A striking old man poetry

In lines two and three of the poem, the poet mentioned that he “did not know how old nor how reliable” the grandfather clock was. This shows that initially, the poet was suspicious of the grandfather clock’s efficiency, standard of functioning and quality, which tempts me to read on to find out more about the grandfather’s clock.

Further down the poem in line six, it was written that the grandfather clock “reminded [the poet’s family] of things [they] had not done, which displays the grandfather clock to be a trustworthy and efficient time-teller.

In elaboration, the grandfather clock has demonstrated assistance to the poet’s family by showing accurate times, thus constantly reminding poet’s family of things still remained undone, in a sense that the grandfather clock allowed the poet’s family to have a more vivid daily schedule and plan. By bringing out the advantages and good points of the grandfather clock, the poet captures my attention, arousing my interest to find out more about the service the grandfather clock renders.

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The poet also mentioned, in line nine, that the previous household owners of the grandfather clock “got tired of him”. Although it is natural for someone to lose interest and liking for a particular object when it has been around for a very long time, it also shows the previous household who took the grandfather clock for granted. Thus, the inference can be made that they no longer cherished the grandfather clock probably due to the clock having been in their house for at least a few decades.

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This analysis has transformed my feelings from elation to a gloomy and disappointed mood as I feel sorry for the grandfather clock for it has been discreetly serving its previous owners for a numerous number of years, but instead of its owners appreciating its effort, they actually mentioned that it “had been too much trouble”, which also, at the same time, angers and provokes my thoughts and feelings, causing me to have a negative impression of the previous household owner of the grandfather clock.

My emotions gradually lightened when I found out that the grandfather clock is being appreciated by the poet’s family as he mentioned in line fourteen of the poem that they “[have come] to love [it]”. This expresses the fact that the poet’s family shows gratitude towards the effort the grandfather clock has put in to ensure the accuracy of the time shown.

It is most probably due to the non-stop and rigorous functioning on the grandfather clock that caused the “occasionally sharp” chimes of the grandfather clock, which is a result of “what time had done”. This suggests that there may be scratch marks on the surface of the grandfather clock, which pains my heart to comprehend the fact the grandfather clock has been enduring the scars and permanent marks on it. Despite the above fact, it makes me glad to discover that the poet is such an understanding person to realise that the grandfather clock is “run down”, thus “making allowances” for the grandfather clock to occasionally make a blunder.

At night, when the house is still, the slight noises from the pendulum of the grandfather clock “breathing throughout the house” can be heard. This suggests that during the day, the grandfather clock is secretly serving everyone in the house as the main purpose of the grandfather clock is to tell time. But at night, the tremendous effort the grandfather clock puts in to ensure the successful completion of its duty is conveyed to humans merely through the minimal noise the pendulum produces. This makes me feel for the grandfather clock as it has been constantly providing time-telling for the poet’s household without expecting anything in return.

The last line of the poem states that the grandfather clock makes the poet’s family “feel at home”. The poet acknowledges the importance of the grandfather clock and the sacrifice made for the sake of the welfare of the poet’s household. This makes me feel extremely elated as I know that all the efforts the grandfather clock has put in is being appreciated and acknowledged.

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