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Winston Churchill as a Leader
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Sir Winston Churchill was a charismatic visionary leader, because of the passion he brought and his ability to use transformational leadership through his words to galvanize his countrymen. Churchill spent a lot of time on his speeches. He would work tirelessly on every word and every sentence to ensure his speeches had the proper flow. Through the use of inspirational motivation, as it is covered in the Full Range Leadership study guide, he would use this capability to inspire with…...
LeadershipPoliticsWinston Churchill
10 Famous Leaders
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Prophet Muhammad For Muslims he was one of the best leaders of all time, Muhammad led to the spread of Islam in Saudi Arabia. Because of his contribution to expanding Islam it has become one of the largest and the quickest growing religions on earth today. He led his followers to several migrations and successful wins in battles against armies much greater than theirs. His greatest leadership traits which would make a remarkable team leader are his courage, leading by…...
Abraham LincolnAlbert EinsteinGeorge WashingtonJulius CaesarLeaderLeadership
American History: The Cold War
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The Cold War was a period of tense rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union. It took place after World War II as differences between the U.S. and the Soviet Union continued to escalate. Much of the disagreement came from not agreeing on what would happen to postwar Europe. Winston Churchill’s famous “Iron Curtain” speech is said to have been one of the main factors announcing the Cold War’s start. Joseph Stalin, a Soviet politician, swiftly responded to…...
AmericaCold WarCommunismHistoryInternational RelationsJoseph Stalin
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With what success did New Liberalism use state intervention to improve living conditions between 1906 and 1914?
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Before the large Liberal gains that were made in the 1906 elections and subsequent large majority in government the Liberals had maintained a lassiez fraire approach to government which extends all the way back to its implementation with Gladstone, therefore fittingly it was named Gladstonian liberalism. However with the landslide election victory of 1906 the liberals had a working majority to implement social reform. This emphasis on social reform came about in no small part thanks to the tireless work…...
LiberalismPovertyStateSuccessUnemploymentWinston Churchill
How important is context to our understanding of Churchill’s Top Girls?
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The fact that Churchill grew up just before the beginning Second World War tells her background to the audience. What she faced and went through, like the lack and struggle for food and shelter. “I was horrified by the lack of equality across class, gender and race”- Caryl Churchill England by that time- the 1980s was completely riven with the political instability, the liberalization of sexuality and the period of economic growth. The context of the play is mainly to…...
FeminismGenderGender EqualityGirlSocial IssuesWinston Churchill
‘Heart’s Desire’ by Caryl Churchill Analysis
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We read 'Heart's Desire' by Caryl Churchill and devised and performed a piece of drama following the main form and structure of it. We started with a basic script and added resets and random, strange events at various points throughout the play, as did Caryl Churchill. The main theme of both plays was waiting. In our play, we had two people waiting for their dates in a restaurant. In Caryl Churchill's play, there was a family waiting for someone to…...
CommunicationWinston Churchill
Discuss the significance of the relationship between Emma and Frank Churchill
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“Had she intended ever to marry him, it might have been worthwhile to pause and consider, and try to understand the value of his preference, and the character of his temper”. Discuss the significance of the relationship between Emma and Frank Churchill in the light of this comment. Jane Austen explores the themes of love, social class and misperception in Emma. Emma and Frank Churchill’s relationship is based on lies and deceit. Emma see’s Frank as a potential love interest,…...
EmmaHuman NatureRelationshipWinston Churchill
Compare and contrast the oratorical skills of Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill in their speeches
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Martin Luther King's renowned phrase "I have a dream" and Churchill's equally celebrated "We shall fight" may first appear to be evoking different ideas. This is because, with the former quote coming from a black clergymen leading a non-violent revolution, arousing ideas of hope and determination and the latter being delivered by a white, Head of State leading defence, implying violence and fortitude, these contrasting quotes may evoke a whole host of differences from the neutrals perspective. But after further…...
Compare And ContrastEthosMartin Luther KingMartin Luther ReformationPersuasionPhilosophy
Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said
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Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said, "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm". Even though I never define my obstacles as 'failures'. I mark my success by my repeated perseverance through adversity. I have faced many challenges over the years, from poverty to coping with trauma of losing my father whom I shared a very special bond with. I deserve this scholarship because I have the strength and determination to achieve my goals,…...
EntrepreneurshipWinston Churchill
History Test Questions
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Manzanar in CA – loss of $ & property – 100th Battalion – “Purple Heart” Battalion – 442nd Regimental Combat Team – fought in Italy, France, Germany – Most decorated combat unit in US history for proportion of length of service – “Buddha Heads” – Most Japanese-Americans served as soldiers in Europe while interpreters and such went to the Pacific – obvious racism/discrimination Minority group most adversely affected by Washington DC’s wartime policies was – Japanese-Americans Internment – costs –…...
