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A Talk To Teachers; Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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On the 21st of December, James Baldwin issued a “Talk to teachers” essay. It was a genuine and brave attempt to change the views of the society concerning the racial discrimination. It was a courageous and very criticizing message to the community emphasizing the weaknesses of the society and uncovering its gaps.

Making a Talk to Teachers summary, primarily the author appeals to a teacher, endeavoring to evoke the realizing of the fact that the history that they teach is wrong. The visions of African American as a cluster of society are old and need to reconsider information, which they deliver to their pupils, being on lectures. He tries to evoke the understanding of their wrong perception of the history. Moreover, he tries to deliver the idea that it is improper to raise the seeds of evil in the souls of schoolchildren.

The author claims that the school is a significant institution greatly influencing the formation of personalities from their childhood to the youth period. In case, when a person is raised in the atmosphere of abuse, the Afro American child from the early years feels the inferiority, knowing one’s position in the society and the status of his family as well.

Baldwin claims that the primary aim of education is to enable a person to interact with the external world and the society as well as identification one’s position in that society. He considers that schooling lacked progress and was stuck on the same level as it was many years ago. Nowadays, the education distorts the people’s understanding of themselves from that one available in the society. It makes them try to change it; however, people do not accept those individuals, who have a strong desire to implements changes. The reality is harsh, and authors manage to illustrate this point.

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Baldwin manages to depict the cruel picture of reality. He illustrates the attitude of the society towards individuals, which are always victims of the prejudice imposed by the schoolteachers from their early years. He enhances his claims with plenty of real-life examples. He tells a story about an Afro American, who from the early years realize why his parents work so hard and why they are always stressed. He knows the reason why he is not allowed to sit in front of the bus. The next wave of bullying he faces at school. He provides the rude and harsh facts to the reader to make him removing rose-tinted glasses. At this point, the tone of the essay reaches the peak of reflectiveness and sadness.

Children, who constantly faced such attitude at school and later at other places, where they had contact with the society, become unable to live in harmony with themselves. The surrounding made them feel vulnerable and unsaved. Moreover, other people influenced the distorting of their personal understanding of who are they and what their position in this life is.

Moving to the next sense section of the essay, the author enhances the text with the facts of his personal life and tells about himself being a boy. He makes an emphasis on the several trades of character, making a man being a criminal aiming to survive in a harsh society. He enhances the text with plenty of adjectives, as severe, ruthless, and cunning. Baldwin managed to render the contrast between the lives of blacks and whites. Moreover, the writer emphasizes that “Because if I am no what I’ve told I am, then it means that you’re not what you thought you were either!” It is the turning point of the whole message.

Baldwin manages to illustrate his position clearly. He proves that all people are equal. If you dare to think that someone understanding of his personality differs from the real position in the society, you face the same risk. At any point, it may turn out that you are not the person, whom you consider yourself to be.

The crisis is the section, where the author recognizes the gaps and drawbacks of the educational system and prepares the audience to perceive his personal views concerning this question. Then goes the truth. The writer told that if you are lying about one aspect of the history, it means that you probably distort the truth about the whole past. In this very passage, the author appeals to a target audience using the pronoun “you” to make the message more personalized.

His main appeal to the people working in educational sphere is to reshape the history written many years ago. The times have changed and the prejudice towards “Negros” that was present in that period is not relevant today. It was a wrong strategy to impose upon children the oddly established beliefs, which may influence self-perception of other people.

Ending an essay, the writer claims that it is the personal responsibility of everyone to influence the course of education and implements changes. The composition ends with the upbeat and inspiring tone, applies plenty of repetitions. What is more, he describes his model of behavior in case he was a teacher. The most influential part of the composition is the ending. The author appeals to the humanity applying both logos and pathos. Baldwin described the right way of educating the society. The position of the writer is clear. He dared to uncover the blunt truth about the education and tackled upon the myths of history that are still being used. James Baldwin essays imply many inspiring words, which author uses to render his thoughts clearly.

The writer issued a powerful and inspiring piece and using a few words managed to dwell upon the significant problem needing an urgent solution. He illustrated the root of the problem as well the consequences, which arose. His tone is strict, but outright. James Baldwin uncovers the truth that is overlooked and ignored by people. He issued a manifest endeavoring to imply changes. He was brave enough to announce the fact, which was silenced for many centuries. By this radical message, he tries tom appeal to the humanity. The writer wants to persuade people that such attitude is the old relic.

James Baldwin turns to every person with a message that it is the personal responsibility of everyone considering oneself an educated person to change the society. Everything starts with the mentality of people and their level of perception of the external world, its rules and beliefs. Is we are not sheep following the shepherd, we have to think globally and turn off the stereotypes created by people with a limited worldview. By uncovering the ugly truth, he tries to change the minds of readers and influence the situation that needs urgent change.

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