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H.H. Holmes: One of America’s First Recorded Serial Killers
Words • 1049
Pages • 5
Murder, mayhem, and madness are three characteristics the country's first serial killer, Herman Webster Mudgett, better known as H. H. Holmes, rooted deep inside of him. Herman Webster Mudgett not only exceeded expectations with his intelligence but also shifted the way serial killers are perceived. H. H. Holmes is deemed to be the country's first serial killer and the father of swindling and trickstering. An intellectual, who attended the University of Michigan and later moved to Chicago, changing his name…...
HolmesJack The RipperSerial Killer
Jack the Ripper – Why did the Whitechapel Murders Attract so Much Attention?
Words • 1512
Pages • 7
Jack the Ripper is probably the most infamous serial killer the world has known. He was the first recorded serial killer to be known in Britain and his killing's shocked not only the British public, but the people of other nations to. Communication was basic in 19th century but news of Jack the Ripper spread worldwide. The fact that Jack the Ripper was never caught further gave the media the opportunity hype up stories and create a major panic. As…...
Jack The RipperMurder
‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ in the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Stevenson
Words • 1290
Pages • 6
Discuss the ways in which Stevenson explores the idea of 'good' and 'evil' in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Why, in your opinion, did the book become so popular in Victorian England? '... I stood already committed to a profound duplicity of life'. In The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson delves into the theme of 'good and evil' comprehensively. As the novella unfolds from chapter to chapter, the theme of…...
Dr. JekyllJack The RipperMr. HydeRobert Louis Stevenson
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Devices to Create Suspense
Words • 776
Pages • 4
In this extract Stevenson uses many devices to create suspense. This extract is told in 3rd person, but from the narrative of Utterson. Stevenson has used this technique to heighten suspense as this creates distance between the reader and the character. The reader is left in the dark and finds things out gradually as Utterson does. This allows the reader to see more clearly into Utterson's character and his opinion on Hyde. Stevenson uses these descriptions to appeal to the…...
DeviceFictionJack The RipperSuspense
How does Robert Louis Stevenson explore the duality of human nature in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
Words • 4665
Pages • 19
Robert Louis Stevenson incorporated the ideology of the duality of human nature into his Victorian thriller novella: 'The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'. This does not emerge fully until the last chapter. The text not only de-familiarizes the duality of human nature as its central theme but forces us to wonder the properties of this duality and to consider each of the novella's chapters as we weigh up the various theories. Jekyll asserts that "man is not…...
ExploreHuman NatureJack The RipperPhilosophyRobert Louis Stevenson
Essay about Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Words • 2667
Pages • 11
The famous Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde was written by Robert Louis Stevenson and has remained popular ever since its publication in 1886. Robert was born in 1850 and was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was brought up a calvalist, however followed the bohemian life style. He married Mrs. Fanny Osbourne in 1880 and supported Priest Dameor who cared for the lepers. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a rich tale of the duality of mankind and how we are…...
Dr Jekyll And Mr HydeJack The RipperRobert Louis Stevenson
The duality of human nature in chapters 1, 4 & 9 of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Words • 2452
Pages • 10
In what ways does Stevenson present the duality of human nature in chapters 1, 4 & 9 of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and how does this duality reflect the concerns of the time? Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, published in 1886, regards many of the issues within Victorian culture and it presents the author's own disgust towards the traditions and affairs concerning Victorian society and the people living in it at the time. Stevenson's book incited the idea that…...
Human NatureJack The RipperPhilosophy
Why were the police unable to catch jack the ripper?
Words • 1472
Pages • 6
It is probable that in modern-day society Jack The Ripper may have been caught. There are many possible reasons why Victorian police were unable to catch the notorious Ripper. The Ripper is thought to have been very clever in the way he operated and manipulated both the main police forces in London at the time, who were both in competition to catch him. Jack cleverness, in my opinion is one of the reasons that he was never caught. There are…...
Jack The RipperPolice
Jack the Ripper
Words • 1530
Pages • 7
Many theories had been advanced as to who the real Jack the Ripper was, but none of them was considered to be highly conclusive by experts. Some has hardly even been taken seriously at all. There are, however, theories that are highly plausible. Without having tried any suspects, it is impossible to be sure who the real Jack the Ripper was. Jack the Ripper is the name given to a serial killer in the East End of London during 1888.…...
Jack The Ripper
O.J. Simpson Murder Trial
Words • 1285
Pages • 6
The O.J. Simpson murder trial is one of the famous and discussed murder trials in the history of United States. It owes its fame to both the star status of the accused in addition to the nature of the case. This murder trial is concerning the supposed murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman by the accused O.J. Simpson. The said murder trial occurred in the downtown Los Angeles County Superior Court. Prior to entering into details relating to…...
