Modern Greece 5 Themes of Geography Essay

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Modern Greece 5 Themes of Geography

Absolute Location of Greece:
The absolute location of Greece is located at 39oN, 22oE because that’s where its capital, Athens, is located. Relative Location of Greece:
South of Macedonia, West of Turkey
This is a picture of Modern Greece that shows the coordinates of Greece. This picture relates to the theme location because it shows the absolute location of Greece which is the coordinates of Athens which is the capital of Greece and absolute location always shows the coordinates of the capital of a country. This is important because it shows where the capital of Greece. Place

Physical Characteristics:
Greece is 80% made of mountains.

This is a picture of Greece with a mountain in the background. This relates to the theme because mountains are a physical characteristic because an example of a physical characteristic is a landform and mountains are a type of landform. This is important because mountains provide us with lots of resources. Human Characteristics:

The Greeks built the Parthenon in honor of the goddess Athena.

This is a picture of the Parthenon, the monument to Athena. This relates to the theme of place because the Parthenon is a building which is a human characteristic because a human characteristic is something that was manufactured or created by a human. This is important because a lot of things humans build are buildings. Human/Environment Interaction

How Humans in Greece Adapt:

People adapt in Greece by wearing different clothes for different seasons. For example, in the summer people wear short sleeves to keep themselves cooled off in the hot part of the year and in the winter wear long sleeves to keep themselves warm in the cold part of the year.

How Humans in Greece Modify:

People in Greece modify by using materials for buildings because they’re modifying the environment by destroying the environment in order to make buildings like houses and factories.

How the Environment Influences Life/How Humans depend on the environment in Greece:

People in Greece depend on the environment for food like fish and livestock. This is a picture of livestock in Greece. This relates to the theme because people in Greece depend on these animals for food. This is important because without food people would starve. Movement

How Goods Move in Greece:

Goods move in and out of Greece by airplanes, trains, boats, and helicopters. This is a picture of an airplane carrying goods out of Greece. This relates to the theme because the plane is carrying goods. This is important because without this there wouldn’t be any way to get goods out of other countries to the U.S. or other countries.

How People Move in Greece:

People in Greece move using cars, planes, trains, and boats.

How Ideas Move in Greece:

Ideas in Greece move using the internet, and by talking on telephones.


What Characteristics Unite Greece?
Some characteristics that unite Greece are their religion (Hellenism), language (Greek), its mountains, and its attractions (e.g. The Parthenon)

This is a map showing the mountains of Modern Greece because a characteristic of Greece are its mountains. This relates to theme because a mountain is a characteristic that is part of region. This is important because uniting characteristics bring countries together.

Other names for Greece:
Even though most countries call it the country Greece the actual Greeks call their country Hellas and Greek’s official name is Hellenic Republic.



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