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What You Need to Write a University of Maryland Application Essay

Founded in 1856, the University of Maryland-College Park, also known as Maryland or UMD, is the flagship institution of the public university system and is also a public land-grant research university in Maryland. Through the years, the institution has multiplied across the states and is one of the most revered higher learning institutions in America. The university has a graduation rate of 85% and a 51% acceptance rate.

Admission Requirements for Bachelor and for Graduate School

Admission requirements for bachelor and for graduate school include:

  1. Graduate school application form; this can be in the generic form either in paper format or submitted digitally. The application form should reflect a resume with personal details, academic record, and the chosen program.
  2. Academic transcripts include the results of any tests taken and the names of the referees.
  3. University of Maryland admissions essay or statement of purpose
  4. Reference letters for support purposes
  5. Grad school test scores; in this case, standardized and internationally recognized tests such as PTE, GMAT, GRE, or TOEFL are most preferred.
  6. Grad school application fees will cover the application process costs. For scholarship, students are to contact the admissions office directly to avoid being locked out.
  7. Applicants must have a score at least 50% for four other modules excluding life orientation.
  8. Applicants must also acquire a 30% score in LOLT (Language of Learning and Teaching) for college.
  9. Applicants must also pass at least 6 out of the 7 subjects.

University of Maryland is a competitive institution, which explains the strict admission requirements. A bachelor’s degree is the surest way to proceed for master’s degree at the University of Maryland, thus the institution sets rigorous processes that must be followed to the satisfaction of the university. If you are looking for essay inspiration, our site has several samples that you can access online for guidance. You can also get a professional writer to offer the service at a cheap price if you would like to pay for a great application letter.

Why Write an Essay for University of Maryland

University of Maryland College Park supplement essay is a requirement for admission. The institution is a competitive ground and therefore applicants for bachelor degree courses are required to be equally competitive. Writing an essay can determine the selection process of an applicant seeing that the admission is most selective going by its 49% acceptance rate, and a 59.3% early acceptance rate. Half the successful applicants at the university have a 1270 and 1480 SAT Score range or an ACT score between 29 and 34. Given this level of competitiveness, a college park essay is meant to give an edge to the most ideal students who can combine academia and personability to make a sum of their personality.

For professor essays submitted by students are better placed to provide a conviction why a particular student is best suited for the course for university of Maryland. Thus, an essay, also known as a personal statement briefly sells the applicant as the ideal fit for the particular institution. These essays are evaluated together with high school transcripts to provide the complete competitiveness of an individual.

University of Maryland admissions essay follows specific prompts that are crafted to provide an engaging platform with the applicants. The idea is to ensure that a candidate provides a compelling personality through multiple related points. You may want to check the samples on our site written by expert essay writers.

Types of Essays for Students

While does not adhere to the traditional rules, it has certain categories that must be adhered to. For instance, the students are required to write essays that are persuasive, unique, descriptive, narrative, and expository. For graduate school students, the essays must have a capturing story that shows lessons learned from life’s challenges and obstacles. Furthermore, applicants must challenge a belief by countering and aligning their arguments. More so, the essays must indicate the applicant’s problem-solving skills and personal growth after overcoming challenges.

University of Maryland essay examples include prompts that question what captivates candidates, the topic of choice, and an applicant’s role model. The types of essays for students wishing to join the institution therefore include;

Personal Essays

These essays are used to determine the personality of an applicant and if they are a fit for the institution. These essays are used to bring out the focus on something that has impacted the applicant in the past, or the present and provide a broader outlook on how these experiences have shaped the applicant today.

Political Essays

These essays are used to determine the applicant’s feelings of present circumstances while proposing solutions to these circumstances. Often, political essays are used to gauge a candidate’s expository or persuasive skills.

Analytical Essays

University of Maryland application essays often apply this method when gauging applicants. Through analytical thinking, the admission board is in a better position to gauge an applicant’s ability to narrow down to the core components of an argument and provide thorough conclusions. Analytical essays are used to showcase expository writing and thinking.

Compare-and-contrast Essays

These are common essays that are used to weigh a student’s ability to provide similarities and differences between two subjects by comparing and contrasting them against each other. In such instances, an applicant may be asked to compare and contrast two historical figures.

Argumentative Essays

College Park essays may include argumentative topics for or against a particular conviction. In this case, these types of essays are used to defend or argue about raging policies. In some instances, these essays are used to point out the correlation between two contrasting policies.

Humorous Essays

For college students, humorous essays are used to showcase their sense of humor and overall their personality. In this case, applicants may be asked to write essays meant to elicit laughs and entertainment for professor, through a recount of a funny event in an applicant’s life. Satire and sarcasm can be applied in this case to provide humor.