Farewell To ManzanarHistoryTuskegee AirmenWarWinston Churchill
History Final Part 3
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Hitler's invasion of the _____ in June 1941 proved that he would consistently break agreements. Soviet Union Hitler intended to defeat Great Britain by a massive bombing attack. an aggressive use of tanks. an attack on the air force. a mass invasion of troops. a massive bombing attack. A "blitz" is different from a "blitzkrieg" because only a "blitz" targets civilians. relies exclusively on air power. takes place at great speed. destroys large portions of the country. relies exclusively on…...
HistoryNazi GermanyWinston Churchill
Vinegar tom by caryl Churchill
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Respond with knowledge and understanding to the crucible by Arthur miller and vinegar tom by caryl Churchill. Looking closely at the drama from a performance perspective and to explore relationships and comparisons between texts and dramatic styles of different periods and cultures to show an awareness of their social context and genre. The plays; "the crucible" and "Vinegar tom" are both about the witch trials in the 16th And 17th century. They both showed the European history of witchcraft, and…...
Winston Churchill
American Anticommunist Ideology
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Pages • 33
In his address to a joint session of Congress on March 12, 1947 President Truman officially committed the United States to an ideological cold war. Newsweek magazine called it "America's Date with Destiny." With unmistakable clarity Truman stated the principle that would guide U.S. global strategy for the next four decades: "I believe it must be the policy of the United States to support free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures." (Burns Richard…...
AmericaGreeceMonroe DoctrinePoliticsWinston Churchill
The Biography, Accomplishments and Influences of Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
Words • 1872
Pages • 8
Most people live their life without even causing a ripple in the sea of life. Once in awhile, however, a great man comes who will not only create ripples but a tsunami in the history of the world. While he was still living he always spoke about his intention to leave a mark in history. There is no doubt that he was able to accomplish his mission. He is none other than Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill. Winston Churchill’s life…...
AccomplishmentBiographyInfluenceWinston Churchill
Winston Churchill’s Role in World War 2
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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, shortly known as Winston Churchill was born on the 30th of November 1874 to parents Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill. He was born into the aristocratic family of the Duke of Marlborough in a bedroom in Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, two months prematurely. Winston is best known for his leadership during World War 2. He is regarded as one of the best war time leaders in the 20th century and served as Prime Minister to the United…...
Winston ChurchillWorld War 2
Churchill’s Eulogy for Neville Chamberlain
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The early period of the 1900 had marked history to all parts of the world with World War I and II. During this time, Winston Churchill and Neville Chamberlain had been major leaders with different views and beliefs separating them. While Winston Churchill was portrayed as the savior of the nation, Neville Chamberlain was totally the opposite. He had been harshly criticized as a failure who easily fell for Hitler's unjustified actions. However, Churchill acknowledges this man with magnanimous respect…...
EthicsJusticePhilosophical TheoriesTruthWinston Churchill
Winston Churchill: An Inspiration
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“We Shall Fight on the Beaches” is one of the most motivational and inspirational speeches during World War II. The oration begins with Churchill describing on how the war is proceeding and their position in it. Based on the details of the situation, it sounds very grim for them. Churchill, using this to his advantage, creates a higher moral and encourages people that they will win the fight and they will not give up. Churchill accomplishes this using all forms…...
InspirationWinston Churchill
Summary of Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech and Stalin’s election Speech
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Summary The “Iron Curtain” speech by Winston Churchill and the election speech of Joseph Stalin contain the similarity that they both are telling the audience what should and has happened. In Winston Churchill’s speech he outlines what has happened throughout World War II and the Cold War and how he thinks it should be handled and dealt with. In Joseph Stalin’s speech he relays a similar time line while also including the Soviet Unions timeline and election history. Stalin goes…...
Joseph StalinRed ScareWinston Churchill
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With what success did New Liberalism use state intervention to improve living conditions between 1906 and 1914?
...Some critics also argue that reform was only really the work of two men Churchill and Lloyd George who dragged the Liberal party behind them. Even men such as Lloyd George were portrayed as men with a shrewd political mind who realized the importance...
How important is context to our understanding of Churchill’s Top Girls?
...Churchill, wanting to show the dominancy of women, suddenly then making them seem immature and childish, creates this just to receive a shocking reaction from the audience, in order to wake them up. She is need of a reaction of the audience being str...

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