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What is meant by “industrialisation by invitation”?
Words • 559
Pages • 3
What is meant by "industrialization by invitation" and did it lead to economic development in the region? BY unengaged Lewis' autobiographical statements show he was a a product of dying colonial order, and in turn was an intellectual contributor to the decentralization process. He was strongly against imperialism which lead to his interest in the problems of underdevelopment. Three seminal publications The first of these is the Industrialization of the West Indies . Lewis was averse to the ideas of…...
CapitalismEconomicsFamous PersonImperialismIndustrial RevolutionIndustry
My Favourite Sportsman Gianluigi Buffon – One of the Greatest Goalkeeper of All Time
Words • 637
Pages • 3
The first part of the following text is about Gianluigi Buffons achievements and why he is a great sportsman. After the description of Buffon, the text tries to explain what personal criteria makes a sportsman/sportswoman great. Gianluigi, also called “Gigi”, Buffon, born 28 January 1978, is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Juventus Turin. He is one of the greatest goalkeeper all of the time. He was the runner–up for the Ballon d’O (given to the…...
Famous PersonFootballMy Favourite PlayerMy Favourite Sportsman
The Relationship History of My Favourite Sportsman Sidney Crosby
Words • 721
Pages • 3
As a hockey player, Sidney Crosby is very much considered one of the best in the history of the sport and he has a long list of personal and team achievements to know for it. In his personal life, however, the Halifax, Nova Scotia-born hockey center player has a very short list when it comes to his relationship history. His short relationship history is believed to be down to his decision to keep his personal life private, as evident by…...
Famous PersonMy Favourite SportsmanRelationship
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My Role Model: John Lennon 
Words • 1840
Pages • 8
Who Was John Lennon John was a great artist and activist. He was born in Liverpool, United Kingdom on October 9,1940. John’s father is Alfred Lennon and his mother is Julia Lennon. His brothers are David Henry Lennon and Robin Francis Lennon. His sisters are Julia Baird, Jacqueline Dykins, and Ingrid Pederson. John Lennon married Cynthia Powell on August 23, 1962 and Julian Lennon is their son. Then John and Cynthia separated. John also married Yoko Ono on March 20,…...
Famous PersonRole Model
Velleius’ portrayal of Augustus
Words • 1213
Pages • 5
Velleius' portrayal of Augustus First of all, Res Gestae is probably the source that most agrees with Velleius' portrayal of Augustus. The two sources, when compared with each other, agree on a number of aspects of Augustus, specifically his campaign to bring an end to the civil war and how he restored many factors that made up the republic. Both sources, compared, give many good reasons why Augustus was held in such esteem and why he was so well-recognised throughout…...
Famous PersonHistory
Stanley Kubrick
Words • 605
Pages • 3
Stanley Kubrick was born on July 26, 1928 at the Lying-In Hospital in Manhattan. His mother was named Gertrude (ni?? e Perveler). His father, named Jacques Leonard Kubrick, whose parents were Jewish Europeans, was a doctor. Write about the background of the photographer. Think about the following:  where did they live?  what was happening in the country they lived in at the time ?  what was happening in the world at the time ? At Stanley's birth in 1928, the…...
CinematographyFamous PersonFull Metal Jacket
Olympe De Gouge’s declaration
Words • 941
Pages • 4
Olympe De Gouge's 'Declaration "Like so many eighteenth-century revolutionaries, she saw her own class, the rising bourgeoisie, as the vanguard of the revolution, and it was to the woman of her own class that she directed her arguments." Discuss this assessment of Olympe De Gouge's 'Declaration des droits de la femme'. The 'Declaration des droits de la femme' by Olympe de Gourge was without doubt directed at her fellow bourgeois women. It is very obvious to see that the ideas…...
CultureFamous PersonFeminismRights
International recognition 1485-1509
Words • 589
Pages • 3
The series of deaths Unfortunately, between the years 1502 and 1506 there were a series of deaths which undermined Henry’s foreign relations affecting his international recognition. Firstly, Henry’s son Arthur died in 1502, this affected Henry’s international recognition as not only was Arthur the next heir to the throne. This meant that the Treaty of Medina Del Campo had to be renegotiated – Catherine of Aragon would instead marry Henry’s younger son who was now inline to be the next…...
