is specific places that provide the settings for people's daily lives. It is in these settings that important events happen; and from them that significant changes spread and diffuse. " (Knox, P. L. and Marston, S. A. (eds) (2001) Places and regions in global context: human geography New Jersey: Prentice Hall Pg. 2) These areas are cities and these cities belong to nations. Within the nation are rules and patterns which can be studied and make…...
The Classic Transportation Problem Computer Science Essay
Words • 7264
Pages • 30
Authoritative Transportation Problem is a important research issue in spacial informations analysis and Network analysis in GIS ; it helps to reply jobs which relate in fiting the supply and demand via set of aims and restraints. The aim is to find a set of beginnings and finishs for the supply so as to minimise the entire cost. Geographic Information System ( GIS ) is an `` intelligent '' tool which combines characteristic informations and spacial characteristics and trade with…...
Computer Science For ProgressGeographyInformationTransportTransportation
Difference in shops in Chamonix
Words • 2550
Pages • 11
In end of the summer holidays I went to the town of Chamonix in the French Alps. I went there in order to conduct a settlement study on the town. Chamonix is situated in the south east of France in the Alpine region near the Swiss border. Chamonix was chosen for a number of reasons, first of all there where other investigations going on in the surrounding area, secondly Chamonix is a good town to study because it has a…...
Software For 3d Gis Mapping Computer Science Essay
Words • 934
Pages • 4
Maping normally refers to map-making where it representation of an country of land or sea demoing physical characteristics and it frequently used alternatively of mapmaking. Maping term is sometimes used for geospatial informations aggregation like distant feeling. There a many type of mapping for illustration topographic, bathymetric, cadastral, photogrammetric function, distant detection, etc. From all type of the function, photogrammetric is the best function because it obtaining dependable information about physical objects and the environment. It can cover from big…...
Computer Science For ProgressComputer SoftwareDataGeographyInformationScience And Technology
New urbanism
Words • 2428
Pages • 10
Figure 1 Eden on the Bay Shopping promenade, Apartments and RestaurantsThe intent of the undermentioned survey is to infer whether or nonNew Urbanismis sustainable and feasible in the South African context. This is done through the analysis of Eden on the Bay and howNew Urbanismrules have been applied to this comparatively new development in Bloubergstrand, Cape Town. Therefore, turn outing that in existent factNew Urbanismdesign rules are sustainable and feasible within this development, a South African Context.New Urbanismis an urban…...
Mecca and Riyadh Municipality
Words • 469
Pages • 2
Riyadh is the capitol city of Saudi Arabia. It is the largest city among the three major cities in Saudi Arabia, Dammam,Jeddah and Riyadh . The city is divided into 15 municipal districts, managed by Riyadh Municipality headed by the mayor of Riyadh; the current mayor of Riyadh is Abdul Aziz ibn Ayyaf Al Migrin, appointed in 1998. History of Riyadh should start from the name 'Riyadh'. The name is originated from the Arabic word 'rawdha' which is a plural…...
GeographySaudi Arabia
Impact Of Floods In Low Lying Areas Environmental Sciences Essay
Words • 5860
Pages • 24
Vijayawada metropolis is situated on the Bankss of river Krishna. Floods affect the metropolis many times, which creates harm to the people and belongingss. The metropolis has faced many inundations since long back. The purpose of the survey is to happen out the factors which are responsible for the inundations in the metropolis and the impact of the inundations in the low lying countries ( which are largely affected ) of Vijayawada. This survey will be utile to work out…...
EnvironmentFloodGeographyNatural resourcesRiverScience
Igneous Rock Checkpoint
Words • 405
Pages • 2
Igneous rock is a Latin word meaning fire; these rocks are formed from volcanic activity. This rock is one of three types of rock including sedimentary and metamorphic rock. Igneous rock is formed from the cooling and solidification of lava or magma. Igneous rock can be formed with our without crystallization, below the surface as intrusive rocks or on the surface as extrusive rocks. Volcanic rocks also known as extrusive igneous rocks include all the products resulting from volcanic eruptions…...
