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We have actually all seen and heard the stories nationally and locally on the subject of the measles vaccination. Most just recently, Disneyland in December of 2014, 59 cases were documented due to a break out at the theme park. Out of those 59 cases 34 had their vaccinations ( Locally, according to the Reno Gazette Journal on February 12, 2015, there are 27 possible cases and four of them are confirmed. The Centers for Illness Control and Avoidance state that measles is the most lethal of all youth health problems.

We need to understand our realities and be educated on the indications, threats, and potentials of getting this vaccine.

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According to a short article in the Washington Post, a survey performed revealing 83% of Americans feel the measles vaccination is safe. The other 9% are Americans in between the age of 18 and 29 are most likely to state that vaccinations are unsafe. That 9% is in the age that hasn’t seen or witnessed the impacts of the measles due to vaccinations requirements in the past.

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Extra education must be taught in regards to the effects of not having this shot. We need to develop a standard for those that do not want to be immunized. By not informing yourself and others you are hypothesizing on the opportunities of contracting the virus.

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Referencing the website for The Centers For Disease Control and Avoidance, in the decade prior to the measles vaccine in 1963, approximately 549,000 measles cases and 495 measles deaths were reported. They hypothesize that 3-4 million measles cases happened each year.

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After the application of the vaccine, cases declined dramatically in the United States. Over the decade of 1989-1991 the epidemic came to the surface once again when over 55,000 cases and 123 deaths were reported. It is mentioned this was brought on by unvaccinated preschool age children who were not vaccinated.

Thus in turn created the need for a second dose to be recommended. In 2000, the measles were considered “eliminated from the United States. Now we are seeing the virus popping up again all over the country and locally, once again to non-vaccinated due to religious or health concerns with the vaccine. In addition, there is concerns with the importations of the virus from travelers coming in and out of the country. There is a reason this vaccine is available to the public and there should be a law restricting those who do not wish to have the vaccination.

Visualization (either utopia or tragic):

As we have seen throughout the decades this vaccination works and has proven result. When it is not administered we see the death rate increase. No one wants to see a child or a loved one suffer physical and mentally from the measles, if prevention is possible. Why risk your life or someone you love based on a uneducated decision. These cases have been reported and documented resent by the Disneyland outbreak. And how quickly this virus spread has multiplied. This could be you or someone that is unvaccinated that could cause the spread of this disease leading to death in some cases!

Call to Action – concrete, do-able, practical actions:

In conclusion, It is our own responsibility to take care of ourselves and the ones we love in life. We need to educate ourselves and look at the real statistics related to the measles vaccination. If we take the time to learn more about the virus its causes, risks, and effects, we can create a more thought out opinion to getting this vaccination. We all do not like the saying “could of, would of, should of”, don’t let that be you.

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