EnglishFamous PersonHistory
Adrian Bonenberger
Words • 509
Pages • 3
Capt. Adrian Bonenberger, head of a unit in Afghanistan, pondered those questions recently as he thought about Specialist Jeremiah Pulaski, who was killed by police in the wake of a deadly bar fight shortly after he returned home. Back in Afghanistan, Pulaski had saved Bonenberger's life twice on one day, but when Pulaski needed help, Bonenberger couldn't be there for him: "When he was in trouble, he was alone," Captain Bonenberger said. "When we were in trouble, he was there…...
A Story With Moral ValueFamous PersonPhilosophical TheoriesPhilosophyShawshank Redemption
Words • 499
Pages • 2
Wizkid "Defying Gravity" He is like a virus and his influence has an unconscious effect believe me I didn’t know when I started humming his controversial hit song “holla at your boy” unconsciously. He is a big force to be reckoned with and he could be tagged the heavyweight champion of the new hip-hop generation. He’s a young talent with vocals out of this world. He made his way into the limelight with his hook on M. I’s Fast Money…...
Famous PersonMediaMusicMusic Industry
William Rosenberg
Words • 1263
Pages • 6
Rosenberg was born in Boston, Massachusetts one of four children of Nathan Rosenberg, a grocery owner, and Phoebe Rosenberg née Swart, Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. Rosenberg grew up in Boston's working-class Dorchester section and was educated in public schools. Due to financial problems, he was forced to leave school by eighth grade to help support his family, who had lost their store in the Great Depression. After several different jobs, at age fourteen, he went to work for Western Union as a full-time telegram delivery boy. At seventeen, he…...
AdvertisingFamous PersonFinanceMarketing And AdvertisingVegetarianism
William Lyon Mackenzie King
Words • 3036
Pages • 13
Introduction William Lyon Mackenzie King served as Canada’s prime minister three times between 1921 and 1948, holding office for a total of 21 years during that period. He worked to improve Canadian cooperation with Britain and the United States. King was the leader of Canada's Liberal Party from 1919 to 1948. On his retirement he had held office longer than any other prime minister in the British Commonwealth, and under his leadership, Canada became a participant in world affairs. King…...
CanadaCareerFamous PersonGovernmentLiberalismPolicy
William Grant Still
Words • 817
Pages • 4
Early years William Grant Still Was born in Woodville, Mississippi on May 11, 1895. “He was the son of two teachers, Carie Lena Fambro Still (1872-1927) and William Grant Still (1871-1895), who was also a partner in a grocery store” (Zink). Unfortunately William’s father died when he was only three months old. His mother took William too Little Rock, Arkansas. Williams’s mother remarried a man named Charles B. Shepperson. Charles purchased many 78 rpm records of opera which William enjoyed.…...
Famous PersonJazz MusicMusic
Who Was Anna Anderson?
Words • 797
Pages • 4
Introduction There have been many claims regarding whether or not Anna Anderson was Anastasia. There are several reports both agreeing and denying that this claim is true. Whether it is true or false no one will ever know. There can only be evidence to back up someone’s argument, even if its wrong. Anastasia Romanov was born June 5,1901. Her father was the Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. Her mother was Alexandra Fyordorvna, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria and her husband…...
Famous PersonHistoryHistory And Legend
What Makes A Good Ruler?
Words • 1147
Pages • 5
The Qualities of the Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli In history, the main reason why a nation prospers is because of its leader. A man named Niccolo Machiavelli stated his opinions on what makes a good ruler in his book The Qualities of the Prince. I believe that a leader should be intelligent, strong, caring and devoted to his people. Although people have different opinions in the qualities of a good ruler, all believe that a leader should help their nation…...
Abraham LincolnExperienceFamous PersonGovernmentLeadership
What did Solon achieve?
Words • 1369
Pages • 6
Solon 'the reformer' as he was know was an Archon from 594-593bc in the time of the Greeks. He was an elected dictator (aisymnetes) and was placed in power to sort out the ever growing problem that was happening between all social classes. He was chosen for this job due to the fact that he was born into a noble class; though he was perhaps he was a second son but didn't inherit the family estate. He was a trader…...
EconomicsFamous PersonGreece Debt CrisisHistorySocial ClassSociological Theories
Walsh VS Lonsdale
Words • 1612
Pages • 7
This is one of the most frequently cited authorities on the effect of the Judicature Acts so far as the fusion of law and equity is concerned. Essentially the question down on whether the defendant could bring a legal remedy (distress) with respect to a lease which formerly would have been regarded as equitable only (effectively an agreement to grant a lease rather than one in proper legal form). Facts The Defendant on the 29th of May 1879, agreed to…...