GeographyGeologyMaterialsNatural resourcesNatureVolcanoes
Geography and history of Haiti
Words • 2627
Pages • 11
A study of the island nation Haiti, including it's geography and history. "Haiti Geographical Information: The independent republic of Haiti consists of the western third of the island of Hispaniola, the second largest island in the Caribbean. Haiti shares the island with the Dominican Republic. Covering a total area of 10,714 square miles, Haiti has a northern and southern peninsula separated by the Gulf of Gonave. The shape of Haiti has been compared to a lobster's claw, with the upper…...
Dominican RepublicGeographyGovernmentHistory
The Geography of Travel and Tourism – Summative Assignment
Words • 1598
Pages • 7
Djibouti is a late 19th century city with a distinctly Arabic feel. It boarders the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea between Eritrea and Somalia with a total area coverage of 23,000 sq km. Attractions include the lively central market (Le Marche Central) which is located near the Mosque, and many local bars and restaurants, also worth seeing is the tropical aquarium which has exhibits from the red sea and is open daily. Djibouti lies within a geological feature…...
GeographyImportance Of Travel And TourismTourism
Geography River Coursework
Words • 1358
Pages • 6
My aim in this coursework is to investigate the following hypothesis, number 1- the characteristics of the River Pang change with distance from the source, and number 2- the characteristics of the river will be negatively affected by the planned housing development. To investigate hypothesis 1 we visited 2 sites along the river Pang: Bucklebury Ford and Moor Copse. These sites can be seen in my field sketches, the first being Bucklebury Ford and the second being Moore Copse. I…...
Geography Field Study River Investigation Coursework
Words • 1022
Pages • 5
ims * To investigate what patterns the river Allt Doire Nan Eun shows for wet water depth, water velocity and pH in its three courses. * To investigate whether the river shows textbook characteristics for erosion and deposition in a river channel. * To investigate how rock roundness and moss coverage changes downstream and at different points across a channel. Location During the course of this geography field trip my group set out to investigate the aims stated above. To…...
Geography Coursework: The river Cray
Words • 3698
Pages • 15
As part of my GCSE coursework I aim to study the river Cray and see whether the river actually follows a natural path of a conventional river which is in a text book. The river Cray is situated in the south east of London, the source of the river is at a place called St. Mary's Cray. The mid-section is found near a small town called Chislehurst; the river then passes through Sidcup and Dartford. After this it then reaches…...
GeographyGeologyLakeNatural resourcesRiverWater
Geography And Culture Of Panama Cultural Studies Essay
Words • 2697
Pages • 11
Full state name: Republic of PanamaArea: 78,000 sq kilometer ( 30,420 sq myocardial infarction )Population: 2,611,000 ( growing rate 2 % )Capital metropolis: Panama City ( pop 610,000 )Peoples: 62 % ladino, 14 % African descent, 10 % Spanish descent, 5 % mulatto, 5 % IndianLanguage: Spanish, English and Indian linguistic communicationsReligion: 84 % Roman Catholic, 5 % Protestant, 5 % IslamicGovernment: DemocracyPresident: Mireya Moscoso ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )Location and Geography. The state is a natural land span…...
CultureDivorceGeographyJamaicaMarriagePanama Canal
Flood Management In Ganga Brahmaputra Meghna Basin Environmental Sciences Essay
Words • 3759
Pages • 16
The Ganges, the Brahmaputra and the Meghna are the three major river systems which flow through both India and Bangladesh and make inundation jobs in the several basin countries during monsoon months in both the states about every twelvemonth. The basin scenario and besides the inundation scenario of the three rivers have been described in brief in the paper. It has been stated by the writer that the steps taken by the two states, both structural and non-structural, have shown…...
EnvironmentFloodGeographyManagementNatural resourcesRiver
To what extent have the constraints of physical geography on agriculture been overcome in the developed world?
