Someone I'll Never Forget

My grandfather Peter was a great man that would do anything for me. I live with my mom and my two sisters and unfortunately they don’t share the same interests as me. From when I was very young I was full of energy. I would want to play sports or run around all day if I could regrettably no one would supervise me except for one person my grandfather. Although I don’t live with my grandfather he has spent more time with me even more than my mother.

Everyday he would drive from his house to my house with his car very early in the morning to play with me.

As I grew older I began to know how to appreciate what a large impact my grandfather has made in my life. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be a very athletic boy or like to go outside a lot, I would just be like one of those obese children that are so common in our age now.

I owe even my life to him since I would rather die than live a life without sports. In my eyes my grandfather is like a savior to me and this is why I try to repay the only way I could which is spend time with him. Even when I have a couple of hours of free time I would take the bus to his home to keep him company to try to repay him for all the great things he has done for me.

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One afternoon I had early dismissal from school and had some free time. As usual when I had free time I would go to my grandfather’s house. When I arrived I noticed that he wasn’t feeling very well. I helped him measure his temperature and noticed that he was boiling. Suddenly with a loud bang he fell to the ground. With my cell phone I immediately called 911 and asked them for an ambulance. I started yelling “Wake up grandpa, Wake up grandpa!” Twenty minutes after I have made the telephone call the paramedics have arrived and brought both my grandfather and I to the nearest hospital.

The paramedics rushed my grandfather into the operation room as soon as we arrived. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to enter. I ran as quickly as I could to the nearest payphone and called my mother to tell her what happened. She was heartbroken, scared and rushed to the hospital. Hours later the doctor finally came out of the operation room and told us right away that he had some bad news. We walked to his office together and he told us that my grandfather had cancer and only had thirty days to live. We started crying and crying until my grandfather came to tell us that he knew of his disease and isn’t afraid of dieing since he has already seen his children and grandchildren grow up.

Day by day my grandfather’s health got worst and worst. Now he couldn’t even walk without coughing and he had a lot less energy. I went to his house everyday from when he left the hospital knowing he had only 30 days to live. One afternoon my grandfather asked if we could go out for dinner and without hesitation my mother said okay and decided to bring the whole entire family. As we turned away from the apartment which my grandfather lived in a trucked hit our car out of nowhere with a very big amount of force. Our car instantly flipped and I was the only one injured however I was injured very badly. I had so much blood that I went unconscious. When I woke up I was already in the hospital. I asked the doctor if my grandfather was okay and he said, “I’m sorry son but since your grandfather and you had very special blood types we only had enough blood to save one of you and your grandfather told us to save you.”

My grandfather is a great man. Although he had a chance to live the last days of his life like a king he decided to sacrifice himself in order for me to survive. In a way I thought that my grandfather acted like Jesus since he sacrificed himself for others. Again and again my grandfather has helped me and now I am healthy again and have not received any permanent damages from the horrible car crash. This could not have happened without the heroic acts from my grandfather and I am forever grateful to him, which is why now every night before I go to sleep I pray to him and try to live my life the way he would have wanted me to.

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Someone I'll Never Forget
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