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Cultural & Societal Changes of the Second Industrial Revolution
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The Second Industrial Revolution happened from the mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth different years. The First Industrial Revolution saw steam-controlled machines supersede human work in the industry. The Second Industrial Revolution saw power supplant steam as the fundamental power source in the industry. Different smart overhauls were made during the Second Industrial Revolution. Researchers checked for different critical sources to use rather than steam. The exposure of the electrical stream radiated an impression of being the drive for the Second Industrial Revolution.…...
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The Social Impact of the Industrial Revolution
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The Industrial Revolution changed society in Britain in almost every aspect, changing not only that country, but the world. Changes in the social, economical, cultural, and even political ways of the country, affected it immensely The culture of Britain was one of the first things to change, throwing many people off. Before the Industrial Revolution, people had to be specialized in one area in order to get a job, and made a business out of whatever talent they developed. Things…...
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Manchester DBQ
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When Manchester first built its big mechanized cotton machine, it became the leading textile manufacturing city in the whole world. Much of its population in 1850s was made up with the working class and immigrants from parts of Britain and even Europe. In 1851, it was granted a royal charter after Queen Victoria's visit. The Reform Bill granted Manchester representation in parliament and middle-classmen the right to vote. All this was due to the exponential growth of Manchester during the…...
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Industrial Revolution in England
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Industrial revolution occurred in England between 1750 and 1850. This revolution was about changing the old production processes to new for the purpose of making more profit. There were major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, mining and technology which had a significant effect on the economy and culture of England. England was the starting point of the revolution and after England it spread to Europe, North America and finally the entire world. Basically, it was resulted in industry and machine manufacturing,…...
EnglandIndustrial RevolutionIndustrial Revolution In England
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