Grandfather A Person You Admire The Most

In my community or neighborhood people always help each other and exchange respect and loyalty. I grew up in a neighborhood with my relatives surrounding me, my family always stayed close to my relatives and I got to play and hangout with my cousins, we always were together, we go camping and picnics together sometimes we travel out off the country, my parents approve because they know whom I’m going with, they felt comfortable knowing that we were together.

Growing up I always looked up to my grandfather he inspires me in every aspect, and the way his life turned out to be, I wanted to be like him because he made us all proud of him, he is well known in my community by his generosity and his tendency to help people with their problems and he helps the sick by paying for their operations and sometimes sends people out of the country to get medical attention, my grandfather always gave me advice and talked to me whenever he sees me doing something wrong I have been always close to him.

In the 1970’s my grandfather was the general of the Marines and Oman was under attack by a group of communists from Russia, Yemen, and other countries they wanted our countries oil and wealth, this happened when the citizens tried to over throw the king, and it was the time when Oman was discovering the oil fields in the country, the communist saw this as an opportunity to takeover the country, they were attacking from Yemen and entering the country from the south and fighting in Dhofar my hometown, so my grandfather gathered citizens and established the marines regiment they were all trained by the British SAS special forces, the country was under attack for several years but in the end Oman won the war and a new king took charge of the country the Sultan Qaboos Bin Saeed with the help of the citizens he over threw his father.

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After the war my grandfather was chosen to be the Minister of oil and natural gas, I always saw him as a mentor, and he looked out for me and helped me with my school tuition, he will always be respected and loved by everyone.

Updated: Jul 01, 2020
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