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How To Write A Stellar Motivation Letter For Boston University

With Alumni such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Boston University is one of only three universities in Boston and Cambridge named to the prestigious Association of American Universities, it prides itself in being ranked as the 13th for employability in the US by Times Higher Education and 8th among campuses with the most international students by Open Doors and 42nd among National Universities by U/S News & World Report. The university offers over 300 programs of study and four years of guaranteed housing for students.

Boston University has diverse schools and Colleges ranging from the School of Hospitality Administration to the College of Arts & Sciences, Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences, Wheelock College of Education & Human Development, College of Engineering, and many more. With such world-class faculties, students have every opportunity to challenge themselves in whatever field they desire.

The acceptance rate of Boston University is 22.1% which means that for every 100 students applying, only 22 are admitted. This makes the university a very selective school. A few requirements are asked of prospective students including their GPA or SAT/ACT scores.

For internship opportunities, BU does offer opportunities that will help students gain hands-on experience in a career field of interest.

Admission Requirements

For students to be accepted at BU, they are required to be above average.

GPA requirements

To get into BU, you need a GPA of 3.71 which is above average. One needs a mix of A’s and B’s, with more A’s than B’s. If you have low GPA scores, you can compensate with harder classes like AP or IB classes.

For college acceptance

For college acceptance, SAT or ACT scores may differ, but for Boston University, the average SAT score is 1420. Attaining a 1339 score is below average.

The SAT breakdown is as follows:

  1. Math – 730
  2. Reading & Writing – 690

This totals to the average score, which is 1420. BU has no hard ACT cutoff since the average score is 32 which makes the university very Competitive for ACT scores. The advantage of taking ACTs over SA is that with ACTs, you choose which tests you can send to universities. If you took five tests, you can send the one with the highest scores, unlike SATs, where you send all tests you’ve ever taken.

For university application requirements

For undergraduate school, a complete application is required, official transcripts from high school or GED, and a personal statement.

For graduate school and for scholarships:

  • An online application for graduate admission is preferred.
  • Three letters of recommendation are required, one being an academic reference if you have acquired a post-graduate education.
  • A current CV is required.
  • Official transcripts from the graduate school attended.
  • Short motivation essay.

For bachelor’s degree:

  • An official transcript from an accredited college with an average point of 2.50 in at least six academic courses.
  • An admission letter.
  • Completion of English composition or its equivalent with a grade of C or higher.
  • Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree must present an official transcript proving the completion of the first degree.

For Masters degree:

  • A complete online application
  • A statement letter of purpose
  • Official transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • TOEFL or IELTS test score
  • A resume which optional

Why Boston University Essay

Research shows that students who love their schools are active and happy and thrive even after graduation.

For students applying for admission at BU, an application essay is crucial. It allows applicants to express and sell themselves, to show the admissions board why they think the university is the best fit for them. The introduction letter gives you, as an applicant, the opportunity to show the board that you know and value what the university offers and that you want to be there.

It is seen that Boston University essays that worked are those that displayed a personal connectional to the university, this gives the essay authenticity. Authenticity is trying to bring yourself alive in the essay, and be the most real version of yourself without trying to be someone else because the admission board will see through the lies. Apart from the GPA AND SAT requirements, essays are usually the icing on the cake, a well-written essay invites is a gateway for the admission board into getting to know you as an applicant.

Boston University essay examples on our page will guide you and help you write an essay that will be getting into the university. If in doubt, you may want to pay for our services to get a motivational letter sample.

Pointers When Writing an Essay for Boston University

Being able to identify the reasons why BU is your dream school and concisely expressing these reasons is very important. The low acceptance rate at BU means that you should go the extra mile to make sure you stand out. Here we share some pointers you could use when writing your BU supplemental essay.

Be specific

One way to be more specific in your entrance letter is to lay out the different aspects of the school that excite you and how your qualities and personality would fit in. specify the course you would like to take, blending it with your professional prospects for the future so the admission board can see how being at Boston University is going to help you invest in your future.

Apart from the academic aspect, remember to mention your extracurricular aspects as college is about what happens both in and out of the classroom.

You want to show the admissions committee that you’ve seriously reflected on your fit with BU.

Be unique

Making sure your essay stands out is the key to being unique. Ensure you use your own voice, do not try to be someone else, this essay is a gateway for the admission board to enter your world to get to know you, your aspirations, what excites you, and the plans you have for your life. Bring out your charisma by showing how you will engage with the university outside of the classroom. This could be in terms of your beliefs, background, values, and even talents.

Mention your achievements

This is an opportunity for you to brag humbly. Mention various achievements that you have had so far and how they are going to help you thrive in the future. Mention programs or initiatives that you have been part of that have made an impact on you, it can something as simple as babysitting for your neighbors or volunteering at the retirement home or even tutoring your classmate.

Share your background and experiences

Share how your background and experiences have shaped your worldview and how you would like to be part of meaningful change in the world. These experiences should be unique to you and should bring out what you stand for and why you feel Boston University will help you bring your dreams to fruition.

Connect your values and attributes to those of BU

BU is diverse in all aspects, making advocacy and the creation of awareness important to important inclusivity. This shapes the students into all-rounded individuals who are well equipped for the world outside of college. Show how your own values and personal beliefs and how this connects with those of the university.

For professor references

Mentioning professors you would like to work with in your Boston University essay prompts seems very uncommon, but it shows that you went deeper enough to know the faculty in your chosen field. Been familiar with the professor’s work, their research, articles they have written, their accreditations, their experience, and their achievements.

BU supplemental essay examples

The three Boston University supplemental essay examples are:

  1. The BU’s regular statement essays have a 250-word limit, this essay answers the question, “what about being a student at BU most excites you?” All applicants will have to respond to this.
  2. The second essay is for those applying for the KilachandHonors College program, the word limit for these supplemental essays is 600 words. This essay has two options where a candidate chooses one. The first option is where the candidate says what about the Kilachand Honors College resonates with them and how it would fulfill their goals while the other in the other option, the candidate uses their imagination to express how they could create a new Kilachand course and how it would align with the core values of Kilachand.
  3. The final essay is the Trustee Scholarship Essay, where students pick from one of two prompts and submit 600 words or less essay.


Being one of the largest private institutions in the US, you can imagine the number of applications received. This makes it a highly selective school; therefore, making a good first impression is key.

For graduate school and bachelor’s students seeking to apply to Boston University, they need to get familiar with the university’s supplemental essay prompts and get to familiarize themselves with Boston University essays that have worked. It’s important to put your best foot forward, placing yourself a notch higher than other candidates by ensuring your essay stands out.

Submit your best work, proofread your essay and ensure the spelling and grammar are clean. Seeking a second opinion from parents, teachers or siblings goes a long was well.

For college, motivational essay writing is no easy task and it may tend to be daunting for some students, so if you need professional assistance with your cover letter essay, you can visit our website, where we offer cheap services you can pay for in return for quality essays.

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