Words • 512
Pages • 3
To what extent have the constraints of physical geography on agriculture been overcome in the developed world. There are many constraints of physical geography which influence agriculture in the developed world. Farmers wish to overcome these constraints the best they can so that they are able to achieve the best possible result in their agricultural year. The main constraints which farmers have to deal with are the Climate, Soil, Relief and Altitude. The Climate is a major constraint for farmers…...
AgricultureGeographyNatural resourcesWater
Evaluation On Capabilities Of Photogrammetric Software Computer Science Essay
Words • 1583
Pages • 7
Paper Type:Evaluation essays
Recently, the utilizations of digital photogrammetry became more popular and now it had made photogrammetric technique became easier, quicker and cheaper. This survey discuss about the capablenesss of different photogrammetric package to construct 3D function. The surveies country will transport out on Shah Alam metropolis and possible to cover around UiTM. Next information will be utilizing Ground Control Point ( GCP ) utilizing GPS. Since utilizing two different of photogrammetric package, it involves treating the image such as aerial triangulation…...
Computer Science For ProgressComputer SoftwareDataGeographyInformationTechnology
Discuss the flood issues in Bangladesh
Words • 819
Pages • 4
The river Ganges was swollen by monsoon rains from June to October and from tropical cyclones, which drove onshore into Bangladesh after crossing the Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh suffer from flooding almost every year. The floodwaters bring with them fertile sediment, which makes the delta and flood plains ideal for farming. But when the flooding is severe as in 1998-it causes loss of life and brings great suffering to the population. For much of the year the climate is very…...
BangladeshFloodGeographyNatural resourcesRiverWater
Urban Flood: Routing/Mapping and Mitigation
Words • 1526
Pages • 7
Aditya Hriday Upadhyay (17113005) Floods are one of the most common, frequent and serious natural disasters throughout the entire world. Flood is a sudden excess level in a river normally at which river overflows both its banks and causes inundation of the nearby area. Urban flood is a flood that is mainly caused due to: 19050790870 Heavy Rainfall accompanied by poor drainage. The land converted from agricultural fields or woodlands to roads and parking etc loses its ability to absorb…...
FloodGeographyNatural resourcesWater
Liberia’s Economics, Geography, and Location
Words • 1127
Pages • 5
Introduction Liberia became the first independent nation in Africa after its formation in 1822 by the American Colonization Society (ACS), a group that sought to resettle former slaves. A strip of land along the coastline called Cape Mesurado was purchased from the local African Chiefs and there Monrovia, Liberia's capital was formed. The Republic of Liberia formally claimed its independence in 1847 after it became a financial burden for the ACS (Roucek, 2008). Location and Geography Liberia is situated along…...
An approach to mitigating flash flood
Words • 2543
Pages • 11
Introduction Nowadays, flash flood have become major thread towards the environment and development, same goes with Bercham, a sub -urban area located at Hulu Kinta district, Ipoh, Perak. Bercham is the lowest point in Ipoh Perak. In this context, this chapter briefly explain the inter connection of flash flood mitigation approach, the used of river as centre of community area and the used of river as point of connectivity. This chapter also attends other's site that facing almost the same…...
FloodGeographyNatural resourcesRiverWater
Geological Field Report Of Mazabeko Area
Words • 675
Pages • 3
Abstract In the location of Mazabeko south of KwaZulu-Natal, preserves one the geological stratigraphic units in the world dating 2.5 billion years ago. The type of work carried out at this place was field mapping, aiming to collect and process geological data from a specified area. The goal at the end of field mapping was to establish stratigraphic sequence, recognizing geological structure and also interpret the geology of Mazabeko. Throughout the mapping exercise, many results were obtained, including completion of…...