Famous PersonJusticeLaw
The Short-Term Significance of Boudicca?
Words • 2134
Pages • 9
Introduction Boudicca is a historical figure of undeniable significance, “one of those rare individuals from the past who have become folk heroes…” (Hingley, R & Unwin, C, 2005, 7). In Iron Age Britain, Boudicca was able to emerge as a Queen with unwavering passion, determination and the upmost of bravery in her rebellion against Roman rule. It therefore seems fitting to assess her significance and the impact she had in the years following her defeat and subsequent death in AD…...
ArmyFamous PersonHistoryHistory And Legend
Words • 3380
Pages • 14
The Unabomber's Manifesto It was May 25th 1978, Terry Marker was on his usual patrol on campus at the University of Illinois. This earmark package, addressed to an engineering professor at Rensselaer from a material science professor at Northwestern, was found in a parking lot. What seemed like an insignificant misplaced parcel was about to start a reign of terror and the longest manhunt in U.S. history. Officer Marker retrieved the package and began to open it; the crude triggering…...
CrimeCrime And PunishmentFamous PersonLaw
Thomas Lecky
Words • 751
Pages • 4
Dr. Thomas Lecky was an agricultural scientist born in Jamaica. He was a pioneer in crossbreeding and greatly influenced Jamaican and tropical farming habits. He achieved many awards and recognitions, most notably the Order of Merit, the highest civilian honor in Jamaica. Thomas Lecky was born in Portland, Jamaica on December 31, 1904. At the time of his birth, Jamaica was a British colony. Furthermore, Jamaica gained independence in 1962, when it also became a Commonwealth Realm. As a Commonwealth…...
AgricultureFamous PersonFarmJamaica
The Manson Investigation
Words • 828
Pages • 4
On August 10, 1969 the headline "Actress Is Among 5 Slain at Home in Beverly Hills" appeared on the front page of the New York Times (Roberts). This was the beginning of a investigation of police error which prolonged the arrest of Charles Manson. There were several people who claimed they had heard gunshots and screaming in the early morning hours of August 9. Mrs. Kott, who lived at 10070 Cielo Drive, heard three or four gunshots at what she…...
CrimeCrime And PunishmentCriminal JusticeFamous PersonLawParent
Susan Smith: Diagnosis and Treatment
Words • 537
Pages • 3
Susan Smith was convicted on July 22, 1995 for murdering her sons and sentenced to life in prison. Initially she told the police an African American man stole her car and abducted her two children. Though this ethnically sensitive case, as told by Susan Smith, initially attracted sympathy for her, eventually after extensive investigation and prosecution she confessed her crime. If we study the case minutely then we reach at a conclusion that it is a type of Dependent Personality…...
CrimeCrime And PunishmentCriminal JusticeCriminology TheoriesFamous PersonLaw
Steve Bio
Words • 11155
Pages • 45
Introduction Steven Paul Jobs was born in San Francisco, California on February 24 1955. His biological parents, unwed college graduates Joanne Simpson and Abdulfattah Jandali, had him adopted by a lower-middle-class couple from south of the Bay Area, Paul and Clara Jobs. Young Steve grew up in a valley of apricot orchards that was already turning into the world center of computer technology: Silicon Valley. It was not uncommon to see engineers fill their garages with all kind of electronic…...
BiographyFamous PersonHomework Is Absolutely NecessaryStephen HawkingTechnologyToy Story
Sor Juana Ines de La Cruz
Words • 1005
Pages • 5
The educational life of Sor Juana Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz lived a life without fear regarding the social criticisms of her writing and she wrote to influence change regarding the educational stereotypes made by the men of her era. Sor Juana worked diligently to educate herself continuously throughout her life in order to reach a level of sophistication that no man could contest. The educational life of Sor Juana started at the age of three in 1651, when…...
BiographyChurchCultureEducationFamous Person
So Solid Crew
Words • 924
Pages • 4
Introduction So Solid Crew were the first British group to adopt the hip/hop garage genre from America and consequently they made quite a significant mark on British music. They were declared as “The most talked about and controversial musicians of the 21st century”. A lot of what made the band so successful is the way in which they conform to all aspects of the American rap genre. As So Solid were one of the first to bring this genre of…...
