I am writing to apply for the 2019 World Bank summer internship

I am writing to apply for the 2019 World Bank summer internship program. Upon visiting your website, I learned of the opportunity to produce a tangible impact on economies by introducing alternative perspectives into the bank's work. I expect to complete my Ph.D. in Management and Engineering Science at University of Science and Technology of China in May 2021 and look forward to the chance to gain an insider's view of the World Bank as an intern. My strong analytical skills, language capabilities, demonstrated client tact, and teamwork experience, I believe, make me a great fit for this internship position.

My intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for working among a multicultural, cross-borders team, along with my passion for environmental policies are what led me to pursue a Ph.D. in Management and Engineering Science; however, my career interests in environmental consulting are also long-standing. At Intec, in the Dominican Republic, an environmental science course provided me valuable exposure to many of the real-life challenges faced by developing countries.

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These challenges include the emergency projects the Dominican Republic put into practice to more effectively manage resources in remote areas. On the other hand, my work experience as an assistant at the "Cocos Aeolian Park", the largest renewable energy provider in the south of the Dominican Republic, introduced me to the challenges of implementing project management methodologies in developing countries.

Throughout my Master's education in China, I kept up my interest in the environment by presiding over the "DUT Magnolias", which is my university's student residential community's plastic recycling campaign, a project that involved the collaboration of 120 international students.

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The success of this project led me to lecture in other northeastern universities of China and eventually resulted in being awarded by a panel of four Chinese environmental experts. Additionally, my international leadership experience includes several workshops such as the Young Leadership Program (YLP) in Nicaragua in 2012 during which I collaborated with other workshop participants in exploring leadership strategies. Our "Lion Pitch" received an award for distinguished leadership' style, as it grouped peers from 11 different Latin American countries.

My working paper measured economic opportunities and threats in Sharing Economy platforms, focusing on climate change issues of mobility and analyzing the cases of Uber car hailing and OFO, a Chinese bike-sharing system. This working paper improved my research and analytical skills and paved the way to joining the Chinese University Summer School Association and embarking on a career as a teacher, an opportunity that has strengthened my communication skills. Moreover, throughout my Ph.D. education, I honed these skills as I assessed a data collection project in Bangladesh of Summer 2018 to explore the impacts of climate change on agriculture in a rural neighborhood of Dhaka. I wish to further extend this project to other countries like the Dominican Republic.

I am adept at sharing my own perspectives and engaged while hearing those of others. I believe that my skills in data analysis, communication, and social networking would make me serving this position a mutually beneficial experience. I seek to design innovative environmental solutions that make resources more accessible to the socioeconomically disadvantaged. I absolutely relish the prospect of being part of the World Bank internship program as it offers academic opportunities and hands-on experience directly in-line with my long-term career goal of being a climate change specialist consultant.

Thank you for your consideration.


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Updated: Jan 18, 2024
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Updated: Jan 18, 2024
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The motivational letter is well-structured and effectively communicates the applicant's academic and professional background. The writer skillfully links their experiences, highlighting relevant skills and achievements. The essay is clear and concise, demonstrating a strong command of language and grammar. The inclusion of specific examples, such as environmental projects in the Dominican Republic and research on sharing economy platforms, adds credibility. The conclusion ties back to the World Bank internship, emphasizing a genuine alignment with the applicant's career goals. Overall, a compelling and coherent essay with a few areas for minor improvement.
How can you enhance this essay?
Consider refining the opening paragraph by specifying how the applicant's skills align with the World Bank's goals. Additionally, provide more details on the impact of the mentioned projects, emphasizing measurable outcomes. Ensure consistency in verb tenses for a smoother flow. Break down lengthy sentences to enhance readability and clarity. Offer more insight into the applicant's leadership role in the plastic recycling campaign and elaborate on the award received. While the essay is strong, adding specific examples of how the applicant's skills can contribute to World Bank projects would further strengthen the application.
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Eleanor Fitzpatrick
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I am writing to apply for the 2019 World Bank summer internship essay
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