GeographyGeologyMaterialsNatural resourcesNatureScience
Recurring Activities Of Continuous Monitoring And Reviewing Of Flood Management Plans
Words • 1426
Pages • 6
Case Studies Despite their annual nature, floods in India continue to main states, claim hundreds of lives, and ravage valuable resources worth thousands of crore year after year. This section, analyses few major floods that have taken place in India, and if the government succeeded in implementing different policy measures. Kerala Floods, 2018 One of the most recent cases of disastrous floods is the 2018 Kerala Floods. More than 36,000 people were displaced across the state and 445 people died.…...
Study Area
Words • 1006
Pages • 5
This region supports a large number of biodiversity elements including edibles, fodder, fuel, medicinal, religious and threatened plants. Rocks: The various rock types found in theregion could be classifiedin the following three types: Sedimentary rocks: These rocks derived from the consolidation of sediments. These sediments are the resultants of mechanical and chemical erosion from some pre-existing rock masses. Metasedimentary rocks: These rocks are shaped when sedimentary rocks get metamorphosed. Igneous rocks: These rocks are formed from the solidification of very…...
GeographyGeologyMaterialsNatural resourcesNaturePlants
Hydrological Model
Words • 1794
Pages • 8
Introduction In This Chapter The Procedure Of Creating Hydrological Model Are Shown And Elaborated With Full Details. It Explains Procedures And Data Required To Conduct A Successful Hydrological Model. Methodology Flow Chart Study Data Collection Data Collection ArcGIS-ArcMap HEC-Geo-HMS HEC-HMS EXPECTED OUTCOME FIGURE 3.0 Procedure of conducting the project. Data Collection In this project enormous amount of data collection is needed to execute a perfect hydrological model. First data required in hydrological modelling is Digital Elevation Model (DEM) also known…...
GeographyScienceScientific methodTechnology
Geographic Information
Words • 2330
Pages • 10
Introduction General Geographic information (i.e.., land information, spatial information) is information that can be associated with a place name, a street address, section/township, a zip code, or coordinates of latitude and longitude. A multitude of government functions require geographic information; at least 70 percent of all information used by local governments is geographically referenced. For example, property records and assessment, planning and zoning, permit tracking, natural resource management, infrastructure and transportation management, economic development planning, and health safety. All of…...
Steven ShifflettGEOG 109MarcusJune 30 2019Human Geography is the study of all human
Words • 855
Pages • 4
Steven ShifflettGEOG 109MarcusJune 30, 2019Human Geography is the study of all human based phenomena and activities guided through observation. More than ever, integrative scientists are essential components for understanding the world and everything that is in it. Human geography is an important topic that many people should be informed about, because if you are not then you would be very unaware of the things that are going on in this world. Another reason it is good to learn about human…...
Building a Networked Organization
Words • 1405
Pages • 6
MWH is a global engineering services firm considered to be a leader in water, hydropower and environmental remediation. It was trying to turn the geographically organized department into one organized by function and the reorganization will depend on effective collaboration. The existing relationships are providing through ONA analysis, a method for mapping relationships among people in a group. This case looks into the old structure under which departments are fragmented by geography and constrained by hierarchy and other gaps in…...
Four Traditions of Geography
Words • 840
Pages • 4
Four Tradition of Geography The Four Traditions of Geography has many different assumptions and aspects of geography; aspects ranging from basic mapping and geometry, to the impact on nature of humans and the processes of the earth itself. Geographers can study and explain their research by selecting a certain tradition that leads to many different fields of geography. “There are four traditions whose identification provides an alternative to the competing monistic definitions that have been a geographer’s lot” (Pattison 1964).…...
Earth ScienceGeographyTradition
Geographic coordinate system,
Words • 47
Pages • 1
Sextant- allowed users to determine their latitude to within a sea mile or two The gnomon or sun-shadow disk- operated like a sundial, enabling the user to determine his latitude by the length of the sun's shadow cast on a disk floating level in water. (more…)...
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To what extent have the constraints of physical geography on agriculture been overcome in the developed world?
...The soil in which the crops are grown is a very important part of everyday farming, therefore is a constraint which needs to be overcome as best as possible by the farmer. Most soils contain minerals and trace elements such as Boron and Iodine. In or...

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