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Dear Admission Committee, I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself as Karthick Subramanian Murugan, motivated rubber technologist writing in response to the advertisement for PhD position in the department of ETE, University of Twente. I courteously submit this letter of application for I believe my academic and experiences are well qualified to meet the essentials of the project. I have gained my master’s degree in rubber technology from Anna University, India. My thesis entitles “Microwave-assisted solid state functionalization of poly-co-styrene Butadiene”, as a part of my contribution, I have proposed a new coupling agent for enhancing rubber silica interaction.

I have exploited my gained experience in designing and developing a tread compound for one of the largest tyre manufacturers in India. My master’s dissertation was an opportunity to demonstrate my enhanced writing skills, ability to collate data for DMA curve, FTIR spectra and correlate the physical properties such as tensile strength, abrasion and rebound resilience of the material developed.

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This provides me an opportunity to effectively exchange resources and my experiences with industrial colleagues and academic mentors. The masters enabled me to accentuate the practical skills gained through academic and full-time work with theoretical knowledge. As a result, this affords me a strong advantage as I can offer the breadth of skills that you can seek as prerequisite for 3D printing using elastomers.

Prior to my master’s degree, I got an undergraduate degree in plastics technology from Central Institute of Plastics and Engineering technology, India. My undergraduate project was developing a support structure using 3D printing for lower limb amputees.

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The stereolithography technique was used to print the polymer structure. As my resume shows, I worked for 2 years in plastics packaging field. Being a production engineer for such a growing and promising company taught me a lot of technical and managerial skills. I also had an opportunity to understand and develop commodity plastics through compression moulding, extrusion moulding and blow film extrusion moulding techniques. The knowledge gained enabled me to understand the importance of plastics across different industrial applications.

Work experience gained provided me with a deeper realization of being competent in various spheres of rubber technology. The understanding of this fact and my strong aspiration to become highly qualified researcher of international level led me to apply for the position at your university, as the University of Twente has strong reputation in that field. After I read carefully the description of the PhD programme, I believe that it perfectly matches with my research interests and profile. As I understand, this programme is very competitive, attracting highly motivated students, I am convinced that my consistent academic record and my research experience gives me a strong recommendation for being selected for PhD programme at your esteemed university. I have enclosed my CV, transcripts and experience certificates. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. END OF STATEMENT

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