CrimeCriminal JusticeFamous PersonMusicMusic IndustryTerrorism
Henri de Saint-Simon
Words • 2279
Pages • 10
Introduction Claude Henri de Rouvroy, comte de Saint-Simon, often referred to as Henri de Saint-Simon (17 October 1760–19 May 1825) was a French utopian socialist thinker. Saint-Simon was born in Paris. He belonged to a younger branch of the family of the duc de Saint-Simon. He claimed his education was directed by Jean le Rond d'Alembert, though no proof of this exists; it is likely that Saint-Simon himself invented this false intellectual pedigree. At the age of sixteen he was…...
BiographyCultureFamous Person
Ryne Sandburg
Words • 756
Pages • 4
It is said that the path to greatness if often times littered with obstacles and challenges.  The greatest among the human race have shown their mettle by beating the odds and becoming icons of humanity by overcoming adversity.  One of these people is Ryne Dee Sandberg who is widely considered as one of the best Second Basemen of all time.  This member of the Baseball Hall of Fame has numerous individual and team awards that have cemented his place in…...
BiographyFamous PersonSportsUnbroken
Records of the Grand Historian: Sima Qian
Words • 788
Pages • 4
The fact that history contains errors will not come as news to someone who has reflected on the topic. What is more disturbing however is that our history may be wrong and that there are great gaps in it. Maybe we have failed to record and gather the events that make up the fabric of history. It is little events, strung together and accumulated over time, which account for our place in history. This leads to the issue of an…...
BiasBiographyFamous PersonHistoryPhilosophy
Ray Anderson
Words • 307
Pages • 2
Ray Anderson was the founder and chairman of Interface Inc. Anderson's goal was to make Interface a sustainable enterprise. However, this new idea challenged the people in Interface and their way of thinking. In order to find a solution, they began experimenting with new behaviors that go with the underline values of sustainability. This took over the course of eleven years. During that time Interface when through five phases of changes. These phases are called awakening, cocooning, metamorphosis, emergence, and…...
BrandsFamous PersonIndustrial RevolutionIndustrySherwood AndersonSustainability
Queen Victoria
Words • 610
Pages • 3
Queen Victoria was the Queen of England from 1837 to 1901. At the time of the start of her reign she was only 18. She was born among the brick walls of Kensington Palace. She had a great influence on her era and to later eras. She was born in 1819 and was the niece of William IV. Victoria s dad, died named Edward, Duke of Kent. when she was very little which madeher sad. Victoria s nickname as a…...
BiographyEnglishFamous PersonMonarchyQueen Elizabeth
Popstar Madonna
Words • 1064
Pages • 5
Madonna has been a very influential female "popstar" over the last 20 years: to sell her music she has publicised herself through the media, and through this media she has stuck to the concept that "sex does sell". Madonna was born on the 16th of August 1958 as Louise Veronica Ciccone, in Bay City, Michigan. She began her journey into the most influential industry and medium by moving to New York to become a ballerina. From this young age she…...
CultureFamous PersonMusicMusic IndustryPop MusicReligion
Miller Uses Dramatic Techniques
Words • 974
Pages • 4
Arthur Millers Drama is based on the Salem witch trials of 1692. He wrote the play much later than 1953 as an indictment of the anti-Communist tactics of Joseph McCarthy. Miller recognised there was parralel between the hysteria which swept Salem in 1692 and the anti-Communist witch hunt which raged though America during the 1950's 'Red Scare'. During reasearch I found that Miller chose this subject as it contained mass hysteria and he wanted to show what its social and…...
Famous PersonSalem Witch TrialsThe CrucibleWriterWriting
Maslow Abraham – Hierarchy of Needs
Words • 669
Pages • 3
“According to humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow, our actions are motivated in order achieve certain needs. Maslow first introduced his concept of a hierarchy of needs in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation" and his subsequent book Motivation and Personality. This hierarchy suggests that people are motivated to fulfill basic needs before moving on to other, more advanced needs. ” (Cherry, n. d. ) I am going to attempt to illustrate the relevance of Maslow’s theory in my own…...
Famous PersonPsychologistPsychology
Mary, Queen Of Scots: An Epilogue
Words • 1078
Pages • 5
Mary, queen of Scots left England, so to speak, in the same way that she had entered it - with a trial over her conduct and a debate over the legitimacy of the enquiry. Against Mary's claim that, as a queen, she was above the law of England, the prosecution replied that nobody was above the law in such a crime. The guilty verdict was a foregone conclusion, though that does not mean the trail was rigged. Mary was given…...