Regardless of the type of essay, applicants need to proofread and get rid of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and use the correct tone throughout the essay. University of Maryland admissions essay must be persuasive and apply writing techniques that will vividly express the point of view. Tonal variation, words used and presentation can make the ideal difference of an essay structure.

Pointers when Writing an Essay for College

University of Maryland application essay requires candidates to use the right words to provide a concise presentation. In this case, applicants are required to answer some rapid-fire questions that can put them at an advantage to join the university. Some of these questions include;

  1. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go to?
  2. What is the most interesting fact that you have learned from research?
  3. Aside from your major, what are your other academic interests?
  4. Your favorite thing about last week was?
  5. Something interesting about you is?

These rapid questions are meant to help applicants budget their words and energy. With a word limit of 160 characters, the University of Maryland essay encourages applicants to make every word count and to shed off unnecessary details and information for students.

University of Maryland essays that worked required applicants to brainstorm and have a clear mind when applying. These rapid questions are not looking for a specific answer. Rather, they challenge the applicants to be creative and authentically showcase their personalities. For college students, it is important to have a free and imaginative mind to write down as many things as possible. It is also important to set a timer and write as many words as the character limit allows within a specific time.

Often, students limit themselves thinking that their ideas are too silly and senseless. However, there is no such thing and it is advisable for students to just trust their gut and go with the flow when writing University of Maryland essays. Writing these essays with a clear mind can help applicants come up with unique and authentic answers, which are a key advantage to getting admission for university.

University of Maryland College Park supplement essay seeks to test an applicant’s authenticity, creativity, ingenuity, and sense of humor. All these summed up can paint a clear picture of an applicant’s personality. As such, applicants must aim for breadth and top-notch creativity when applying for college.

University of Maryland admissions essay encourages applicants to stretch their imagination and creativity beyond the classroom and engage opportunities that can not only improve their academic lives but also their personal growth long after they are done for graduate school. The aim is to ensure that students have a fulfilling academic and personal life and this can only be achieved through provoking minds beyond academia. The rapid-fire questions are also meant for university applicants to showcase the speed of their thought process when put under pressure, and the authenticity of their answers within a short time and with limited words. This helps with the elimination process especially for competitive courses at the institution.

Main Faculties at the University Of Maryland

There is a total of 2,615 faculties at the University of Maryland. Out of the total, 1,843 are full-time, and 772 are part-time. While there are various faculties at the institution, the three main faculties are; tenured faculty, on tenure, and not on the tenure track. The University of Maryland-College Park has a balanced student to faculty ratio, with both full-time instructors and adjunct professors. The university’s faculty listings indicate the name for professor, graduate faculty status, academic credentials, and positions. The most popular majors for students at the university include;

  • Computer Science
  • Criminology
  • Political Science
  • Finance, Biology/Biological Sciences
  • Econometrics and Quantitative Economics
  • Mechanical Engineering.


Once an applicant is sure of the course they wish to pursue at the university, it is important to go through a list of University of Maryland college park essay requirements and understand what will make them stand out from the rest. The trick is to avoid a lackluster Maryland essay and instead write authentic, humorous, and ingenious essays that can make an applicant stand out from the rest. For bachelor courses, these essays are used to determine a candidate’s personality and if they are a match for the institution. These positions are highly competitive; therefore, it is important for applicants to write equally competitive essays. If writing isn’t your strongest suit, you can buy a sample from our site as we have several that will suit your application.

History of the University Of Maryland

The University of Maryland-College Park has eleven campuses, in addition to two major research and service components. As the twelfth largest university in the US, the institution has continued to attract applications not only from across the country but also across the globe. Today with its twelve schools and colleges, the institution has over 40,000 students representing all fifty states and a global alumnus of over 388,000. Maryland is a likable institution because it offers over 200 degree-granting courses, which include 92 undergraduate majors, over 105 programs for master’s degree or for internship, and 83 doctoral programs. As an active member of the Association of Universities, UMD has continued to receive research funding from various agencies such as NASA, FDA, and the Department of Homeland Security, giving it an edge over many higher learning institutions in the US.

In 2016, UMD, College Park, and the University of Maryland-Baltimore managed to formalize their strategic partnership. The University of Maryland Baltimore is the founding institution of all of Maryland’s public university system. The institution is home to nationally recognized programs such as law, social work, dentistry, medicine, nursing, and pharmacy. The strategic partnership with UMD created more innovative medical, scientific, and educational programs, making it a more attractive institution for students looking to join higher learning institutions.

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