Criminal JusticeGovernmentJack The RipperJuryMurder
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Words • 2623
Pages • 11
"Sweeney Todd-- The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" is a popular play and musical recording the audience's attention regarding what can happen behind closed doors. I will be reporting the background context of the musical and how Victorian life might affect the storyline and characters. I will cover historical, social, political, affordable, cultural and technical elements of the musical. "Sweeney Todd-- The Satanic Force Barber of Fleet Street" (which I will now refer to as "Sweeney Todd") stemmed from a…...
BarberJack The Ripper
John Gotti: The Teflon Don
Words • 3851
Pages • 16
“There was nothing that my father loved more than being a gangster. Not money, not even us. He felt that anybody that really lived this life like he did, at the end of the day you have to die or go to jail.” – John Gotti Jr. Who is John Gotti? Depending upon who you ask this question to, your answer could vary. Growing up in my neighborhood in Far Rockaway, Queens John Gotti is a legend and someone people…...
CrimeJack The RipperLaw
Sense of Intrigue In Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Words • 1854
Pages • 8
‘Explore how Stevenson creates a sense of intrigue and engages the reader’s interest in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.’ The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886. This book is a classic and has been very successful; therefore it has been turned into several films and theatre productions. The book seizes the reader’s attention and gets straight into drama and action, making it hard to put down. This well thought out…...
Dr Jekyll And Mr HydeJack The RipperLiteratureRobert Louis Stevenson
Jack The Ripper: Serial Killer
Words • 443
Pages • 2
Jack the Ripper was a notorious serial killer, whom some believe never even existed at all. He was the first successful serial killer and no one knew the identity of Jack the ripper. He had great hatred of prostitute’s . Jack the Ripper is just a name given to an unidentified late 19th century murderer. No one actually knows who this person was or where he came from. Jack the Ripper targeted prostitutes in England and killed them by cutting…...
Jack The RipperPublic ShamingSerial Killer
Stop Poaching
Words • 749
Pages • 3
A cute little tiger cub is drinking water from the river with its mother, and then BAM! a cute little bullet pierces the tigers' brains and kills. Oh, the inhumanity! This inhumane and illegal act of killing animals is called poaching. Many animals have been endangered or even extinct from poaching. The animal is mainly killed for its fur, ivory, or even its body parts. Poaching and selling animal parts illegal, that's why it is sold in the black market…...
Blue WhaleEssay on PoachingJack The RipperTiger
Case of Mempa v. Rhay
Words • 753
Pages • 4
In the case of Mempa v. Rhay, which the accused pleaded guilty with the advice of court-appointed counsel to the crime of "joyriding" and was placed on probation for two years. Then soon after the sentence was deferred because he was involved in a burglary and sentenced to 10 years in prison but only would receive 1 year with the advice from the parole. This was achieved due the fact that the probation officer questioned by the probationer about the…...
CrimeJack The RipperLaw
Stephanie Crowe Murder Case
Words • 435
Pages • 2
January 21, 1998 was the beginning of one of the most appalling police coercion cases, involving the murder of 12-year-old Stephanie Crowe, and the main suspect: her 14-year old brother, Michael. In the morning when Stephanie’s body was found and police called, they interviewed each and every family member, but focused on Michael and two of his closest friends. According to a 2003 New York Times Upfront article, Michael “was questioned for 27 hours over a three day period” (Bell,…...
Jack The RipperLawMurder
CPTED Principles that Avoid Crimes
Words • 1403
Pages • 6
The following are the Four CPTED Principles arranged in their relative importance: Surveillance- Surveillance for me is the most important of the four CPTED principles. This approach is direct; a person will avoid performing a crime when they feel that they can be observed. It is also important because it allows some level of control from the owner and other concerned parties. For example, a person is committing a crime, with surveillance, there is a high probability that the owner…...
CrimeJack The Ripper
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Jack the Ripper – Why did the Whitechapel Murders Attract so Much Attention?
...Another reason the murders attracted so much attention was because the people of London were not used to serial homicidal killings. In modern societies these things are more common but back in Victorian London it was a new era for crime. The brutalit...
How does Robert Louis Stevenson explore the duality of human nature in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
...No one philosopher can be linked directly to the story since the text grapples at parts of Locke's and Hobbes' theories. A possible moral of this interesting story is that which many Christians recite daily, (yet another religious link to the story):...
Why were the police unable to catch jack the ripper?
...Jack the Ripper was never caught because the police were still very naive, inexperienced and did not have the modern day methods that we use to track down killer in the twenty-first century. Jack the Ripper left very little evidence and no major lead...

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