Marilyn Monroe A Famous Person I Admire

I have way too many influential people in my life. One too many. However there is one person I’ve looked up to for the past couple of years that really stood out from all the rest and although she doesn’t live today, I’m sure many young girls such as I look up to her and see her as an inspirational icon.

Her birth name is Norma Jeane Mortenson but she’s greatly known today by her stage name, “Marilyn Monroe”.

She was an actress, singer, model, showgirl, and soon also became a major sex symbol. I look up to Marilyn, not only because of how good-looking she was, but because Marilyn Monroe was an incredible person that had gone through soooo many rough patches all throughout her life. She was very up front and bold and didn’t give a damn about what anyone thought about her and what she did, she was very smart. Not just book-smart, but street-smart too.

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Marilyn Monroe was an amazing person and I can go on and on about her and how wonderful she was. And still is to this day.

Marilyn Monroe, as I said, had many rough patches all throughout her life. In a way, she relates to me. Very rebellious and like I said earlier, didn’t care what anyone else around her thought about her, just as long as she had her fun. She was a singer, which is one thing I most definitely love about her. Also, the fact that Marilyn has many of these quotes… if you read all of the quotes from Marilyn Monroe, you’d definitely fall in love with them, just like I have.

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She came out to be deep and wise with the words she had left behind for the entire world to know. She seems to me… as a realist and also a feminist, which I DEFINITELY LOVE to death, because I’m both a realist and also a feminist.

The way she was growing up… it seemed to me that everyone, well most, had tried bringing her down and holding her back most of her life. Telling her in a way that she couldn’t become whatever she wanted to become. That she wouldn’t be able to peruse any of her dreams. That she really wouldn’t go anywhere in her life. Despite all of the let downs and all the people who had tried to bring her down, Marilyn Monroe was still a strong person, who, despite what anyone said, proved them all wrong.

I respect and look up to Marilyn Monroe for her confidence, her beauty, her talent, and also for her perspective on many things in life. Although she had died at such a young age, Marilyn truly did bring out the meaning of “living life to the fullest”. She made the best out of her life. Had fun, day and night. She had persued her dreams and I look up to her for it because she just basically shows that you can do anything only if you set your mind to it and you let no one get in your way. It’s one of the reasons why I admire Marilyn Monroe so much.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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