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Ethics in Research
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While conducting research or writing professional articles or papers, it is expected that one meets certain laid-down ethical guidelines. Ethics in research has become one of the most essential topics in academia, and areas of scientific dishonesty have been identified. In my opinion, the areas of scientific dishonesty should be ranked as follows, starting with the most serious to the least serious violation: 1. Fabrication and falsification 2. Plagiarism 3. Faulty data gathering procedures 4. Non-publication of data 5. Sneaky…...
DataEthicsResearchScientific Attitude
Scientific Notation
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I. Topic: Scientific Notation II. Objectives: To be able to fully understand the lesson, the student must learn: a. the definition of scientific notation b. the purpose of scientific notation c. how to make a number in scientific notation and vice versa III. Motivation: Recalling the names of numbers by its number of zeroes IV. Lesson Proper: * A number is in scientific notation when it is written as N x 10n, where 1<N<10 and n is an integer. *…...
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Scientific Method Matching Exercise Resource
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Pages • 3
1) a) A scientist, based on his observation of the pond, believes that if a pond is exposed to the waste of an industrial plant, then the growth of algae will be accelerated. 2) b) In her laboratory, a scientist pours a vial of waste water, collected from the industrial plant, and adds it to a dish containing pond water. A second dish (the control dish), containing the same pond water, does not receive the waste water sample. 3) c)…...
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Hawthorne Scientific Method
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A trainee of science conducts a research study in order to check a hypothesis or a theory. He/she is guided by an issue and or questions that he/she wish to respond to in order to refute or verify existing theoretical constructs. A research study is an application of the scientific method and a scientist looks into that with a set of established hypotheses. There are numerous methods of conducting researches but experiments are the most appropriate if the research study…...
HypothesisResearchScienceScience And TechnologyScientific AttitudeScientific method
The advantages and disadvantages of a scientific approach
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Scientific approach can be defined as the involvement of standards and procedures for demonstrating the empirical warrant of its findings, showing the match or fit between its statements and what is happening or has happened in the world. Scientific approaches to understanding the world can be distinguished from other approaches in two fundamental and irrelevant ways, firstly, an approach that claim to be scientific irrespective of whether or not it originates in the field of natural or human science must…...
HypothesisScientific AttitudeScientific methodSocietySociologyTheory
Scientific Investigation
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Pages • 6
Part I: Evaluate one experimental design. (10 points) Part II: Design your own experiment using the scientific method. (40 points) Review each scenario below, and choose one to complete for your assignment. Each scenario contains specific questions that will ask you to provide examples, explain your suggestions for improvement, and refer to the lesson. Be sure to respond to each question in complete sentences. Part I: Scenarios (select only one) Scenario 1 Christopher and Kate noticed that after a rainstorm…...
ScienceScientific AttitudeScientific method
Science Exhibition
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The two days Regional Level CBSE Science Exhibition with the theme "Science & Technology for Challenges in Life" was hosted by Essar International School on 16-17th August. The event saw young enthusiastic participants from different parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan putting up 72 participatory exhibits comprising of innovative working models and investigation based projects. The programme was inaugurated by Col. Kannan, a dignitory of Essar Management. He was very impressed by the presentations and congratulated the participants. The exhibits by…...
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Social Philosophical Thoughts and Contributions of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
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Pages • 7
INTRODUCTION Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s philosophical contribution has in the areas of Humanism, realism and rationalism. He propounded a philosophy of humanism taking in account both theory and practice. For him philosophy is not purely theoretic matter but has practical potentialities. It has its roots in the problems of life and the theories that are propounded return back as a contribution for the reconstruction of the society. (Jatava, 1997) The Indian population is generally classified on two bases: linguistic and…...
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