Famous PersonHistoryScotland
Marjorie Ferguson
Words • 678
Pages • 3
Marjorie Ferguson noted that such magazines are organized around a 'cult of femininity', which promotes an ideology that where women should be caring for others/family/marriage and most importantly their looks. Modern female magazines, especially those aimed at young women are attempting to move away from these stereotypes-although Ferguson argues that even these tend to focus on 'Him, Home and Looking good' (for him). As women have begun to achieve more recognition outside the family home and now are beginning to…...
Famous PersonGenderMagazineResearchSocial IssuesWomen
Kobe MVP Speech
Words • 583
Pages • 3
Hall of Fame consists of legends of the past that will never be forgotten. As the president of the NBA, I would like congratulate Kobe Bryant as he’s been selected into the NBA Hall of Fame. The Black Mamba is one of the deadliest, fastest, and most feared snake in the World today. That was the description of 6’7ft 210lb Kobe Bryant on the court since he joined the league right out of high school. His nickname tells it all…...
BasketballFamous PersonKobe BryantLebron JamesMichael JordanSports
Kids These Days
Words • 376
Pages • 2
There are a lot of things that I despise in the world today, and for many good reasons. One of these things (or should I say person's) is Justin Bieber. Oh where do I start! First of all, his voice is so high pitched, you wouldn't to be able to tell the difference between him and a ten year old girl. Secondly, going back to the ten year old girl, doesn't he looks like one? If you said yes, you're…...
Famous PersonMusicMusic Industry
Just How Admirable is Edmund?
Words • 2033
Pages • 9
Edmund has many attributes that set him above the rest. He has not one, or two, but several that don't make you just admire him, but in many cases envy him for his God-given abilities. His major strength would be his intelligence: he is arguably the most intelligent character in the play, out-thinking all those around him. Due to his "baseness" he relies on his intellect heavily to help him progress through life. He says "Let me, if not by…...
Famous PersonKing Lear
Jonas Salk – Virusology
Words • 2405
Pages • 10
This paper discusses the work of Jonas Salk who discovered the vaccine to eradicate polio From the beginning of mankind, man has looked for cures of illness. Jonas Salk found a cure for one of the worst illnesses in the history of man, polio. Jonas Salk's polio vaccine was a great discovery of his time, and it is still being used today to eradicate polio worldwide. Dr. Salk is also known for other medical discoveries. He was a quiet man…...
Biologyclassification of virusFamous PersonHealthInfluenzaMedicine
How Does John Osborne use Humour at the Beginning of ‘Look Back In Anger’?
Words • 868
Pages • 4
John Osborne uses dark humour in ‘Look Back In Anger’ to suggest the changing moods in which the male protagonist, Jimmy, partakes during the play. The dark humour is almost disconcerting and off-putting. Osborne also reveals a satire feel through Jimmy and Cliff’s dialogue, as they seem to mock and make fun of their society, which they are apart of. “Who buys this damned thing? (throws is down) Haven’t you read the other posh paper yet?” In this quotation Jimmy…...
Famous PersonIronyPlays
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What is meant by “industrialisation by invitation”?
...This provision was important in that foreign goods, if not restricted, could easily penetrate and take control of the market, leaving no opportunity for local goods. State-supported training facilities for the local workforce in the form of technical...
Who Was Anna Anderson?
...The most obvious is that Anna looks like Anastasia. As you compare the two, both have similar petite features, same nose, hair color, and face shape. She had similar scarring on her abdomen and face, as well as the same measurements of Anastasia. Als...
What Makes A Good Ruler?
...His goodness, honesty and compassion would be remembered forever. Lincoln died at the age of fifty-six. All in all they re many different ways a leader can achieve prosperity and have qualities of a good ruler. Machiavelli stated his opinions of what...
What did Solon achieve?
...They way in which he decided to sort out all of the problems were not really for a permanent state but instead for a temporary solution to the ever growing problem. Some call him the 'Father' of democracy; I would tend to disagree with this. Admitted...
Just How Admirable is Edmund?
...Everything he has done has been for his own advancement and he can never carry out the worst of acts himself, he leaves that duty to others. At the end of the play when he attempts to save Cordelia and Lear when he realises he will die and hence has ...
How Does John Osborne use Humour at the Beginning of ‘Look Back In Anger’?
...In conclusion, the opening scene of John Osborne’s ‘Look Back In Anger’, in my opinion, is very humorous but at the same time there is a slumberous and aggressive feel to the play. The use of dark humour, satire and sarcasm gives the play an en...

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